Bournemouth 2019

Judge Lady S. I. Reilly 

I would like to say thank you so much  to Sally Duffin  and the Bournemouth Committee, who made me extremely welcome, it was a true honour. Even  tho the weather was beyond belief, you managed a fantastic job of keeping everyone safe. Now to exhibitors, thank you all so much for your entries. All Pyrenean stood 100% even though tents where crashing and banging, dogs from 6 mth old babies to 8 year old veterans, so proud to be part of this wonderful breed, so many people stayed to watch the groups even though they had real long journeys home. The Pyrenean fun gang finished a wonderful day off with a Pimms picnic. Thank you to everyone who without dogs turned up to support me. So happy to see my BOB go on to win a strong group and then Res BIS, and my BP shortlisted, congratulations to you all. 

MPD (3, 1) Wow, two lovely young babies that I am sure will change places, both will have a great future. 1 Jones Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Very pleasing head, nice dark pigment, correct eye shape, small ears rounded at the tip, good bone, lovely angulation that showed on lovely free movement, good length of tail that wagged all day, double dew claws,  fantastic presentation. Best PD & BPIB. 2 Shepherd’s Vi’skali’s Hazuka Del Avantgarde (Imp)(Ai). Lovely head with nice tight mouth, correct bite, good pigment, correct bone, nice length of back, well sprung ribs, moved and handled lovely, beautiful presentation. 

PD (2, 1) 1 Jones’ Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Winner of minor puppy.

  JD (1) 1  Goodman’s Lisjovia Avicii With Annanya. A young dog that is coming along lovely, a real male without coarseness, correct head and bite, pigment and eye shape, full of confidence, great muscletone, good coat, lovely presentation, moved round the ring having fun that was lovely to see, bright future. 

PGD (2, 1) 1 Stratton-Baldwin’s Kricarno Kinetic. I’ve watched this young lad, very pleasing. He is a slow maturer but one to watch, kind expression, good pigment, correct dentition, short neck great size and substance, nice settled movement. 

LD (6, 1) 1 Dearman & Henson’s Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees. Res Dog CC. Wow, I loved this lad as a puppy, it was so nice to get my hands back on him. He has matured into a lovely boy, very pleasing coloured head, great pigment, correct eye shape and colour, short neck, good bone, level topline, well muscle medium angles, his movement was free, nicely presented, Res CC. 2 Edwards’ Shanlimore Lorenzo. I think this lovely young lad will gain his title, lovely head, forming a blunt V, a great expression, very kind melting eyes, good pigment, short neck, good bone, excellent body, level topline. It was such a shame he just didn’t have the sparkle today, beautifully presented. 3 Thorne’s Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay. Liked this lad but definitely looks the baby in this class, nice head, black pigment, medium angulation, good length of back,  movement was lovely, maturing nicely. 

OD (4, 1) 1 Nagrecha, Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstrom’s Ch ViSkalys My Way Or No Way To Chandlimore (Imp). What a privilege to go over this stunning male, beautiful head, correct pigment, great eye shape and colour, making a perfect blunt V Pyrenean smile, correct eye shape and colour, bite and pigment perfect, short neck, great angulation, level topline, ribs slightly rounded, going well back, good bone, level topline, well muscled, groomed to perfection, moved and handled expertly, it was a total honour to award him the Dog CC, BOB. Over the moon to see him win G1, then went on to get Res BIS, (no mean feet for a PMD, congratulations). 2 Meakin’s Noah Du Val De Pyrenean (Imp Fra). This  is a lad coming along lovely, he is a baby in a big boys class, nice head shape, eye shape and colour correct, very tall with good body, medium angulation, bone, moved well. Now just needs to finish maturing. 3 Asher’s Granchester Imoulou. Lovely honest type, blunt v, ears correct size and shape, strong well muscled, moderate bone and angles, moved steady. 

VD (2) 1 Munson’s Pyrbern Blond Lynx. Nice head, good eye and ear placement, short neck great bone, level topline, nice angulation, coat in lovely condition and beautifully groomed, moved steady. 2 Barnes’ Shanlimore Lucky Spirit At Patablance. Another lovely veteran, pleasing head, good head, eyes of lovely shape and colour, moved well. Just lost out today on finish. 

MPB (2) 1 Asher’s Patablanca Phoenix. What a lovely pair of litter sisters. I will watch their future. At just 6 mths, both where amazing, very pretty head, black pigment, correct eye shape and colour, short neck, correct bone and substance for her age, beautifully presented, moved as if she had been shown for years, sound and true, nice tight feet. 2 Besalu. This is a raw baby, full of fun, its fantastic to see new owners with a top quality baby, both sisters are feminine and so much alike. I think they will change places when she settles, lovely to see the lady so proud of her pup. 

PB (1) 1 Besalu Ridings (2nd minor pup). 

LB (3, 1) 1 Downes’ Febus Fleurac. Res CC. I’ve watched this young lady, what a lovely girl, great size and substance, good bone, angle correct, coat in good condition, she is young but can hold her own in these big girl classes, she has a pleasing head, movement just let herself down a little for CC. 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Kiyonari Absolutely. Loved this lady, a solid bitch that could definitely built to do her job. Head of right shape and size correct bite, black pigment, good eye shape and colour, short neck, great bone but certainly not heavy, body of perfection, ribs going well back, chest reaching below the elbow, correct length of tail, strong hocks, well muscled, she move well. 

OB (4, 2) 1 Thorne’s Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay ShCM. Wow, what a lovely young lady, very feminine, a very pleasing head, good pigment, eyes and ear placement, excellent, front and rear angles, nice cat feet, going over she fits the breed standard to perfection, not fat! Well covered and muscled that showed on free movement with drive, she is pure elegance, beautifully presented to perfection. Bitch CC, pushed hard for BOB. 2 Church’s Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen.  A grand lady with good teeth, bite, good pigment, excellent bone, well sprung rib reaching well back  and below the elbow, built with size and substance, good medium angulation, coat in good condition, strong hocks, well muscled, moves free but shame she lost her sparkle today.