Windsor 2017

Judge  Christine Kenyon (Chezanna)

So proud to be asked to judge at Windsor Championship Show as my first CC appointment. Thank you to the committee for putting on another wonderful show and thank you to all the exhibitors for their entry. A fundamental part of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is its double dewclaws. I am pleased to say all dewclaws were present and correct attached. Correct scissor bite on all exhibits.
V. (3,1).
1. Pollard's, Ch. Gillandant Rockafella. A very handsome dog and lots to like. Masculine head, nice tight dark eyes giving a lovely soft expression. Good bone and body. Good deep chest and excellent topline. Movement good and very sound. BV and shortlisted in the Group. 2. Shepherd's, Gillandant the Illusionist. Litter brother to winner. Another nice dog. Preferred the head and bone of winner, however he still has many attributes. Nice tight dark eyes giving a kind expression. In good coat and presented well. Deep chest, medium correct angulation. Moved out well.
PD. (4,2).
1. Reilly's, Lisjovia Noris Bear at Darmaror. A very handsome puppy. Loved his head, dark almond eyes of correct shape, good ear placement, excellent pigment. This boy has plenty of bone and substance. In good coat which was nicely presented. Longer in body than second his litter brother and a little overweight which does show on the move, which was a little erratic on the day. However a lovely puppy with a bright future. BPD. 2. Holmes's, Lisjovia Estevez. Litter brother to winner and totally different. Slightly more stop and deeper muzzle, good body shape, construction and movement good. Lost all his coat and together with loss of weight didn't quite make the same overall picture as winner. Not doubt these puppies could swap places at any time.
JD. (5,3).
1. Downes and Traynor's, Rovergroves all the Right Moves. Impressive dog for size and movement. Lovely head, good correct eye shape and colour. Chest needs to drop but only a young dog with plenty of time. Good spring of rib. Excellent topline. Correct medium angulation and presented to perfection in good coat. Moved out well with purpose. A well deserved RCC. 2. Reilly's, Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror.
PGD. (4,1).
1. Homes's, Lisjovia Takahashi. A good masculine head without coarsness, eyes dark, a little rounder than I would like. Deep chest, good bone and substance. Excellent pigment. Unfortunately he had lost his coat which spoiled the overall balance. Moved out well fully in unison with his handler. 2. Henson and Dearman's, Shireoak Nanook at Pyrekees. A nice tall handsome boy with lovely Blareau markings. Nice tight eyes and lips, excellent pigmentation. Not quite the bone and body of winner but adequate and good angulation. Beautifully presented with a lovely white coat. Just missed out on movement to winner and this was a hard decision, could easily swap places on another day. 3. Reilly's, Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror.
LD. (6).
1. Spier's, Belshanmish Yellow River. Loved this boy. He stood out above the rest on the day for me. What a lovely picture. Lovely head so handsome, correct eye shape and ear placement giving a lovely kind expression. Good spring of rib, good body, bone and substance in abundance. Correct medium angulation so well balanced. Excellent topline. In good coat which was beautifully presented and to complete the picture moved out well. BD, BOB and CC. 2. Burwell's, Bursville Summer Knight. Another nice dog with a lovely expression. Nice tight mouth, eyes of correct colour. Well off for bone and substance and in full coat nicely presented. Moved out ok considering the heat. 3. Water's, Sketrick Ojo.
OD. (3,1) A small but quality class. Two very nixce dogs.
1. Downes', Pyrpressure's My American Dream at Belshanmish (Imp). A lot to like about this boy, as well as his superb coat which was presented so well. He now has matured into a fine looking dog. Good pigment, a nice kind expression. Well off for bone and substance. Correct medium angulation. Moved and handled well. 2. Tadd's, Jacki Du Haras de Chante Neige avec Kricarno (Imp). Another nice dog with a lovely head and correct eye and ear placement. Excellent pigment. Nice straight front but would prefer a little more width to chest, however, well off for bone and substance. Correct medium angulation. Not in as full coat as winner but presented and very well handled.
GC. (1).
1. Muson's, Pyrbern Blond Lynx. What a nice well mannered handsome boy. Pleasing head and eyes of correct colour. Lovely pigment and tight lips. Good bone. Nice coat well presented. Moved out well with his handler despite the heat.
PB. (4,1).
1. Water's, Sketrick Purdita. Just a baby but what a beauty. So pretty, gorgeous head, dark almond shaped eyes. lovely chunky body. Correct medium angulation. Good pigment. Lovely balanced puppy, moved well for such a youngster. PB and BP. Nice to see her shortlisted in the Group. 2. Holmes's, Lisjovia Emillio. Another nice puppy 3 months older than winner. Preferred head of winner although this puppy too was very feminine. Good pigment, medium angulation. Nice bone and body. Completely out of coat. Moved well with handler. 3. Duffell's, Ricaduffal Rock Star.
JB. (5,2).
1. Tadd's, Kricarno Kornish Knotessa. I liked this bitch very much. Such a pretty head, lovely expression. The correct bone and substance for a young bitch just out of puppy. Good rear angulation. She had attitude on the day and ran so beautifully with her handler. Not in full coat but enough of it. So well balanced and well deserved the RCC. 2. Barnes's, Kricarno Kornish Kaous. All of the above applies to this litter sister of winner. Coat was unfortunately on its way out which usually happens when out of puppy and she didn't run as well as her sister on the day.
PGB. (2,1).
1. Ford's, Montimur Use Your Illusion. I am awarding this bitch 'best coat of the day'. So profuse, gorgeous and gleaming white. Fantastic presentation. Lovely feminine head and such a pretty face. Blackest of pigment. Bone and substance of plenty. Correct medium angulation. Such a shame she didn't seem to want to be with us on the day which reflected in her movement. She lost out to her litter sister, on another day things could have been different.
LB. (4,2).
1. Holmes', Lisjovia Kiyonari. Feminine bitch. Nice head but would have preferred less stop.Good pigment, tight lips and correct eye shape. Good bone and substance. Moved ok. 2. Thorne's, Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay. Very pretty feminine bitch. Longer in body than winner and not quite as balanced. Lovely coat and presentation was to a very high standard. Correct medium angulation. Not quite as much bone as the winner. I have seen this bitch sparkle but on the day seemed a little uneasy and didn't run as well as I have seen her. Nevertheless a lovely young bitch whom I am sure will do well for her owners.
OB. (3,1).
1. Ford's, Montimur Iris of the Storm. Lovely head on this pretty feminine bitch who on the day was on top form. Nice coat well prresented. Lovely black pigment. Tight mouth and eyes of correct shape and colour. Good bone and substance created a lovely balanced profile. She moved well round the ring and was in complete unison with her handler. CC. 2. Burwell's, Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville. 7 and a half year old bitch and looking well for her age. Heavier in body than winner. Nice coat well presented. Nice feminine head, well balanced. Good bone. Moved well.