LKA Champ Show 2019

Judge  Jean Hammond

It is over 9 yrs since I last judged the breed. It was an impressive entry for quality. The Open Dog class was amazing. Heads are now more uniform and eyes are of better shape. Movement needs to improve, especially in hind action. No matter how nice a dog is, it has to be sound. Handling has come on so well, with most exhibitors getting the best out of their dogs. Presentation, in all but a few cases, was very good. There is little point wasting money entering if you do not present your dog in a clean, well groomed and in good muscular condition. Thank you for your entry and I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.

MPD (3)
1 Miles’ Zerious Blue Skies At Ranacani. Head progressing well for 7 mths, lovely eye and expression, good firm topline, moved well for one so young, could develop into an interesting prospect. Best PD.
2 Haslett & Nelson’s Galliagh Wildbarreges. At 6 mths old is very much a baby, has everything there to progress forward, not quite the movement of first. He has plenty of time.
3 Tadd’s Pashme De La Vallee Du Girou With Kricarno (Imp Fra).

PD (1)
1 Haslett & Nelson’s Galliagh Wildbarreges.

JD (2)
1 Jones’ Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. 12 mths old and well grown for age, decent head but with slightly more stop than desirable, tight mouth, lovely eye and expression, well angulated quarters, good bone and feet, strong pigmentation, sound dog.
2 Haslett & Nelson’s Galliagh Wildbarreges.

PGD (4, 1)
1 Fergus’ Gypsinella Murphy Prince. Not an easy class to judge. Quite a nicely constructed dog with an acceptable head, nice eye, good feet, more attention to presentation needed as it spoilt an otherwise nice dog.
2 Cubello’s Night Owl. Another well constructed dog, correct head and eyes. I would prefer more bone and height but having said that, he is of good type and sound.
3 Carter’s Jumicar Casanova.

LD (9)
1 Dearman & Henson’s Shiresoak Nanooke At Pyrekees. A dog of good size with lovely strong bone and feet, his markings complimented his lovely coat, correct head with correct expression, strong topline with good quarters which he uses to advantage with his sound movement.
2 Woodward’s Lisjovia Galactica. This young dog has a lot to like about him, head a little strong for his age, excels for bone and substance, tight feet, he moved well but could not match first for overall balance, but a close decision.
3 Edwards’ Shanlimore Lorenzo.

OD (5)
1 Nagrecha, Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom’s Ch Viskalys My Way Or No Way To Chandlimore (Imp). What a fantastic class. I was spoilt for choice. Any one of these dogs would be worthy of the CC. This dog excels for breed type, classic head, strong bone and feet, very well balanced throughout, this is a great dog by any standard, covered the ground well with his effortless movement, immaculately presented. CC and BOB.
2 Reilly’s Ch & Ir Ch Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror CW19. Close up to winner, another lovely dog of excellent type. These two dogs could change places on another day. Strong impressive bone, a dog of good size and substance. Today could not quite match first in movement. RCC.
3 Downes’ Ch Rivergroves All The Right Moves At Belshanmish (Imp USA).

VD (2, 1)
1 Barnes’ Shanlimore Lucky Spirit At Patablanca. 7 yr old and certainly did not look his age, attractive head with nice eyes and expression, moved well.

MPB (3)
1 Edwards’ Shanlimore Island Girl. Just 6 mths old, head just right for age, good eye and dentition, excels for bone and substance, beautifully presented, moved so soundly, full of mischief, so nice to see a puppy enjoy her day. If she fulfils her early promise, she could have a bright future. Just loved her. BP.
2 Wilcock’s Penellcy She’s Like The Wind. All white bitch of 8 mths. A nice puppy with excellent pigmentation, not quite the eye and expression of first, she is well grown in lovely coat, moved soundly. These two puppies bode well for the future.
3 Haslett’s Galliagh Wonderfulandorra.

PB (5)
1 Sanger’s Sogni D’oro. All white bitch of 10 mths, feminine head, not overdone in any way, adequate bone, excellent forequarters, moved soundly and with such ease. 2 Asher’s Patablanca Phoenix. Another lovely bitch of excellent type, well constructed throughout, tight feet, head just right for her age, strong pigmentation, sound bitch but could not quite match the hind action of first today. 3 Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love.

JB (2)
1 Newland’s Shanlimore Baby Love. Third in previous class. Nicely coloured bitch, needs more ringcraft to fulfil her potential, not co-ordinated in movement which should come with better training.
2 Newland’s Shanlimore Superstition. Reserve in last class. Litter sister to first and much the same remarks apply, stronger head than first but she will achieve her best with training.

PGB (4, 2)
1 Goodwin’s Lisjovia Adagio. Stunning bitch, feminine head of good proportions, well angulated quarters, strong compact feet, level topline, moved with perfect footfall, at 20 mths she is very promising. RCC.
2 Fergus’ Daveangel Reddest Ruby. A nice coloured bitch. What a shame that she was not presented to advantage. She did not have the excellent movement of first.

LB (8, 2)
1 Downes’ Febus Fleurac (AI). Easy winner here. Lovely bitch of good size, loved her head, reasonable eye, good dentition, firm topline, well angulated forequarters, beautifully presented, moved freely and with such ease, looked impressive in the final line up.
2 Cochrane’s Pyroni Colours Of The Wind For Myatoksci (Imp Can). Close up to first in some respects. Another typy bitch of good size, correct head, eye could be a shade darker, medium bone with lovely feet, well constructed quarters, covered the ground well.
3 Holmes’ Lisjovia Kiyonari.

OB (3, 2)
1 Thorne’s Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay ShCM. Stood alone. Really lovely bitch who just teems with quality. All white with dark pigmentation, feminine head of correct shape, well constructed quarters displaying strength which showed in her precise even stride. A credit to her owners and breeders. BCC.