Birmingham National 2021
judge :- Toni Jackson

Apologies for the delay with my critique, but for personal reasons, I have had a lot of important paperwork to manage. My overall view was that the breed has improved since I last judged, dogs especially, the bitches were not as strong as the boys. Heads are more typical with wedge shape and correct fill under eye and movement was better. 
SBD (4) 1 BLair & Blair’s Penellcy Bennington Bear. Good size and definitely masculine, with touch of elegance. Correct proportions in outline. Well boned legs. Well presented. Head is attractive with curved skull in profile, dark almond eye and good pigment. Prefer tighter flews. Well placed ear of neat size. At two and a half years old still not fully developed and would like to see more breadth to chest, and tighter movement in front. Moves ok in profile and from behind. 2 Kennedy & Kennedy’s Pyrcot Spirit Of Ohana. Excellent presentation, good proportions in outline and well angulated front and rear. Has strong muscular neck and firm topline. Prefer shade longer tail. Head is balanced for body – but not enough fill under the eye to give correct wedge for me. Eye dark, almond and set ok. Another who neds to broaden in chest and strengthen in front on move. 3 Carter’s Jumicar Just An Illusion. 
PD (2) 1 Spier’s Belshanmish Midnight Magic. Tall elegant dog who is well boned and balanced. In good double coat which is well presented. Stands on correct tight cat feet. Attractive head, skull of good width, with correct eye and ear well placed to give correct expression. As expected in immature dogs, chest to develop. Would prefer more bend of stifle. Moved ok. Very good classic wheel of tail. 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. Another elegant dog, but more immature than winner, needing to broaden in skull, but shape shows promise. Correct dark almond eye. Squarer in proportions to winner. Rather loose in front on move. Promising puppy none the less. 
JD (2) 1 Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. 2 Hall’s Lisjovia Insomnia. Different type, much stronger and for me lacking the elegance. Head is broad in skull, but is two part with strong squarer muzzle, would prefer more classic wedge. Good dark pigment, prefer tighter flews. Well boned legs to tight cat feet. Good breadth to chest. From behind movement is rather open in hock. 
YD (2) 1 Pyrcot Spirit Of Ohana. 2 Lisjovia Insomnia. 
PGD (5) 1 Cubello’s Night Owl. A smaller framed dog, but is very well balanced and has the elegance required in the breed. Excels in head, with typical wedge and excellent oblique eye, to give that special far away expression that the PMD should have. Dark pigment rimming eye and tight dark lips. Firm topline held well on move. Strong muscular neck. Stands on correct tight cat feet. Would like a little more condition on him – appears slow to mature. 2 Penellcy Bennington Bear. 3 Jumicar Just An Illusion. 
LD (5, 2) 1 Roberts & Roberts’ Asgard Hero Odin Of Mysticelysium Mit Flickorna. Really liked this dog, tall and elegant and strong! Correctly boned without coarseness. Well angulated front and rear and med strong neck. Strong topline and defined haunches. Good sweep of tail with upward swirl and correct wheel on move. Well presented and stands four square on tight feet. Typical wedge head, nothing coarse and well filled under eye. Eye, almond and obliquely placed to give correct expression. Neat ears placed level to eye. Broad in skull, easy transition from skull to muzzle without stop, lovely expression. Not yet fully developed in chest. Moved well, lovely to see a dog with tan markings. Res CC. 2 Pollard & Maggs’ Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche. Strong male in excellent coat and presentation. Firm topline, well carried tail. Shade longer cast than winner and tends to stand rather wide in chest. Masculine skull, with good breadth, correct eye, well placed ear. Flews could be a shade tighter. Moves well, preferred elegance of winner. 3 Shepherd’s Vis’skaly’s Hazuki Del Avantgarde (Swed Imp). 
OD (4, 1) 1 Bowker’s Int Ch Multi Ch Vi’iskaly’s Ti Ti Oo (Imp Swe). Elegant dog, well boned and masculine, shown in excellent condition and beautiful presentation. Good length of back, short strong neck, good shoulder and front angulation. Good depth to chest. Correct bend of stifle strong thigh. Gentle slope of broad rump to well set long tail with correct slight upward curl. Lovely head, wedge shape from top and side, no stop to gently curved skull. Exquisite eye, for shape, colour and placement. Typifies the correct eye in a breed where drooping eye lids are undesirable. Showing that correct contemplative expression, not a sad one as often seen. Easy mover, covering the ground with ease, unhurried and sound. DCC & BOB. 2 Downes’ Ch Rivergroves All The Right Moves II At Belshanmish (Imp USA). Well presented, strongly made dog. Well boned legs to tight cat feet. Good coat. Firm back, shade longer cast, and would prefer a little more neck, and breadth to chest. Another who has an attractive head, love his blaireau markings. Good eye and tight flews, ears could be a shade smaller to complete the expression. Moves ok. 3 Reilly’s UK Swiss Ir & Multi Int Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaroro JW ShCM ShCEx CW19. 
