Judge  Keith Savage

My thanks to the Kennel Club for inviting me to judge this prestigious show and to all exhibitors who entered from home and abroad. I found this a most challenging show to judge as some classes had excellent quality whilst other classes contained dogs with varying faults that needed serious consideration. I found that all males were entire, all dogs shown had correct dew claws and were in generally healthy condition. There were some minor dentition faults but most teeth were complete, well placed, clean and healthy. I have serious concerns over the rear construction which led to many dogs being too close in their action. I also found many dogs with poor front construction that restricted movement resulting in scissoring to the point of crossing on the move.

VD (2,1) 
1 Baverstock's Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits JW SHCM CW14.  A magnificent veteran dog of ten years in age, in excellent condition.   Very good all round proportions and balance. Correct angulations front and rear. Correct coat texture, complete dentition. Moved steadily and soundly a true Champion. 

PD (2)
1 Woodward & Woodward's Lisjovia Galactica. Promising puppy with correct proportions to head, with almond shaped eye of the correct colour. Well placed on skull. Correct ear placement of good shape, excellent pigmentation and dentition Medium angulation front and rear. Moved well on correct feet.
2 Grady's Kalkasi As Cool As I Am. Another puppy with good head proportions excellent dentition and pigmentation. Would prefer slightly more angulation. Well presented. 

JD (4)
1 Basboell's Vi'skaly's Wp Voysey Gold [ATC AW00257SWE]. Pleasing junior, impressed by his soundness as he moved correctly with drive and confidence. He is still maturing, He will benefit as he grows with his width of top skull, and angulation. His muzzle to skull ratios are correct and enhanced with his gentle sloping stop. Correct eye, ear  and dentition, should have a splendid future.
2 Keith's Charibere My Sweet Lord At Beverlenn. Good overall proportions, pleasing ratios to head, well placed eye and ear. Held his strong top line on the move, good rear angulation. Well presented.
3 Fieldhouse's Pyrenvale Chaney. Good proportions to head, with complete and correct dentition. I would prefer a tighter lip line, and more angulation to front and rear.

PGD (9)
1 Edwards' Shanlimore Lorenzo. Balanced male of good size, good dentition and pigmentation, excellent eye colour correct angulation to front and rear, moved very soundly with good top line on compact feet.
2 Cubello's Night Owl. Well-proportioned dog throughout but would prefer one size bigger.he has a correct head of good proportions excellent pigmentation and dentition. Eye and ear placement correct. Correct length of neck running into level top line which he held on  the move.
3 Dickson's Kalkasi Fields Of Gold. Another quality dog from this kennel, with correct head proportions, dentition and pigmentation. Good ear, eye placement, correct rear angulation and tight feet.

LD (6)
1 Davis' Galliagh Ussel. Beautiful dog of great quality. Very good head proportions including muzzle to skull ratio and correct fill. Good colour to eye, well set  with gradual slope to stop, very balanced proportions to body and  strong bone, correct medium angulation. Would prefer tighter feet.
2 Waters' Zagal De Alba De Los Danzantes With Sketrick (Imp Sp). Stunning head of correct proportions with excellent fill, and correct depth to  skull. Good eye colour, shape and placement, and correct  ear set. Tight lip line and pigmentation. He is of good size with the correct length of leg and hock in proportion to his body. He held a level top line with a correct slope to croup. I would prefer a little more width throughout.
3 Draper's  Desalazara Jerez. A powerful male of great size and substance, strong bone, and  impressive body proportions. He has excellent head proportions, good pigmentation, and dentition, eye of correct shape and colour. I would prefer a tighter lip line. Moved with drive and extension and  held a level top line. Very sound.

OD (6,1)
1 Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom's Seuch Vi'skaly's The Special One Polw [ATC AV03513SWE]. Eye catching dog of correct proportions conveying the elegance of the breed. Excellent muzzle length to  skull proportions, correct transition from muzzle to skull, correct occipital ridges leading to a smooth flow from a well pigmented nose over the head to the occiput blending into the correct length of neck. Correct medium angulation to front and rear, moved soundly with great extension and drive. Holding a level top line and tail with arroundera on the move. DCC & BOB.
2 Baverstock's Kalkasi Expect Only The Best. Another beautiful example of the breed. Correct head proportions, pigmentation, dentition, eye colour and shape. Correct medium angulation to front and rear, steady mover, strong bone and cupped feet. Maturing very nicely. RCC. 
3 Virtanen 'S Cib/Cro Grand Ch/Cro/Hu/Cro/Ee/Bih/Slo Ch Echo De'chien Escuda Pour Garconhu Jun Ch WW/17 [ATC AV00158EST]. Another impressive dog in glamorous coat, making a trio of excellent breed types. He has an elegant head achieved by a correctly domed skull, with well set eyes and ears, complete dentition and fill. I would prefer a slightly longer muzzle and length of neck. Well angulated strong bone carries a level top line, with correct tail carriage. 

