Bath 2021
Judge :- Jonathan B. Daltrey

VD (2) 1 Belshanmish Orange Crush. I really liked the head shape and expression of this dog. He was shown in excellent coat and condition. I would just prefer a little more room between his elbows and chest. He is, however, very true moving away using his very well muscled quarters to advantage. He scores in his profile action where he holds a very firm outline in and uses his tail correctly. 2 Granchester Imoulou. This dog was also good to go over with a lovely topline and he was also in excellent coat and condition. He just didn’t put it all in on the move and did not use his tail and subsequently he lost out to the winner. 
MPD (2, 1) 1 Angelrain Avante Aragon (AI). A raw puppy here with a very good topline, lovely angles fore and aft and he also has ultra-true action in front. He is a lovely temperament and just needs his head to break and of course he has lots of time on his side. 
PD (1) 1 Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. I really liked this baby. He has an excellent head shape, a dark eye and he was presented in excellent coat and condition. He is very well balanced. He has a lovely front construction, super bone and excellent feet. He has a firm topline and is well muscled with good depth for one so young. Handled sympathetically, in fact, to perfection, on the move he showed great freedom especially in his side gait. He just needs to use his tail and to firm up going away to complete a very lovely picture. Best Puppy in Breed and I would think that he will have a very rosy future. 
JD (1) 1 Jumicar Just An Illusion. This youngster shows real reach and drive in his positive side gait and he holds a good topline too. I would just prefer a slightly tighter eye and a touch more fill under the eye to complete the picture. He is positive on the up and down and shows accuracy both ways. 
PGD (3) 1 Vis’skali’s Hazuki del Avantgarde (Swed Imp). I really like the balance of this dog’s head as he has a good length to his foreface. He too, like the previous dog, could just have a slightly tighter eye. Well bodied he has good angles front and back which showed when he moved. He is accurate coming and going and he reached out in front in profile using his tail well. 2 Lisjovia A Sky Full of Stars. He is good to go over but just doesn’t quite have the head type that I was looking for today. He has excellent dentition and holds a firm topline. He was a tad sluggish on the move. 3 Pashme De La Vallee Du Girou With Kricarno (Imp Fra). 
LD (1) 1 Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche. This dog was exactly what I was looking for today. I really like his head shape and his excellent dark eye and pigment. He is so well bodied with lovely, well laid shoulders, super bone and an excellent topline. His outline is masculine and not overdone in any way. He is very balanced, he is accurate on the move and he really uses himself & his tail in his excellent side-gait. I was really pleased to award him the CC in very strong competition, which I believe is his first after three reserves. Congratulations and I hope that the next two follow quickly! 
OD (7) 1 Ch Rivergroves All The Right Moves II At Belshanmish. This dog also has a fabulous head shape and a wonderful expression and strong pigment with very good lips. He has excellent flow and a strong topline. Well muscled quarters allow him to drive away with real positivity. He is, however, a little lacking in body condition compared to the Limit dog and needs to build up. This cost him today but he impressed me greatly and I predict a very good future for him and I was very happy to award him the Reserve CC in excellent company. 2 Uk Swiss Ir & Multi Int Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror JW ShCM ShEX CW19. This dog is a real favourite of mine and I have done him very well in the past. He has so many breed points to commend him but today, just like the winner, he was not as well bodied as the Limit dog. I also just prefer the head shape and expression of the winner. His outline is excellent and he used his tail very well on the move. 3 Waters’ Sketrick Ojo. 
Sp Beginners D/B (3) 1 Shanlimore Superstition. She has a lovely feminine head with a dark expressive eye. I really liked the front assembly and her topline. She has lovely feet and she moved with accuracy and drive. 2 Shanlimore Baby Love. This bitch couldn’t quite match the precision or the ring presence of her litter mate but she has that lovely typical and stylish head. She also moved ultra-true once settled. 3 Jumicar Just An Illusion. 
MPB (3) 1 Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay (AY1). This raw baby has excellent dentition, fabulous shoulders and is so well bodied for one so young. She has a wonderful flowing outline and moves so true. She just needs her head to develop and of course she has time on her side. I predict a rosy future for this one! Best Puppy Bitch. 2 Belshanmish Total Eclipse. Another good puppy, litter sister to the winner and many of the remarks apply here too. There’s little to separate them except that this raw youngster needs to come together and co-ordinate herself and she too should finish well. 3 Angelrain Avante Aurora (AI). 
PB (1) 1 Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay (AY1). 
JB (3, 1) 1 Lisjovia Witches Promise For Pyrekees. I really liked the head and expression of this youngster. She is very good to go over and is well made throughout with a firm topline. She just needs to settle and sort out her front action and she should do well. PGB (3, 1) 1 Shanlimore Superstition. 2 Shanlimore Baby Love.
LB (4) 1 Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan. I liked the type of this winner and she has a decent head and expression. She is well-bodied and moved true in front showing some positive reach in her profile action. Her tail usage could be better. 2 Lisjovia Adagio Avec Montmusique JW. There was not a lot to choose between this one and the winner. She was shown in excellent jacket and she used her tail better than the winner. I just felt that she wasn’t as precise or as interested on the move today and she subsequently paid the price. 3 Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. 
OB (7) 1 Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay ShCM. I absolutely loved this bitch’s head. For me, it is textbook, so very feminine and so balanced with really good fill under those dark expressive eyes. She has real depth to her brisket, lovely angles front and back and a firm topline, super bone and lovely feet. She is foot-perfect on the move and she impressed me greatly. She was presented in outstanding coat and clean condition and she looked an absolute picture. She was pushed hard by the second in this class but I just loved her completely balanced outline and her total femininity. I was delighted to award her the CC (her 20th I am told) and also BOB. Congratulations! 2 Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (AI). I really loved this bitch too and she really did push the winner extremely hard. She has a lovely head, if different in type to the winner. It has real work and she also has a very good eye and expression. Totally at one with her handler she has a lovely body, excellent topline and good length to her body. She was presented and shown to perfection and was just very unlucky to meet the winner in such good form. She took the Reserve CC with ease and I do hope that her title follows soon, as she will be a worthy Champion. 3 Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen.