South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club  

Limited Show 7th October 2018


Judge: Stella Baxter (Davistell / Starcove)


My sincere thanks the committee of the SEPMDC for allowing me the honour of judging my first club show with one of my favourite breeds. The hospitality on the day was excellent as were my stewards. We were fortunate to have a day of glorious day of sunshine in which to judge outside and I thank the exhibitors for their support and sportsmanship in accepting my decisions and my final choices. Overall I found temperaments were excellent as was presentation with many gleaming coats, not easy in such a large dog with a profuse white coat. A few concerns going forward are lack of bone, prevalence of a hare foot and generally a lack of muscle tone which affected some movement. Size, muscle tone & head type including eye colour & shape varied in many classes. I was very pleased with my final line up of dogs, some of which I am sure we will be hearing more of throughout the 2019 show season.   


Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch (4) (1)
 1st Tadd’s Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan Lovely 7 month, well grown puppy of excellent breed type. She has a super head developing with a nice eye, ear & bite. Excellent length of upper arm & shoulder, good depth of ribbing & croup. Good muscle tone for one so young which showed in her confident movement with plenty of reach and drive, Excellent presentation and expertly handled. She certainly pushed hard for top honours in the final bitch line up. I really liked this exciting young lady & look forward to watching her progress over the next months. BPB & BPIS
2nd Grady’s ‘ Kalkasi As Cool As I Am 
A happy puppy and at just six months this boy shows real promise. Lovely head shape, almond eye shape and blaireau tipped ears. Good length of neck & upper arm, plenty of width with good front & rear angulation. At this time I just preferred the movement of one but when settled he did show good movement. Just needs time to mature on. Excellent presentation & well handled.

3rd Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Cool 
Litter sister to 2nd and as with her brother at her first show. A similar type overall. Lots of potential, lovely head ratio’s eye shape and bite. Excellent front & rear angulations, well ribbed, close coupled with a lovely croup and tail set. Such a shame she put the brakes on. I would expect her to do very well as she gains more confidence & matures.

Puppy Dog (2) (1)

See 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch 

Junior Dog (1) (0)

1st  Edwards’s Shanlimore Lorenzo 
Super well grown boy a tad over of 15 months. Head developing well lovely shaped eye, ear & bite. Enough bone with a good upper arm plenty of width and excellent front and rear angulations. Good muscle tone all through & moved well keeping a level topline. Shown in beautiful condition with excellent presentation & expertly handled. look forward to watching his progress

Special Yearling Dog (4) (1)

See 1st in Junior Dog
 Well’s Sketric Patou (Ai)

Well grown 22 month year old
blaireau boy, strong head without coarseness, felt one had a better bite.  Nice front and rear angulation good lay of upper arm, deep chest and a level topline. Moved, presented & handled well.
Carter & Symvoulidis Sketric Pierre (Ai)
Litter brother to 2, super young boy who is still maturing, holds a very nice frame with lovely static balance, correct head ratios, almond eye, good ear and correct bite. Good depth of chest with a lovely length of rib and rear angulation, such a shame he gave his handler a difficult time, what glimpse’s I saw he demonstrated good movement &  I’m sure with a little more ringcraft experience this boy could do so much better.

Novice Dog (3) (2)

1st See 2nd in SYD

Graduate Dog (3) (0)
Asher’s Pyrdanza Tosca
At just 2 years this boy shows much promise and just needs time to mature, lovely head with a good eye & bite, deep chest and well ribbed going back into a good rear and strong hocks. Moved and presented well.    
 See 2nd Special Yearling
3rd  See 3rd  Special Yearling

Post Graduate Dog (4) (0)  
1st Stratton- Baldwin’s Kricarno Kinetic
First of litter brothers and little to choose between them both on the day. 2.5 years and at this stage I just preferred the slightly cleaner head & eye shape of this boy. Good bone, parallel front lovely deep chest & nice width all though. Good angles front and rear. Very well presented and moved well covering the ground with minimal effort.

2nd Thorne’s Kricano Konstellation at Pyrajay
Litter brother to one and much of the same applies, slightly less width to skull but much can changed as he matures. Again good bone, parallel front lovely deep chest & nice width all though. Good angles front and rear. Moved with purpose and presented well.

 3rd See 1st Graduate
Limit Dog (3) (1)

1st Dearman & Henson’s Shiresoak Nanook at Pyrekees
My star of the day. I thought he was lovely from head to tail and was difficult to fault. At 3 yrs he certainly had maturity & depth all though but without a hint of coarseness. Lovely head in all aspects and with even blaireau markings, good eye, pigment, ear and bite. Excellent length of upper arm, nice tight fitting elbows and good feet. Great height to length ratio with a deep chest and a rib extending well back into a short loin. Super well-muscled rear and good angulation. This boy comes into his own on the move as he glided effortlessly around the large ring showing excellent reach and great drive coupled with an air of showmanship. Very well handled & presented to perfection. I was pleased to award him Best Dog & Best In Show.

