South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club

Limited Show     1st October 2017

Judge -  Marion Hodgson

An honour to be asked to judge this well attended show and I thank the officers and committee for their kind invitation. Grateful thanks to my wonderfully efficient steward Grace, the two ladies for their superb catering and all who helped before and on the day. Lastly to the exhibits without whom there would be no show – quality was such that I was truly surprised that some were still eligible for entry.  All were very well presented in or out of coat!

Sp Yrly Dog

1                     Thorne’s – Kricano Konstellation At Pyrajay – Lovely young male of 17 mths. Very immature, not the biggest but with shape and bone in proportion. Compact feet.  Slightly narrow in front at present.  Well-built rear quarters. Strong topline with slight slope to croup.  Slightly more stop than I would like but with good shape and lengths muzzle and skull.  Expressive dark eyes with tight rims. Carries himself well one the move. Needing time to firm up and fill out

Post Grad Dog

1                     Davies – Charibere Supersonic – Pleasing lad of 2yrs and developing in the right direction. Balanced with size, bone and substance. Good feet. Strong parallel rear quarters though would like slightly more angulation. Pleasing front angulation and neck.  Carrying plenty of coat. Well balanced head, lovely dark almond eyes well pigmented. Good free action around the ring with plenty of power in rear


2                     Barnes – Shanlimore Lucky Spirit – 5yrs.  Very nice, all in proportion and well made with good height to length in profile. Would like slightly more bone and substance for a male. Feet could be slightly more compact. Head and muzzle in proportion with lovely dark expressive eyes. Moved with a good stride, topline and body carriage


3                     Burwell’s – Pyrbern Blond Defender At Bursville – 6yrs. Pleasing size, substance and bone.  Medium angulation front and rear with good strong topline. Good compact feet. Preferred head qualities of 2, skull slightly narrow and eye rims could be tighter. In good coat. Moved well up and down but just lacking balance today on side gait


4                     Carter’s – Jumicar Snow Blizzard – 3yrs – So much to like instance, size, shape and substance.  Good feet. Pleasing neck into topline.  Pasterns could be slightly stronger.  Would like less stop though balanced muzzle and skull. Good pigment.  Just would not co-operate on the move


Limit Dog

1                     Dearman and Henson’s – Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees –  Enthusiastic  2 yr. Pleasing all through and so more mature and together than others of his age. Has shape, size and substance. Well coated. Medium angulation front and rear, good feet with short nails.  Better breathe of chest than most. Strong  topline.  Would prefer slightly less stop but well-shaped and proportioned skull and muzzle. Lively dark eyes.  Moved really well all ways

2                     Salter’s – Kricarno Kookie – Just shy of 6yrs with lots to like. Has size, bone and substance though I would have liked slightly more length to height to balance him in profile. Moderate angulation.  Good body weight and muscle tone. Well shaped and proportioned head, eyes could be dark, good pigmentation. Moved steadily with balance but could not match the power in rear of 1

3                     Thomas’s – Shiresoak Snow Patrol – Brother to Nanook, of same type and shape but looking immature and not in the best of coats. Needing time to fill out and firm up. Has a lovely construction and overall carriage. Pleasing head and muzzle, lovely dark almond eyes with tight rims, well pigmented. Free easy gait.

Open Dog

1                     Asher’s – Granchester Imoulou – 3yrs. Lovely quality all through. Well balanced and proud carriage in profile. Had size, bone and substance without being coarse. Feet could be tighter. Well-built front with chest. Strong rear quarters with moderate angulation. Well carried neck and head, topline strong. Muzzle and skull in proportion, lips could be tighter. Slight stop. Pleasing eye and expression. Sound free easy gait keeping topline and correct tail carriage. Well-presented coat with good body weight and muscle tone.  Pleased to award him BD and BIS

2                     Kricarno Kookie

Veteran D/B

1                     Waters - Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes At Sketrick (IMP) – Quality male of 7yrs. Lovely to go over, has size, type, construction and shape, though would prefer slightly more bone and better feet. Balanced medium angulation front and rear. Good pigmentation. Lovely head and expression, almond dark eyes, rims tight. Also a well presented coat with good body weight and muscle tone. Well balanced free side gait, slightly close coming towards. RBD and RBIS

2                     Abbott’s – Laudley Premier D’Blizzard – Lovely female of 7yrs. Smaller but all in proportion. Plenty of bone and substance. Good strong parallel limbs. Would prefer slightly less angulation in rear. Moderate front angulation, good width of chest with correct neck and topline.  Balanced skull and muzzle with lively dark eyes. Sound steady action

3                     Burwell’s – Shanlimore Pheobe At Bursville

Puppy, Sp Yrly, Novice Bitch

1                     Waters – Sketrick Portia (AI) – Very promising, quality of 10 months. Same sire as my RBD/Vet winner and with same qualities. With a good front/breathe of chest for age, she is balanced and well-constructed all through. Medium angulation front and rear. Very pleasing head ear and eye.  Rims and lips tight, well pigmented. Compact tight feet, short strong nails, Carries herself well on the move, has an even balanced gait, just needing to firm up.  RBB and BPIS

Junior Bitch

1                     Sketrick Portia (AI)

2                     Tadd’s – Kricarno Kornish Kontessa – Super lady of 17 mths. At that teenage stage. Good size, bone and construction. Slight bum high at present.  Neck of good length, would like slightly more width to chest which should come in time. Good feet. Moved really well, balanced with good carriage, just needing to firm up coming and going.  Has a lovely head and expression. Slight stop, dark almond eyes, rims tight. Just needs time to finish and fill out

Post Grad Bitch

1                     Carter’s – Casabear Moon Beam At Jumicar – 2yrs. As it should be at this age, another needing time to firm up and finish. Has balanced angulation front and rear though in profile I would like slightly less height to length to balance. Lovely for size and bone. Compact tight feet. Pleasing neck and head carriage. Skull needs to finish, good length of muzzle. Has a balanced action but body tended to roll.

2                     Laudley Premier D’Blizzard

Open Bitch

1                     Tadd’s – Kricarno Krystal Konchita – 4yrs – Good quality, elegant but with sufficient size, bone and substance.  Balanced profile and very well made all through, limbs straight and parallel. Good length of neck with proud carriage. Lovely head, balanced muzzle to skull. Dark almond eyes, rims tight. Moderate stop. Plenty of coat without taking away shape. Sound balanced side gait, slightly close coming towards. BB and BOSIS

2                     Tadd’s – Kricarno Kornish Crystal – 6yrs – Profile was balanced with moderate angulation front and rear. Well carried neck into strong topline. Feet slightly long. Good lengths muzzle to skull, skull slightly narrower and eyes could be darker.  In good coat. Covered the ground, free balanced action

Peggy Houston Memorial Stakes

1                     Shanlimore Pheobe At Bursville – Lady with a sense of humour, played up in the veteran class and arrived here so angelic . Lots to like. Pleasing type, well-constructed, balanced with good feet and bone. Has a lovely head, ear, eye and expression. In good coat. Sound free gait with power in rear

2                     Salter’s – Kricarno Kookie

3                     Thorne’s - Kircarno Konstellation at Pyrajay