I would like to thank Richmond Society for my appointment to judge my breed it was an honour, also my stewards the two Sues for their hard work. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries & their sporting ways.

I was very shocked & dismayed on the dirty teeth & ears that I found, it can & will become an issue for your dogs, please watch this for the health of your dog.

Some dew claws were in need of attention as they were curling around into the pads, & please if you are going to use talc or chalk make sure it’s all brushed out as on a wet day it makes hard going trying to get your fingers through the coat!

VD (3) 1 Waters’ Sketrick Justification, it’s no secret that I love this 8 years boy for his soundness, honesty & type, yes slightly lighter in eye than I would really like but that would not stop him from doing the job he was born for. His head is an all in one piece with not a bump in sight, lovely shaped eye which turns up at the corners coupled with the mouth which extends well back to give the smile that the breed should have, going on to a strong neck of correct length, good length of upper arm & lay of should which in turn allowed him to stride out in front & give the back legs some where to go. Good strong topline & rearquarters that were of the correct angulation, & good strong hocks, dew claws that were attached to each pad that in turn was attached to the bone, feet could be a little tidier at the rear, but a hundred percent sound & pushed hard for the ticket, the only dog here today that did not roll in his skin. Just the lack of coat denied him today. BV & RCC; 2 Thorne’s Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay, a 10 years male of good bone just beginning to show his age a little now, but still gave a very good account of himself in the ring, moved with purpose & with a good level topline, lovely tight feet all dew claws on correct strong pads, nice hook at the end of the good length of tail, strong hocks. I was told after Judging that he was going to be retired from Ch shows & I wish him good luck & a happy retirement.
(1) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi, 10 months of wolf grey markings, strong bone would like a more elegance in the head but everything correct good lay of shoulder & deceit length in forearm, bit wide in elbow but his chest has not dropped yet so hopefully that will tighten up, well held topline but tends to drop it on standing, but as he matures on I’m sure this will strengthen, good strong movement covering the ground well. BPD & BP.
(2,1a) 1 Dearman & Henson’s Shiresoak Nanook, another wolf grey coloured dog this time 14 months, head on the little heavy side for me, but good ear & eye placement, full dentation & one of the few here with clean teeth, good lay of shoulder but upper arm could be longer that would give more extension to his front movement, good angles & tight feet, in very good, clean coat, could do with a little less weight as he is rolling in his skin but as the puppy fat turns to muscle that hopefully will help, handler needs a little more ringcraft to get the best out of this boy as I sure there is more help he could give the dog.
(1) 1 Wells’ Sketrick Odin, a 19 months up to size dog with good bone & a stunning head with small ears well tucked in, the blackest of pigments & a good shaped eye of correct colour, giving that dreamy far away expression, I would like the flews a little tighter but even then there was no missing pigmentation around the lips. Good strong neck leading into a level topline of which he held on the move, good deep chest & ribbed well to the rear, good length of hock & nice angulation if I was nitpicking he’s a little on the longer cast than his height allows for but does not really distract from his overall good shape, I have seen this boy moved better, But the weather did not help any of them today.
(2,1) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, a badger marked boy of good bone, I notice he’s a full brother of a repeat mating to the BPD, & much the same applies although he has a better head than his younger brother, would like tighter flews & not carrying the smile but good eye colour, & has dropped into his chest, giving him spring of rib which in turn has giving him a better outline which at 2 years you would expect. The movement was fair & he covered the ground well, one of the better ones for clean teeth & ears. Good topline carried well on the move.
(4) 1 Lewis’ Idris Du Prydanti, at nearly 3½ years this lad is just coming into his own & to my mind this is what judging is all about finding the dog that matches the Standard, & this boy does for me, the most serene of heads with everything correctly positioned & of the correct size, ears, eyes & the whole of the head being one piece, no exaggerations, the blackest pigment on the lips, gums & roof of mouth, the eye colour showing the amber brown they should be & tight, giving the contemplative expression we all should be striving to get in our breed. Well placed small ears tight & close to the head. All leading on to a short strong neck & correct angulation which allowed him to extend his movement, here I will say that in my view I think his handler slightly impaired his movement as she could not match his stride & it slightly held him back from a real extended stride that I thought he was capable of, but he still showed the elegance I was looking for, a strong topline held well on the move & well muscled hindquarters that pushed him from behind, the best hocks of the day & good length of pastern front & back, dew claws close to the ground & all with pads & fixed. One of the few that had the hook at the end of tail shown good clean coat. Pleased to award him the CC & BOB; 2 Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstorm’s Vi’skaly’s My Way Or No Way, a slightly smaller, stockier lad of younger age being only 23 months so, therefore, would not expect him to be so well advanced in body, as it is, or should be, a slow maturing breed, but in saying that this lad had lovely head not so refined as 1, but everything was correct & in the right place, good colour eye, which was tight & of good shape, ears a little on the large size but well set, short strong neck, good lay of shoulder, would like a better length of upper arm, good width of chest & solid topline which was held on the move, would have liked a better bend of stifle & stronger hocks, good length of tail with the desired hook, tightest of feet the best here today.

