Bournemouth Cham Show 2018

Judge  Tan Nagrecha

The Pyrenean is an imposing breed of great size and  of noble bearings never course but showing elegance, please please please DO NOT  lose sight of the fundamentals. Basic bearings specific to the breed are being lost and if gone for ever the essence of the breed will be gone.

PGD (3,1)
1 Kricarno Kinetic, of a firmer and sturdier build than two, upstanding male, of correct proportions, head properties are good with excellent ear and set on, using his quarters to advantage, front needs to firm up. 2 Kricarno Konstellation At Pyrajay. Similar in make and shape to the winner, has refinement but still needs to body up, good in profile and going away, another who needs to firm up in front. 
1 Rivergroves All The Right Moves Ii At Belshanmish, a young male who has so much to like about him, his head is divine with the correct contours and ratios, excellent eye and pigmentation, ideal neck and proportions, he is totally sound on the move in all directions and on top has that extra spring in his step which appealed, ideal tail set and carriage with the desired hook, one of the rare few with low set and solid dewclaws.  I just could not deny him the CC and BOB, if I'm critical I would like him bigger all through.
2 Lisjovia Estevez, solid male of such size and substance, masculine through and through and the noble bearings so desired, he has the required  length to leg and height at the withers, a good head that isn't flared in back skull and a decent eye, totally different than the class winner and it was difficult to split them as I liked so much about both but a decision had to be made, this dog has the best of fronts and so well ribbed, totally sound and took the RCC, his title wont be far. 

1 Ch Belshanmish Yello River - a fully mature male who draws the ideal picture stood. His head is masculine yet without coarseness, not displaying too much stop or brow, correct length to leg and scores in make and shape well boned and bodied and holding a good coat, gives a steady and true account of himself on the move.
2 Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror, a young male who is another with super size, outline and proportions, his static balance is good, yet not fully mature and needs to rib up a little more, such an active mover using himself to full advantage in profile with powerfull driving quarters. On the day was rather unsettled in front. 

1 Multi Ch Viskalys Harry Honda At Kingston, never seen him look better, a handsome male who can still challenge the best, correct head planes, eye shape colour and position, so good to handle when you go over him. moving out steadily and challenged hard for the rcc.

1 Febus Fleurac -gorgeous puppy who already shows great promise, good head planes and expression, correct neck and outline, moderate angles both ends, moving out so well. BP 

1 Febus Fleurac. 

1 Shanlimore Raffaella -  must have a great future ahead, reaching the milestones to maturity as one would hope, typical in outlook with a correct outline and length to leg, scored in profile action, head and expression typical. 

1 Sketrick Purdita, totally different to the others in the class, I did like her stamp, so feminine and clean in head, excellent contours, ideal eye adding to expression, balanced outlook and moving steadily, could be better in front RCC.
2 Lisjovia Emilio - the best made in the entry, her conformation is text book, ideal shape, perfect shoulders, with topline and quarters to match, she is so sound on the move with an ideal footfall. will be an asset to the breed.

1 Ch Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay -so much to like about her, firstly her presentation and body condition is a lesson for all, gleaming coat and rock hard muscletone, her temperamant gives her the extra edge as she moved displaying such correct active and effortless movement, using her tail at all times, her head is good for shape and won this class with ease later to take the CC, could not match the male for expression for BOB.
2 Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick - my heart break of the day, standing this bitch epitomises everything that is so beautiful about this breed, her head is divine and her expression ideal , no lumps and bumps and your hands just glide over her head, ideal neck and her proportions are text book, I could not stop looking at her,  sadly today she was not going as well as I had hoped so I could not take her any further.