MPD (5,1a)
1 Ingham’s Dennaje Billy The Kid, all of a piece & not at the legs & wings stage of some of the others. Very handsome head, really good eyes & expression, well developed ribcage, lovely length in upper arm, sufficient neck, fairly level backline with good width over the loin to a well set tail. Well boned, sparkling coat & easily the most settled & positive in action; 2 Grady’s Kalkasi Major Expectation, what a handful this character is! Impressive once he is stacked balanced head with a strong foreface, neat ears, level back & in superb coat. Needs to let down behind as he can stand & move bum high, but that has time to rectify itself. Plays his handler up quite a bit on the move but finally did enough to win this placing; 3 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Expect Only The Best.
(3,1) 1 BP, Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi, he ended up as BP as he is so accomplished on the move, his coat presentation was superb, his head is a good shape, all male, slight furrow, gently curved backskull, eyes could be darker but his expression is gentle enough. Holds his head well on the stack, has a slight dip in backline but that firms up on the move; 2 K Expect Only The Best, good spring of rib, lovely pigmentation, needs to develop in forechest & his head is not really me being a touch Maremma-ish in expression – perhaps maturity will alter this.
(2,1) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, a really promising youngster who will surely go all the way once he matures & fills out his generous frame. Tall, good wither definition, such good head carriage, elegant yet denotes power & endurance throughout. He moved out with a lightness of foot, unhurried but effective. In the challenge his immaturity went against him competing with the older dogs, but time is on his side.
(2) A.
(4) 1 Wilcock’s Penellcy Guard Of Honour, what a smart & engaging example of this breed he is. He is certainly tall, shapely, well boned, so well bodied, in excellent coat, strong legs & good feet & his action is typical of the breed, unhurried but ground covering. His head is delightful, the eyes almost benign & kind in expression & he added to the quality of the challenge; 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, I recall thinking he was a similar make & shape to the winner but for me he needs to carry more weight over his ribcage to complete the picture. Again an engaging head with a kind expression, well defined gentle furrow & neat placed ears all adding to his charm. Like the winner he is effective on the go around where he keeps his shape so well; 3 Cochrane’s Pyroni New Brunswick Boy for Mystoksci.
(2) 1 CC & BOB, Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, as always spotless in presentation & he is such an engaging chap who does everything his handler asks of him. Truly a gentle giant, sparkling white, kind expression, super black pigmentation, strong neck, so well ribbed, well weighted forelegs & tight feet. He covers the ground so effectively on the move & I was unsurprised to learn this is his twenty somethingth CC with, I’m sure, more on the way; 2 RCC, Ford’s Ch Desalazarwa Fernado, another really classic PMD, with an especially gorgeous head & expression.  Unexaggerated in construction, broad in chest, firm in elbow, strength through the loin & so well muscled aft. Like the winner, stunning in coat presentation. In a photo finish I just edged Special in the smoothness of his side action.

MPB (3,1)
1 BPB, Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice, just 8 months but has that lovely head we have come to expect from this kennel. Nice size & substance, bit bum high at the moment but ignoring that & she covers the ground well in action & so good in front & she has to be a serious contender. Delighted to have her as BP; 2 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Expect To Be A Star, I have done well by this successful kennel in the past but while this puppy has lots to like in body shape, spring & depth of rib & soundness in action, her head is just not for me.
(3,1) 1 G Xmas Spice; 2 K Expect To Be A Star.
(2) Two very good quality bitches of different head types. Both well coated, nicely put together in construction & quite sound in movement. The winner is undeniably of the fair sex with such dark, well shaped & expressive eyes. The second is heavier in skull & her eyes, though dark, are not so tight fitting as the one I put over her. But it was a close thing as they both have much to like. 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna; 2 Carter’s Casabear Moon Beam.
(2,1) 1 Thorne’s Belshanish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, tall, lacks spring of rib & being a tad long in loin  exaggerates this. Pleasing head, she does score in having quite beautiful eyes. She is well boned, has good legs & feet & how nice to see a real wheel tail when she moves. She is free striding & I think she will look so much better when she fills out in chest & body.
(3) 1 Ford’s Montimur Iris Of The Storm, well balanced head, good dark eyes shape & a soft expression. Decent width in skull, well placed ears, sufficient neck, well laid shoulders, firm in back & such good width in thigh. Moved out with an even, balanced stride; 2 Edward’s Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, shared many of the winner’s attributes. They are of a similar wither height and length/height ratios & both were is really good coat. This girl did not quite good with the smoothness & effective ground covering action of Iris & that settled the issue; 3 Tadd’s Kriocarno Krystal Konchita.
(4) 1 CC, Edward’s Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, a joy to judge this quite lovely example of the breed. I see was bred by Mrs Pollard of Gillandant fame & she must be very proud of what this lovely bitch has achieved. I liked everything about her, she was in full coat & it was Persil white with not one hair out of place. The blackest of pigmentation her mere presence makes you have a sharp intake of breath. You can only send one through to the group & I felt the dog was looking that tad the fresher of the two for the rigours of the group. But thanks for letting me judge her; 2 RCC, Pollard’s Gillandant Ginger Spice another surely headed for the upper house & she has the head &  expression for which the breed was once renowned but is sadly not always that much in evidence these days. Middle size, well weighted bone, lovely ribbing & width in back. On the move she is so effective, smooth & even pacing; 3 Ford’s Lisjovia Whistling Dixie for Montimur.