Birmingham City 2017

Judge K Savage (Kington)

Thank you all for your entries at this show and to City of Birmingham Championship Show Committee for the invitation to judge. I was pleasantly surprised at the standard of the dogs shown to me. However, before going on with the specific critiques of my main winners, I would like to make some general comments. I found that all dogs had complete dentition although many had dirty teeth and very few bite faults; all had good pigmentation and double dew claws and all males were entire. Heads in general are much improved as is length of leg. I am concerned with the rear construction as more than 50% of the dogs are too close behind and tend to knit on the move. I also found that some dogs are excessive in the turn out of the rear feet which led to some strange driving actions although all were sound. 
PD (5,1) 1 Cubello Night Owl. Pleasing young dog of 8.5 months. Super typy head with good proportions to skull. Correct fill under beautiful almond shaped, dark eyes and gently sloping stop. Complete dentition, correct pigmentation, well placed ears. Well angulated front and rear, moved soundly. I would prefer a slightly shorter foot and hope that he develops his potential. 2 Reilly Lady Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror. Impressive 11.5 month old dog with Nobel bearing. Great size and substance, and strong bone. Correct coloured eye, and correct dentition. Well angulated front and rear and moves with great drive on correct feet. I would prefer less angles to his top skull and stop and a tighter lip line. 3 Holmes Lisjovia Estevez. 
JD (4) 1 Downes & Downes Rivergroves All The Right Moves At Belshanmish Imp) Handsome young male of 14 months in good coat, who is beautifully balanced throughout. Excellent proportions and head type illustrating the correct gentle crown, across and front to rear of the cranium which lead to a beautiful sloping stop on to coal black pigmentation. Wonderful example of the correct fill required under the eyes which were dark amber brown and of the correct almond shape. Compact, well placed ear and tight lip line. All leading to the gentle expression required in the breed. He is well constructed holds a good level top line through well angulated front and rear assemblies. Excellent croupe, and carries his tail well. Moved soundly with drive. I would prefer a little more depth to chest but feel sure this will come as he develops. I was very pleased to award him his first Challenge Certificate with Best of Breed and to see him go on to Group 2 in the adult group and group 4 in the Junior Group. 2 Cubello Night Owl. 3 Reilly Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror. 
PGD (5) 1 Waters Zagal De Alba De Los Danzantes With Sketrick (Imp). Very impressed with this dogs' head and expression which befits the standard in all departments. He has correct proportions throughout his skull with the gentle dome to the cranium and virtually indistinguishable occipital development leading to the gentle transitions required in the head. He has good pigmentation, dentition. Correctly shaped muzzle and good fill under the eye. He is of great size with strong bone has a good length of neck and great length of leg. I would prefer more rear angulation with more powerful drive and a stronger top line. RCC. 2 Baverstock Kalkasi Expect Only The Best. Pleasing dog of good proportions who is still maturing. Head of good proportions but needs to fill out. Good eye shape and colour. He is very sound, drives well and moves with a level top line and has strong bone and is well angulated. I would prefer a tighter lip line. 3 Reilly Lisjovia Boris Bear At Darmaror. 
LD (4,1) 1 Draper Desalazara Jerez. Substantial blaireau male of good size and Nobel Bearing. Has kind eye of correct shape and colour, well placed on correctly proportioned skull Good dentition and pigmentation, but would prefer a tighter lip line. He is sound, moves well has correct angulation front and rear and a correct length of leg. 2 Randall Desalazara Monza. Coloured male of good size, with correct coat texture although short of coat today. Correct proportions to skull, good eye shape and colour and well placed ears. Good dentition and lip line moves steadily with drive through medium angulation. 3 Dearman & Henson Shiresoak Nanook At Pyrekees. 
OD (1) 1 Spier Belshanmish Yellow River. Substantial dog of good size with strong bone. I would prefer a little less stop and depth to muzzle but he has well placed eye and ear and skull proportions are correct. Impressive on the move as has strong top line correct croupe and excellent angulation enabling him to move soundly with drive. Would prefer a slightly darker eye colour. 
PB (6,1) 1 Waters Sketrick Purdita (ai) Very pleasing well-proportioned youngster with correct type of head with good fill under dark almond shaped eyes, well placed eye and ear. Excellent pigmentation and tight lip line delivering the correct expression. Well balanced front and rear angulation and held a level top line on the move. I would prefer a slightly rounded foot and feel certain that she has a great future. BP. 2 Cochrane Pyroni Colours Of The Wind For Myatoksci. Pleasing baby of nice proportions. Coal black pigmentation, good eye and ear set into correctly shaped skull. Well angulated and moved freely with confidence on cat like feet. Another one to watch! 3 Flounders Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (ai)
JB (4,1) 1 Flounders Sketrick Papagena At Lakamoni (ai) Another nice quality youngster, very much at the development stage being high at the rear. She has an attractive head excellent shaped dark amber brown eyes and correct dentition. Well-constructed with a good length of leg presenting a balanced picture. 2 Bamford Lisjovia Keep The Faith For Pafaxen. Substantial female, well balanced with strong bone and full coat. Well angulated front and rear. Good eye and dentition and sound on the move. I would prefer a little more length of leg and less depth to the muzzle. 3 Kennedy Shuangxi Cressida Kai En Hui. 
PGB (4,1) 1 Baverstock Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star. Attractive female with head of pleasing proportions with tight lip line, good eye correct pigmentation and well placed ear set. Moved well holding her top line. I would prefer a slightly smaller ear. 2 Waters Hema Lux Opifex Immanis With Sketrick (Imp) Another female with pleasing head proportions and of good type. Good pigmentation and dentition but I would prefer a slightly darker eye. She has a good length of leg, and hock. Well balanced standing but I would like more powerful rear drive and construction. 3 Shortt Gillandant Wish Upon A Star. 
LB (5) 1 Baverstock Kalkasi Moonlite Mist. Another beauty from this kennel. With an attractive head and soft expression created by correctly shaped eyes of dark amber brown colour, set in well-proportioned skull. Good dentition and pigmentation. Medium angulation to front and rear moved soundly. I found her a little narrow front and rear and would like more width of chest. 2 Randall Vi'skaly's Takes You For A Ride (Swed Imp) Quality female, maturing nicely, excellent head with correctly coloured eyes, good lip line and well placed ears. She presents a balanced picture, with correct angulation front and rear. Good length of back and holds her top line when moving. Would prefer her to be more animated when moving but a very close decision to 1st. 3 Pollard Gillandant Xmas Spice. 
OB (5,1) 1 Baverstock Kalkasi Dream Chaser. Attractively coloured well marked female. Quality throughout. Well-proportioned head, with correct eye and ear placement. Good dentition, and straight lip line. Correctly angulated front and rear. Well angulated and good length of leg and hock. Carries her head well on correct length of neck. Good length of back and excellent angle to Croupe. Moved soundly giving a very balanced outline. BCC. 2 Bayliss Ch Shiresoak She's The One JW. Quality feminine girl, well made. Head of good proportions with more upright stop than 1. Correct eye and ear set excellent dentition and lip line. Excellent angulation with strong bone and well-muscled. Moved steadily with confidence. RCC. 3 Tadd Kricarno Kornish Krystal