2nd Thomas’s Shiresoak Snow Patrol 

Litter brother to one with a slightly different head & coat type, I felt he was just lacking a little pigment around both eyes but otherwise a clean well balanced foreface and correct ears and bite. Good depth all through and nice front and rear angulation. He kept a good topline on the move. Presented and handled well.

Open Dog (7) (2) 
1st Bavertock’s Kalkasi Expect Only the Best
2 years and so much more to come from this lovely boy. Super head with everything as it should be to give a lovely noble expression.  Even at this stage in maturity he has good bone & great width and depth. Lovely parallel front, depth of chest and barrelled length of rib with plenty of lung room. Strong rear with good angulation. Moved confidently and with good reach & drive, beautifully presented and handled to perfection I look forward to watching him mature. Reserve Best Dog & RBIS  
Asher’s Granchester Imoulou
This blaireau male presented a lovely balanced profile & front & Rear angulation with a good depth of chest. At almost five years he had a kind expression from a well-shaped almond eye, super pigment all through & good size though not quite the depth and width of the winner. Excellent reach and drive on the move with good presentation and well handled. 
Barne’s Shanlimore Lucky Spirit At Patablanca
Although out of coat I really liked this honest 6 year old boy. Correct head, eye & bite & pigment, lovely parallel front with close fitting elbows and plenty of width & ribbing. Well balanced rear with adequate muscle tone. Moved well & when in a well presented coat I would expect this boy to well.

 Veteran Dog or Bitch (4) (3)  
1st  Water’s Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes At Sketrick
Wow what a lovely 8.5 year old veteran. Excellent type all through.    Masculine head without coarseness, lovely shaped almond eye & good pigment. Well angulated shoulders with tight fitting elbows. Good depth of chest & well ribbed. Excellent rear with good strength of hock. Moved very well & presented in glorious coat, at one with his handler. I really like him. Just flagged a little in the challenge for best dog.


Puppy Bitch (2) (0)
 See 1st Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch
See 3rd Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch

Junior Bitch (1) (0)
1st Edward’s Shalimore Raffaella
I was impressed with this lovely young lady, litter sister to 1st in Junior dog. At this stage for me she has a slightly better height to length ratio, a lovely head with a perfect scissor bite great front & rear angulations good depth of chest and correct croup with good length of tail. Moved so well with excellent reach & drive and good foot placement coming and going. Presented & handled to perfection. Another that should have an exciting career as she matures.

Special Yearling Bitch (2) (0)  
See 1st in Junior
Water’s Sketrick Portia Lovely young lady of 22 months & litter sister to 2nd & 3rd in SYD. Excellent head, eye & bite, good lay of upper arm width & depth of chest. Well ribbed leading into a short loin and excellent rear angulations, just lacking a little in furnishings at the moment, moved & handled very well.  Will watch with interest how this lady matures on. 

Graduate Bitch (1) (0)     
1st  See

Post Graduate Bitch (3) (1)  
See 1st SYB
Barne’s Kricarno Kornish Kaous At Patablanca
At 2.5 years this girl is well balanced all through. Correct head & eye, with excellent pigment. Good front and rear angulations with excellent muscle tone & strong hocks. Moved as one with her handler showing good reach & drive. Just preferred the overall size & depth of one.
Limit Bitch (2) (0)
1st Baverstock’s Kalkasi Moonlight Shadow
Another super type from this kennel. 3 years & with great depth all though yet retaining her femininity. Nothing exaggerated lovely blaireau tipped head with correct front and rear angulations, great depth of chest with plenty of lung room. Parallel front with tight fitting elbows. Good ribbing and firm hocks used to advantage on the move. Presented & handled beautifully. BOS
2nd See 2nd in PG

Open Bitch (1) (0)
1st Tadd’s Kricano Kornish Kontessa
Litter sister to 1st & 2nd PGD. A still maturing lady of 2.5 years. Good head shape bite, and pigment. Would just prefer a cleaner eye. Nice angles, lay of shoulder ribbing and croup. Would prefer to see more depth of bone at this stage. Moved confidently, excellent presentation and well handled.   


Peggy Houston Memorial Stakes (4) (1)
1st Slater’s Kricano Kookie
Reserve in Open Dog, just a tadd short of 8 years this boy was really enjoying his day out. He never flagged. A good head, eye & depth of chest. Well balanced &keeping a level topline as he covered the ground, presented in a lovely jacket & well handled.
2nd  See 2nd Limit Dog
  See 2nd Puppy Bitch