South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Open Show

1 May 2016

Judge Jane Paradise

Sincere thanks are due to the committee for the kind invitation and the great hospitality shown by all.  To the exhibitors Ė thank you for bringing your dogs. You were a lovely bunch of welcoming people and the atmosphere was one of a friendly garden party and it was so enjoyable to sit down to eat the fabulous spread together afterwards. I will not forget being asked to halt judging temporarily until the cow finished its inspection of our proceedings!

The dogs were all really well socialised, with excellent temperaments showing the required quiet confidence and all appeared to enjoy the day out. What may have been lacking in quantity was made up for in quality.

I am familiar with double dew claws from my years in Briards, and found no particular problems with these today.

Thanks must go to the photographer who photographed the dogs, viewable at, and to my ring stewards for keeping the classes flowing.

MPD/B (0)

PD (2) 1. Dearman & Hensonís Shiresoak Nanook. Two 9 month old litter brothers, both well schooled though moving a little loosely at this stage in their development, but with large breeds it takes time to develop and gain muscle tone to hold the body together and gain total control of the limbs. Both showing good size and in good texture coats with manes. This boy won on his better shoulder placement and turn of stifle. He was also wider all through. Good sized head for his body, dark almond shaped eyes, good bone, liked his forechest depth of chest and tail length, gentle slope to croup. Ex leg feathering. BPD & BPIS. 2. Thomasí Shiresoak Snow Patrol. Narrower and leaner than his brother all through and I would like more angulation both front and rear. Excellent bite, dark eyes, good ear set. Lovely straight topline. Well arched feet. Good tail carriage, well set on. Very willing mover but with a tendency to cross his legs. However, he moved much less untidily in the later classes. Time to develop. RBPD & RBPIS.

JD (6,3a) 1. Wellsí Sketrick Odin. 17 month old boy, masculine all through. Ex bite and pigment, kind dark eyes, good amount of stop and correctly set ears with good depth of muzzle. Straight forelegs viewed from front with neat forefeet. He had the right amount of proud neck, straight slightly sloping topline and strong loins. Loved his front assembly and ex turn of stifle which balanced perfectly. Strong in straight parallel hocks. Really enjoyed watching him move around the ring with his front extension and rear drive.   2. Shiresoak Nanook  3. Shiresoak Snow Patrol

YD (5, 2a) 1. Sketrick Odin 2. Shiresoak Nanook  3. Carterís Jumicar Snow Blizzard. Rising two years old, this is a nicely balanced dog, turned out and handled well.  Straight topline and slope to croup. Good width of muzzle, dark eyes. Would just like a little less pronounced stop to give a more typical expression and more width to his front. Good depth to brisket and forelegs falling directly in line with withers. Liked his long tail with shepherdís hook. He was a little reluctant to put enough effort in on the move.

ND (4,1a) 1. Sketrick Odin 2. Shiresoak Snow Patrol 3. Jumicar Snow Blizzard

UGD (3) 1. Sketrick Odin 2. Shiresoak Snow Patrol 3. Jumicar Snow Blizzard

PGD (2,1a) 1. Salterís Kricarno Kookie. Four year old boy with great substance to him. Strong in bone. Strong head with curve to skull and great width to muzzle with ex pigment and dark eye rims. Stands a little narrow in front but good depth of chest. Ex rear angulation. Correct slight slope to straight topline and slope to croup. Lovely hook to tail which he held proudly on the move. Moved steadily around the ring.

LD (3) 1. Kricarno Kookie 2. Barnesí Shanlimore Lucky Spirit. 3.5 years old he has good head proportions and bite and a good topline held at all times. A little narrower than I would like and really needs more body to him all over. He secured this place on his overall movement as he strode around the ring. 3. Absolomís Fontenay Newton Wonder. Six years old. Impressive on the stand with good bone. Bite could be better. He is a little down in front pasterns and moves a little wide in front and somewhat untidily which cost him a higher place. He has an ex coat texture but needs a little more attention to grooming. Nice deep chest and good sweep to stifle. Good neck length and topline held well.

OD (5,2a) 1. Kenyon & Wardís Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna JW ShCM. The first impression is of an upstanding male, correctly balanced body outline with regal deportment, all covered in a gleaming and perfectly presented coat and standing on neat compact feet. Oozes breed type. He had the best bone and movement of all those present today, combining size with athleticism. An ideal flock guardian. As your eye follows his outline it all flows together so easily with nothing exaggerated, and that same outline is held on the move. Great rapport with his handler. Delighted to award him BD & BIS.  2. Taddís Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno JW ShCM (Imp Fr). Another from the top drawer, presented and handled to perfection. His front and rear assemblies balance so well. Ex stop, head width and bite. Tail just long enough. Stands so proudly. Unlucky to meet 1st today and pushed so hard in the challenge for RBD but had to give way to the veteran.  3. Briannor Absolutely Fab With Ordessa. 11 years old and feeling the heat a little but still managed to do his lap around the ring to show himself off. This gentleman has strong straight hocks, nicely arched feet and is keeping in good condition. A credit to his owners. Long may he continue to enjoy himself.

V D/B (1) 1. Watersí Sketrick Justification. 8 years old and what a mover. A truly lovely young man who can show the youngsters how to move steadily but with animation. A kindly expression with good skull, black lips and eye rims, lovely overall balance and breed type, and that all important hook to tail to complete the picture. I would be happy with this gentle giant watching out for me. RBD RBIS & BVIS.

PB (1, 1a)

JB (3,2a) 1. Carterís Casabear Moon Beam. Just turned 12 months, this young lady should have a very bright future. So up together, of lovely shape and type, smallish ears, ex bite, feminine head, well off for bone, well angulated front and rear. Compact, slightly arched toes, coarse topcoat. Moves easily and smoothly, with intent and purpose, so very straight and true. Totally sound.  Interesting to see that she is sired by the BIS winner. RBB.

YB (2,1a) 1. Casabear Moon Beam

NB (2, 1a) 1. Casabear Moon Beam

UGB (0)

PGB (1,1a)

LB (0)

OB (2,1a) 1. Taddís Kricarno Krystal Konchita ShCM. Almost three years old, this beautiful bitch is maturing nicely. Liked her shoulder placement and prosternum, with correct topline. Ear set on a level with eyes, good stop and head proportions. Ample amount of width to her front with appropriate ribcage to house vital organs and enable working at altitude. Carrying the right amount of weight for her size. Moved with lightness of feet and typically with rear feet turning slightly outwards but hocks parallel. Coat tips were glistening. Shown in tip-top condition. BB & BOS.