Welsh Kennel Club 2019

Judge  Sigurd Wilberg

I have always been impressed by this strongly built, imposing breed with a certain degree of elegance. I have been lucky enough to have judged quite a few excellent Pyrenean Mountain Dogs through the years as a FCI judge, but this was my first time giving CCs in the UK. I found some excellent specimens and was impressed by the soundness of the dogs shown. In saying so I want to thank the exhibitors for trusting me with their lovely dogs.

1 Kenyon & Ward Ch Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna JW Sh.CM. What a superb grandfather this was, I was impressed with him as soon as he entered the ring and he never let me down. He was in every sense an excellent representative for his breed. He enjoyed showing off to his younger rivals and he ended up winning the RCC. Well done old man!

1 Jones Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Promising puppy with a lovely head and neck. Well developed in body for age but turn front feet out a bit to much. Moved very well around the ring. BP.
2 Shepherd Viískaliís Hazuki Del Avantgarde (Imp) (ai), Nice dog of good type. Good head. Well angulated, but a bit narrow in front, moved quite well.

1 Jones Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. 

1 Carter Jumicar Casanova, Dog of excellent type. Impressive outline. But could be better developed in front. Moved very well around, but would have liked to see him better coming and going.

1 Edwards Shanlimore Lorenzo, lovely dog of excellent type. Good head and expression. Attractive outline with good neck and shoulder, but would have liked him more developed in front. Moved very well
2 Maggs Viískalyís In The Fast Lane Of Dewyche, Attractive dog with a good head. He is very well developed in body and moved well, I would, however, have preferred to see him with more temperament. Tail carriage not the best.
3 Thorne Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay. 

1 Reilly Ir Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror Cw19 JW Sh. As soon as I saw this dog, I knew he would be my winner He is a beautiful, upstanding dog with enormous presence. When he looked at me, he told me clearly that it was no point in me looking any further because he was going to win this match. He moved freely driven by powerful hindquarters and he finished it all of with a typical tail carriage. Yes, I did notice that his head was on the heavy side with slightly protruding eyebrows, but that was details which in no way took away from this dogís great qualities. CC
2 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham Charibere Simply Magic At Chezanna JW Sh.CM, Another great dog with style and presence. Nice outline good body, but a bit narrow in front. Moves very well but didnít use his tail to his advantage.

1 Asher Patablanca Phoenix, Nice bitch puppy which needs to strengthen up behind. She has a good head and topline but turn front feet out to much. Moved well around.

1 Asher Patablanca Phoenix

1 Baverstock Kalkasi Super Cool, excellent young bitch of high class. Nice head good neck and topline. She is Well developed in body and has the right angulation. Super cool moved with drive and determination and I was impressed by this beautiful bitch RCC.
2 Tadd Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan, Stylish youngster of excellent type but she needs to develop in body. She moved very well around but could be better coming and going. 

PGB 1 Baverstock Kalkasi Super Cool. 

1 Tadd & Horwood Kricarno Krystal Kopykat. Lovely type of bitch with a good head. She has a nice neck and she has a strong topline, which she carries well on the move. Well-constructed. She moved well around, but could be better coming and going.
2 Wilcock Penellcy Maid Of Honour. Nice bitch with a lot of qualities, but I would have liked to see her a bit higher on her legs. Well-constructed, moves well, but could have had a bit more animation.
3 Cochrane Pyroni Colours Of The Wind For Myatoksci (Can Imp) 

1 Thorne Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay Sh.CM, Her she was, the queen of the WKC 2019. I liked everything about this outstanding bitch and I was taken by her beautiful head with smiling almond shaped eyes. Her neck runs smoothly into her shoulders and the strong topline was impressive. She was well developed in body, but still feminine. She moved like a ballerina and it was a pleasure to see her soar around the ring with the tail on top mast. I fell in love with this lady and I could have taken her home. I was pleased to see her short listed in the group. CC & BOB
2 Baverstock Ch Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star. Lovely bitch of excellent type. Good neck and presence, well angulated. Moves well, but topline should have been stronger.
3 Bamford & Church Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen