Judge Andrew Haresign

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at Bournemouth and for the hospitality shown.  The weather was super on the day with plenty of sunshine and a breeze to keep the dogs cool.  Many thanks to all the exhibitors for bringing so many well mannered and well presented dogs for me to judge. Generally pigment was excellent throughout with good bites on all specimens.  A few dogs lacked coat, which is to be expected towards the end of summer.  It is pleasing we are seeing taller examples of the breed but we must not lose the substance which is evident in some dogs. 

MP (2, 1)
1 Duffell's Ricaduffal Rock Star  Nicely proportioned bitch of just 7 months.  Light blaireau covering to head, correct eye shape and colour.  Tight lips covering correct dentition, balanced in front and rear angulation and enjoying herself on the move.  Best Puppy Bitch.

PD (2, 1)
1 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror  Not hard to see why this 11 month old male has been so successful of late.  Super size and bone, masculine head of correct proportions and good eye.  Moved with enthusiasm and drive, well defined stifle and his tail reaches well past his strong hocks.  Best Puppy and delighted to see him go on to get Pastoral Puppy Group 2. 

JD (3)
1 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror. 2 Downes' Rivergroves All the Right Moves (Imp USA)  At 11 months of excellent size, well balanced front and rear angulation.  Lovely markings to head, complementing correct eye shape and ear placement.  Super coat presented to perfection. Moved around the ring with ease.  Would prefer a little more spring to his ribs, which will hopefully come with age. 3 Thorne's Kricarno Konstellation at Pyrajay 

PGD (5, 2)
1 Reilly's Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror.  2 Barnes' Shanlimore Lucky Spirit  Super head and expression, with good pigment.  Moved with drive once settled, holding his topline.  Sadly lacking his jacket today. 3 Thomas' Shiresoak Snow Patrol

LD (4, 1)
1 Spier's Belshanmish Yellow River  This male is just what I look for in an adult male.  Lovely expression, correct eye shape and colour, excellent pigmentation with tight flews, broad skull of correct proportions.  Strong neck into correctly angulated front with a deep, broad chest.  Level topline leading to well muscled hindquarters and tail down to his hock.  Steady powerful gait.  Dog CC and BOB. 2 Duffell's Kalkasi A Star is Born of Ricaduffal Lovely badger markings to head and excellent pigment.  Well muscled rear but not quite the reach of 1st on the move. 3 Thomas' Shiresoak Snow Patrol 

OD (4, 1)
1 Tadd's Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno (Imp)  This young dog is maturing slowly and filling out his large frame nicely.  Good head and expressive eye, has good deep chest, correct front and rear angulation and nice tight feet.  Holds his topline when on the move, which he does with drive. Pleased to award him RDCC, which follows on from his best puppy last time I judged him. 2 Savage's Multi Ch Vi'skaly's Harry Honda At Kington (Imp) Good sized male with excellent pigment, eye shape and colour. Well off for bone, standing on well muscled quarters with balanced angulation fore and aft, moving steadily on good shaped feet. 3 Asher's Granchester Imoulou 

PB (2, 1)
1 Bamford's Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen 11 months and maturing nicely. Light blaireau  marking to head and body.  Super pigment, correct dentition.  Deep broad chest, well angulated fore and aft.  Harsh dense coat.  Moved steadily around the ring.

JB (3)
1 Bamford's Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen. 2 Tadd's Kricarno Kornish Kontessa  At 15 months needs more time to mature.  Of good size, kind eye with good pigment.  Sadly lacking in coat today and when she settled moved ok. 3 Barnes' Kricarno Kornish Kaous 

PGB (2)
1 Waters' Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick (Imp)  18 months old with lovely badger markings on a pretty, feminine head of correct proportions complemented by good pigment and the tightest of lips.  Lovely balanced outline, standing on well muscled front and rear.  Coat well presented.  Moved with drive on well angulated quarters.  Pleased to award her Reserve Bitch CC. 2 Bamford's Dennaje Sweet Surrender For Pafaxen  18 months old, lighter in frame than 1st.  Light blaireau markings to head, good pigment, nice eye.  Covered the ring with ease, holding her topline.

LB (2)
1 Pollard's Gillandant Xmas Spice  Pretty bitch of good size, carrying a well present coat in excellent condition.  Excellent pigment, eye shape and colour, deep chest, strong neck into straight, well angulated front legs.  Moved with drive. 2 Savage's Vi'skaly's Lilla My at Kington (Imp) Another bitch with excellent pigmentation throughout.  Smaller in frame than 1st, but still having a balanced outline.  Well muscled, moving well. 

OB (2)
1 Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay  All white but for the palest blaireau on her ears, with super pigment.  Lovely feminine expression, strong neck leading to a level topline.  Standing on straight well muscled front and rear with correct angulation.  Good width and depth to chest, correct tail set with tail past the hock. Moved with a steady powerful gait.  Bitch CC.  Found out later she is litter sister to the Dog CC winner. 2 Asher's Granchester Sapphire  A good sized, well proportioned bitch.  Nice pigment and eye colour.  Balanced construction and in good coat.  Moving well on well muscled quarters, one of the few dogs to display the correct crook at the tip of her tail.