Bournemouth 2021
Judge :- Michael Coad 

MPD (1) 1 Spier’s Belshanmish Midnight Magic. Lovely youngster, very well presented, pleasing head and expression, tight eyes and lips, good pigment, nicely balanced, looked lovely in profile moving but a little loose in front.
PD (2) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. Lovely type, correctly balanced, lovely coat, very well presented, moving soundly, correct head and expression, good body, excellent pigment, very well handled. BPIB. 2 Spier’s Belshanmish Midnight Magic. Winner of MP. 
JD (1) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. Winner of PD. PGD (5) 1 Goodman & Goodman’s Lisjovia Avicii With Annanya. Well presented dog, nice head and expression, moving soundly, good body shape, good topline and tail set, well handled, good dark pigment. 2 Jones’ Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Pleasing male, good head, tight eyes, lovely expression, good coat, correct shoulder placement, moving soundly. Looked lovely in profile, correct coat, good pigment, kind expression, dark pigment, just moved a little close going away. 3 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol. 
LD (2) 1 Shepherd’s Vis’skali’s Hazuki del Avantgarde (Imp Swe). Good headed male, correct expression, good pigment, nicely shaped eye, tight lips, good coat, well presented, moving soundly coming and going. 2 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol. Correctly made male, lovely head and expression, good pigment, well balanced body, good hindquarters, just preferred my winner coming towards me on the day. 
OD (7, 2) 1 & RCC, Reilly’s UK Swiss Ir & Multi Int Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear At. I have judged this dog before. He is still in top show condition and a credit to his owner. Beautifully presented, lovely shaped body, sound coming and going, excellent pigment, well handled. 2 Holmes’ Ch Lisjovia Estevez JW ShCM ShCEx. Another lovely male in top condition, lovely head and expression, good body, sound on the move, looked lovely in profile. Super pigment. This was a lovely class and I’m sure will change places on other occasions. Lovely sound male, good expression and pigment, tight lips, good eye placement, well presented and handled. 3 Downes’ Ch Rivergroves All The Right Moves II At Belsha. 
VD (1) 1 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush. CC & BVIB. I just loved this dog. He is all of a piece. Correct head and expression, good pigment, tight eyes and lips, good balanced body, he was beautifully presented and could show the youngsters how to move. Was more than happy to award him the CC. 
MPB (2) 1 Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay (AY1). Very pretty baby, lovely head, good pigment, pleasing head, well shaped body, moving soundly with nice hindquarters. 2 Williams & Hall’s Belshanmish Total Eclipse. Another lovely baby, similar remarks to above, well made baby, good pigment, looked lovely in profile, front a little loose but will tighten with age. Two lovely puppies. PB (1) 1 Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay (AY1). Winner of previous class. 
JB (2) 1 Dearman & Henson’s Lisjovia Witches Promise For Pyrekees. Well made youngster. Good head and expression, good pigment, tight eyes, nicely put together body, good coat, moving soundly, very pretty. 
PGB (2) 1 Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. Pleasing head and expression, good pigment, well made body, good shoulders and back end, correct tail set. 2 Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love. Nice bitch, good head, tight lips, good eye placement, lovely shoulders, correctly balanced, just preferred movement of my winner. 
LB (4, 1) 1 Tadd’s Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan. Lovely type, good overall balance, dark pigment, pleasing head and expression, correctly made body, moving soundly, just needs to settle on the go around. 2 Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. Winner of my previous class. 3 Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love. Second in the previous class. 
OB (4, 1) 1 Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella. Very pretty bitch, lovely head, dark eye, tight lips, beautifully balanced, in top show condition, moving soundly. Was pleased to award her the CC and BOB. 2 Thorne’s Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay ShCM ShC. Another lovely bitch, again a lovely head with good pigment, moving soundly, well presented, correctly balanced. RCC. 3 Downes’ Febus Fleurac (AI). Well presented bitch, dark pigment, good eye, well made body, moving soundly, lovely coat. A trio of lovely bitches.