SEPMDC Championship Show 2019

Judge Sandra Gibson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the South East Club for the honour of judging what has historically been one of my favourite shows. Thanks must also go to the exhibitor’s, a pleasure to spend time with your wonderful dogs. I’m sure on behalf of everyone I’d like to thank those that are working hard in the background keeping us all fed and watered, and what a spread, a pat on the back to all contributors and finally to my stewards - Thank You

Puppy Dog (1/1)
1. Goodman’s Lisjovia Avich with Annanya 11 months old of reasonable height, wouldn’t like him to have any more weight. Strong headpiece but softness in expression affected by deeper muzzle. Excellent pigment throughout with good dentition, almond shaped, dark amber eye, moderate bone, good width of chest. Excellent coat and presented well. Moved well once settled

Junior Dog (2/1)
1. Goodman’s Lisjovia Avich with Annanya

Novice Dog (1/1)
1. Goodman’s Lisjovia Avich with Annanya

Undergraduate Dog (2)
1. Symvoulidis & Carter Sketrick Pierre (AI) I just loved this boy! Excellent size, good forequarter’s made up of straight parallel legs, good chest width and correct bone. Strong firm top line and rear quarters of moderate angulation. His head shape formed the breeds required blunt V, super pigment throughout and his expression is “heart melting’ BUT I had to forgive a ‘lot’ due to the inexperience of the handler, gaiting is currently not your forte, take advantage of those that will help you on your way
2. Goodman’s Lisjovia Avich with Annanya

Graduate Dog (4)
1. Symvoulidis & Carter Sketrick Pierre (AI)
2. Wells Sketrick Patou (AI) Brother to No1, excellent size, good straight forequarters, shoulders laying close to body, strongly boned. A abundance of coat with a super Male pyrie mane of good texture, preferred the eye colour of 1. Moved well when handler and dog in harmony
3. Cubello’s Night Owl. Smaller than preferred for a male both on size and bone, and currently would benefit from slightly more weight. The benefits of this smaller frame meant that fore and rear quarters were of the correct medium angles and standing in profile a reasonable shape. Handled and presented well

Post Graduate Dog (7,0)
1. Symvoulidis & Carter Sketrick Pierre Well’s Sketrick Patou
2. Meakin Noah du val de Pyrene TAF (Imp Fr) 18 month old Male, he scores in actual headshape, forming the correct blunt ‘v’ , correct pigmentation, but something in his headpiece causes him to have a harsher expression than I would like, possibly his eye shape. Currently very narrow in the forequarter and lacks rear angulation which affects his movement overall. In good coat of correct texture

Limit Dog (6)
1. Downes Rivergroves all the right moves (Imp USA) I have not seen this Male for about six months and he returned with a ‘wow’ superb shape throughout, forequarters straight, shoulders lying close to body, hindquarters perfectly angulated. Strong head laid on short neck, his wolf grey markings enhance a beautiful headpiece that has dark amber eyes, set obliquely, pigment throughout is strong and further framed this very expressive chap. On the move, he is free and unhurried, and when the handlers pace lessens he slid into pacing due to speed. Once reminded of the task in hand he literally ‘floated’ around the ring with his tail curled over his back and he is finished off with the ‘shepherds’ crook. To be picky I would prefer a touch more size throughout. Presentation was pristine a true credit to his handler today CC. (I believe his crowning 3rd) Best in Show
2. Waters Zagal de Alba de Los Danzantes with Sketrick (Imp ESP) When I thought headpieces couldn’t get any better, gaze in to this boys eyes, it would be a close thing. Superb size scores over no1 here, superb coat of correct texture. However couldn’t match no1 on movement and exacting angulation. Well Presented
3. Duffell’s Ricaduffel Draco Star I’ve always liked this boy, medium size throughout, good fore and rear angulation, straight parallel forelegs, another good headpiece, moved well