VB (0).
(3,1) 1 Lipovic & Muceniece’s Gamuvel Patou Jennifer, what a lovely 7 months blaireau bitch, totally fell in love with her, very feminine head, correct eye set & colour, nice shaped ears, tight flews & stunning pigment, full dentation & clean teeth & black roof to mouth, good length of neck running down into a nice front with plenty of heartroom, good length of upper arm & well laid shoulder, strong bone, level topline leading to well constructed backend of strong hocks & decent length of pastern, good length of tail with desired hook, moved a little erratically, but was told after judging it was her first ever show. Will watch her mature with great interest; 2 Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice, another very sweet headed blaireau bitch of 8 months, again blaireau in markings, very powerful looking girl, with lovely outline, her head was a little stronger than 1 but still feminine, eye darker than 1, but still of good shape with well set ears, & blackest of pigment, not the tallest of girls here today but all in proportion, presented in clean & good coat. According to her knees still has a bit of growing to do.
(2) 1 Patou Jennifer; 2 Lazarides’ Macthree Odelyn at Alchazandis, lovely headed all white bitch of 16 months, well set eye of good colour, well set ear, little on the large size as the rest of her is very petite, good bite but pigment has not fully filled in around the lips & on the nose yet, lovely shaped body & good angles front & back, good length to back & well held topline on the move & standing. Movement was a little erratic & she seemed a little worried about it all.
(4) 1 Vogler’s Merzurlaska Zianon Lace, a 5½ years bitch, nice head but with prominent eyebrows but a good colour eye & tight shape, wonderful pigment & tight flews, good front angulation but rather flat feet, good bone & well held topline on the move, well fixed dewclaws low to the ground, nice length of pastern front & rear, would have liked a better rear movement; 2 Lewis’ Just Happy Du Haras De Chante Neige, a beautiful pure white girl of 22 months, with a fantastic head, & pigment black as black, lovely eye of good colour & holding that faraway look, that we call ‘dreaming of the mountains’, would like the lips a little tighter & teeth a little straighter, but this would not stop her in the job she was born to do. I would like stronger pasterns & topline but she’s still very much a baby in every way, good angulation front & back & her front movement was one of the best here today but she was not using her backend to full capacity, again I think her handler could help her more in her confidence & therefore helping her move out to more advantage, it was only maturity that beat her today.
(3,1) 1 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice, this is a well put together 4 years bitch, would have like a better fill in of pigment along the bottom lips, but they were nice & tight, full dentition of teeth, lovely shaped eye of good colour, well placed ears which were small & tucked in well, good strong neck leading to a nice medium angulation as it should be, would like a little more length of leg & a little more angulation on the rear, very well muscled, good topline which she held on the move, in good clean coat. Like most of us she was not impressed with the rain but moved well once she got going. Pleased to give her CC; 2 Wilcox’s Penellcy Tapestry Of Dreams, a lovely 6 years with nothing overdone, good eye colour & shape, well set small ears, gentle slope from skull to muzzle, a slight eyebrow, short strong neck, nice depth of chest & good bone, would have like tighter feet, well muscled at the rear but did not use the power that was there in her movement & was rather sluggish, but better when called back in for the challenge, held topline well on the move. RCC.