VB (2)
1 Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom's Se Uch Vi'skaly's Ka-Ata-Killa Qui-Mu SE V/12 [ATC AM01723SWE]. A picture of maturity, this eight year old veteran belies her age. Coal black pigmentation to nose, lips and eyes and excellent proportions to head. In full coat, moves with power and agility holding her top line level and displaying drive and extension. Her rear angulation  is now a little over angulated but still enables her to drive powerfully around the ring. BV & RBCC. 
2 Koenders' Int/Nl/De/Ch/Lu Ch Macthree Khuddleigh Nl Jch, Jeusg-12, JWW-12, BDSG-12 [ATC AP00952BEL]. Excellent female of smaller stature than one. But equally correct in overall proportions. Excellent pigmentation and dentition, and correct ratios to muzzle and skull. Good eye shape and colour, well placed ear of correct shape and placement. Medium angulation to front and rear. Moved soundly with power and balance.

PB (3)
1 Baverstock's Kalkasi Super Cool. Classic puppy of correct proportions. Excellent coal black pigmentation, tight lip line, correct almond colour, well placed eye. Skull of correct portions for age, as still maturing in back skull. Good ear set and strong top line. Medium angulation to front and rear excelled in length of leg and hock.BP
2 Pollard's Gillandant Ophelia. Another puppy with great potential. Correct proportions to head and fill, coal black pigmentation to nose, lips and eyes. Good angulation, moved very soundly.
3 Goodwin's Lisjovia Adagio Completing a trio of super puppies, well proportioned throughout head and body. Super eye colour good pigmentation, medium angulation front and rear. Correct feet.

JB (7,1)
1 Tadd's Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan. Pleasing youngster well grown for age. Correct head proportions, good pigmentation, and complete fill. Tight lip line, good dentition, medium angulation. Compact feet.
2 Thienpondt 'S Vi'skaly's Life Is Good At Quellyane [ATC AW00145SWE]. Another lovely girl, still maturing. Muzzle to skull length is correct, however, would prefer a little more width to skull. Correct pigmentation and dentition. Well constructed angulation front and rear. Moved soundly.
3 Tadd & Horwood's Kricarno Krystal Kopykat. Very similar to 1st in respect to head comments. Excellent size pigmentation, dentition and substance. Preferred the movement of one and two.

PGB (5,2)
1 Kennedy's Shuangxi Mopsa Kai En Hui At Pyrcot. Correct head proportions, with excellent pigmentation and dentition. Medium angulation, level top line on the move correct length of neck, Would have preferred more width throughout.
2 Haley's Kalkasi Lilac Wine At Mistymia. Correct pigmentation and dentition, I would prefer a more sloping stop and less pronounced occipital ridges.  Medium length of neck, correct shape of rib cage and correct rear angulation. Neat, cat like feet.
3 Duffell's Ricaduffal Rock Star. Mature bitch, with correct pigmentation and with good ear shape and placement. Strong bone, and substance. Would prefer a little less width of chest, and more angulation.

LB (9,1)
1 Walter's Sketrick Purdita (AI). Lovely bitch of excellent size and proportions. Correct ratios to muzzle and skull, but would prefer more of a dome to the top skull. Correct pigmentation and dentition, correct eye colour and shape, well placed. Moved with drive and extension holding a level top line. Correct croup and feet.
2 Downes' Febus Fleurac (AI). Feminine bitch with correct proportions to skull good eye and dentition. Medium angulation front and rear, would prefer a little tighter lip line, still maturing.
3 Flounders' Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (AI). Well balanced bitch of good size and substance. Good proportions to head and skull. Correct length of leg, well balanced throughout, correct eye colour, and lip line. Correct angulation to front and rear, moved soundly with level top line.

OB (8)
1  Nilsson's Nord Uch/Se Uch Vi'skaly's Make Love Not War DK JV/17 NORD JV/17 N [ATC AV03474SWE]. Impressive girl with excellent proportions to both head and body. Coal black pigmentation, complete dentition, correctly size, shape and colour to eye, correct ear set and shape. Tight lip line, medium angulation front and rear, correct width to chest, and width at hocks. Moved steadily with breed elegance. BCC.
2  Koenders' Int/Nl/Be/Vdh/Dk/Ch/De/At Ch Alta Colinas Noor-Wegian Queen EUSG17, BDSG17, JAHRSG17, BEW17, ATW18 [ATC AT01927NOR]. Another quality bitch of excellent overall proportions and balance. Lighter built than one correct angulation, dentition and eye/ear placement. Would prefer slightly more depth to muzzle. Moved soundly and steadily with drive and extension.
3 Pollard's Gillandant Xmas Spice. Another super Champion with excellent expression complete with coal black pigmentation and good colour and shape to eye. Well constructed with strong bone, and held level top line on the move.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (1)  
1 Meakins' L'estelle Du Val De Pyrene. Quality female, with correct angulation front and rear. Excellent pigmentation and dentition. Well placed ears of correct size. Correct length of leg and hock. Moved soundly.