VD (3) 1 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush. Elegant dog of good size, well boned legs to tight feet. Firm topline, well developed rump and strong neck, just would like more width to chest. Attractive head, correct wedge proportions and dark almond eye, which is well set. Good firm topline, tail well set from sloping rump – but lacks the upward curl. Well angulated. Moved easily. BV. 2 Carter’s Jumicar Ice Warrior. Strongly built, well boned. In excellent coat and well presented. Head is broad and rounded in skull, eye although of good shape could be a shade bigger to give correct expression. Ears rather on large size. Good angles and moved ok though a shade narrow coming towards me. 3 Greenfield’s Ch Gillandant Shakeelah. 
SBB (3) 1 Williams & Hall’s Belshanmish Total Eclipse. Tall and elegant bitch, beautifully presented. Good angles front and rear. Head obviously still to mature, but time is on her side and it shows good promise of correct wedge. Dark almond eye, lovely pigment. Moved ok. Stands a little rump high as is typical in youngster. 2 Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck. Very feminine and well boned for bitch. Attractive in head and with good eye, just prefer tighter flews. Excellent presentation and is super coat showing the correct texture top coat and soft undercoat. One with promise – but found her carrying far too much weight which affected movement. 3 Hopkins & Hopkins’ Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho. 
MPB (1) 1 Edwards’ Shanlimore Marsha. Very promising baby, all white, excellent presentation as always seen from this kennel. In excellent coat, well boned, standing on tight feet. Lovely eye for shape and colour and well pigmented. Good angles and neck. Firm back. Lovely wheel to tail on move. Sound on move when settled. 
PB (4) 1 Thorne’s Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay. Heading what was a lovely class of puppies and bodes well for the future. This bitch is tall and elegant, with excellent double coat and beautifully presented and handled. Has good rear angulation, being picky would like a little more in front. Head is attractive and shows promise of correct wedge, of course needs to broaden but is typical for age. Lovely transition from skull to muzzle – demonstrating the correct lack of stop. Lovely eye for shape and oblique setting. Excellent pigment as expect with blaireau. Well boned legs to tight feet. Moves freely, BP. 2 Shanlimore Marsha. 3 Belshanmish Total Eclipse. 
JB (3, 1) 1 Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay. 2 Hopkins & Hopkins’ Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho. Well boned bitch – shade longer cast. In good coat. Well angulated front and rear. Rounded skull, and correct transition of skull to muzzle, but expression is sad due to loose round eye and flews. Prefer more fill under eye to complete wedge shape. On move covers ground well in profile just needs to firm up in front. 
YB (1) 1 Lisjovia Sweet But Psycho. 
PGB (3, 2) 1 Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck.
LB (5, 2) 1 Pollard’s Gillandant Ophelia. Elegant bitch, not in full coat, but that means nothing is hidden. Lovely balance in outline, stands on well boned legs and lovely tight feet. Well angulated, powerful neck. Gorgeous head, lovely rounded skull, super pigment round eye, showing correct shape, being picky would like shade darker eye. Tight flews and well placed neat ears. Excels on the move, so light and easy and covers ground with minimal effort, carried tail in wheel. BCC. 2 Wilcock & Wilcock’s Penellcy She’s Like The Wind. Strong bitch, well bones, but prefer more tight cat feet. In excellent coat of good texture and well presented. Broad rounded skull but would prefer more fill under eye. Almond eye, excellent pigment, flews could be tighter. Strong rounded rump, well set tail with upward swirl. Moved ok in profile and with typical wheel, just prefer more power behind. 3 Cochrane’s Pyroni Colours Of The Wind For Myatoksci (Can Imp). 
OB (2) 1 Edwards’ Shanlimore Raffaella. Strong bitch of good size, but still feminine. Excellent presentation. Well boned and in good coat. Firm topline, to strong rump, good length to tail. Strong neck. Lovely angles front and rear. Strong head, prefer more fill under eye for correct wedge, excellent pigment. Dark almond eye, ears could be a little smaller. Moves well, preferred elegance of limit bitch. RCC. 2 Bayliss’ Ch Shiresoak She’s The One JW. Strong made bitch in good coat. Well boned and has good angulation front and rear and muscular neck. Well presented. Head has rounded skull, prefer more fill under eye. Good eye colour and pigmented rims, ears set a shade high. Moved well in profile – just rather wide in front.