Open Dog (7/4)
1. Nagrecha / Sandstrom /Mattison - Sandstrom’s Ch Viskaly’s My Way or No Way for Chandlimore A true ambassador of the breed with the most beautiful headpiece, tight lips, excellent shape and colour. His forequarters are of the correct angulation and straight his feet are as required short and compact with toes slightly arched. Getting my hands on this boy demonstrated a dog of perfect weight which is camouflaged by a huge coat of correct texture, would prefer a touch more rear angulation, moved with reach and drive, presented and prepared perfectly. Res CC. Reserve Best in Show. I see this boy in my mind as ‘king’ at the top of the Pyrenees whereas I can envisage my CC winner floating alongside his flocks.
2. Down’s Belshanmish Orange Crush In profile of good shape, good forequarter assembly, front parallel and straight but tends to turn a foot when standing square , a kind expression, he scores on the move, light footed, tail over back and looks like he’s enjoying himself
3. Tadd’s Ch Jacko Du Haras de Chante - Neige Avec Kricsrno JW ShCM (ImpFr) like this gent a lot, but today lacking the drive of 1 & 2. In good coat of correct texture, again needs a little more rear angulation, not sparkling as I have seen him before

Veteran Dog (2/1)
1. Burwell Pybern Blond Defender at Bursville Lovely to see the veterans 8 years old in good condition, good fore, parallel front, pleasant headpiece with good pigmentation, little lighter in eye, good coat of correct texture, moved well

Veteran Bitch (1)
1. Pollards’s Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice 7.5 years old with the most feminine of heads, good fore and rear angulation, excellent straight front legs, good chest width, firn straight too line, good coat, presented well. Best Veteran

Puppy Bitch (2)
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Ophelia A very pretty female with the sweetest of expressions enhanced with the best of pigment, good fore and rear angulation, good level top line, a abundance of coat of correct texture, moved with stride and purpose, a promising future I’m sure Res CC & Best Puppy
2. Goodwin Lisjovia Adagio Preferred the tighter lip line of No1, good fore in stance of moderate angulation, but currently moving a little wide at the moment, good coat of correct texture

Junior Bitch (3/2)
1. Tadd’s Kricarno Katchmeifyoucan A bitch of excellent size, attractive headpiece, good eye shape of correct colour. A little narrow in fore chest, in profile moves with good reach and nice tail carriage. Coming towards Pasterns lose and going away rear close, hopefully maturity will tighten up this youngster going through her teenage time Goodwin Lisjovia Adagio

Undergraduate Bitch
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Ophelia
2. Goodwin Lisjovia Adagio

Post Graduate Bitch (4/1)
1. Horwood & Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Kopykat Theirs something about this girl which is enhanced by the partnering of her handler, she works hard to get the best out of this youngster. Nice female of excellent size, attractive head overall, but to be picky would like a slightly smaller ear. Good forequarters with adequate chest for age, front straight and parallel, neck short and strong, shoulders close lying, with firm level top line, moderate rear angulation, moved with drive - fore and rear. On the stance smaller feet preferred, but as a whole picture delighted to award her first CC
2. Flounders Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI) A most attractive girl demonstrating a very feminine expression but on closer inspection lacks pigmentation Good fore and rear quarters with correct feet. On the move very light on her feet,
3. Duffell’s Ricaduffal Rock Star Heavier in the head than 1 & 2. Eye shape more triangular which detracts from expression. Good fore, a little straight in the rear, plenty of coat of good texture, moved steadily around the ring

Limit Bitch (4/1)
1. Waters Sketrick Purdita (AI) Good sized female in excellent coat with good texture. I would prefer a little more width on forechest. Headpiece of excellent shape and enhanced with strong pigment, but would prefer darker eye colour, reach of movement would benefit from a little more rear angulation, moved steadily in all directions
2. Flounders Sketrick Papagena at Lakamoni (AI)
3. Meakin’s L’Estelle du Val de Pyrene (Imp FR) Head of correct proportions with good pigment a smaller ear preferred. Forelegs not as parallel as required and more rear angulation required. Moved steadily around the ring when settled

Open Bitch (3/2)
1. Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice Just over 3 years, a pretty female with a sweet expression, forequarters straight and parallel, shoulders lie close to body, short strong neck, top line however, dips in to shoulder . On the move which she didn’t fancy doing today, she needs to either keep her tail up, or leave down as the half hearted effort gives the illusion of a poor tail set and further enhances her top line. Presented in excellent order