My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge at this lovely show & special thanks to the stewards & most of all to the exhibitors for their entries.

Judging at a Ch show is always a privilege. My entry on this occasion was generally of good quality & some difficult decisions had to be made. I found that the breed is quite fragmented with several different types on show. This does present its own problems as I am always looking for an elegant head conforming to the Standard coupled with soundness. Quite the Holy Grail! I found some excellent specimens of good size which were very athletic but sadly lacked the elegance of head that the breed Standard calls for, whilst other dogs with the correct heads lack drive & size. All exhibits had correct dentition complete with P1s, only one dog had slightly dropped front central incisors. Many dogs are too close in the rear action & some pasterns are very slack. All had correct dew claws, & all males were entire. Toplines are quite weak on some dogs whilst standing yet improved when the dog then moved. All exhibits were within the Standard in terms of height but some are getting a little too long compared to their height. Most specimens have correct medium angulation but some are getting a little straight in Stifle & shoulder.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog should have a correctly proportioned one piece head, which is achieved with the correct shaped muzzle; fill under the eyes & a gently sloping, unobtrusive stop. The individual breed points are then built on these foundations. Some dogs have all the breed points but are lacking the basic skull shape.

I did enjoy the appointment & the aforementioned comments are a general impression. I was delighted to see my BOB shortlisted in the Group & the BP winning PG4 in the Puppy Group. Congratulations to all.

MPD (2,1a) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi, puppy of good size, very sound & well presented. He is growing well & has a typical puppy sloping topline at present. Good depth of chest, well angulated front & rear. I would prefer a slightly darker eye & more fill under the eyes, this may come as his head develops.
(2,1) 1 L Takahashi.
(3,1) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, impressive youngster of great size & bone. Correct angulation. Well presented in good coat, very sound, well positioned ear & eye placement with good dentition, correct feet. I would prefer a slightly darker eye & a little less stop; 2 Thomas’ Shiresoak Snow Patrol, pleasing head of correct proportions, lovely eye shape & colour, well positioned with nice earset. Good dentition & lip line & correct feet. He loses his topline on the move which I am sure will strengthen with age when he lets down at the rear. Pleasing length of leg & hock.
(5,1) 1 Waters’ Sketrick Ojo, very pleasing balanced dog. Excellent head proportions, good pigmentation, with correct fill under eyes & gentle sloping stop, good dentition, although I would like a tighter mouth has correct eye shape & colour & well placed ears. Strong bone & a good length of leg & hock, & tidy catlike feet. Medium angulation to front & rear. Moved soundly although a little close behind. CC; 2 Coles’ Gillandant Polar Express, attractive coloured dog with excellent pigmentation, dentition, & dark eye. Well angulated to front & rear. Would prefer a little longer muzzle & less width to skull with stronger pasterns & more slope to his croup; 3 S Snow Patrol.
(5,3) 1 Spier’s Belshanmish Yellow River, very sound dog of good size, moves with power & drive. Well angulated to front & rear holding level topline. Good dentition & pigmentation, would prefer tighter mouth & a little less depth to head; 2 Tadd’s Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige avec Kricarno, young dog with correct head proportions, good ratios to muzzle length & skull. Correct eye & stop. Good dentition & pigmentation. Good length of leg & hock & correct feet. Would prefer a tighter lip line & stronger topline which I am sure will come with maturity.
(3) 1 Ford’s Ch Desalazara Fernando, elegant dog of correct proportions. Wonderful head with correct expression created by almond shaped eye of the correct colour, well placed on correctly proportioned head. Good dentition & pigmentation & fill under eyes creating the wedge shape that is required in the breed with gentle sloping stop. Strong bone, medium angulation. Steady mover with holding a level topline, correct slope to croup. RCC; 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, dog of great size & power, good chest, strong bone, medium angulation & good feet, moves effortlessly with level topline. Good width to rear, strong hocks, well presented. Good eye & ear placements, good width & length to skull but would prefer a little less depth. Strong muzzle, correct dentition. Would prefer more fill under eyes & tighter mouth; 3 Downes’s Pyrpressure’s My American Dream at Belshanmish.
(1) 1 Meakin’s Bel/Ger/Lux/Int Ch Jazanah Jaunty, grand mature dog of good size in full coat. Correct bite, good pigmentation & eye colour. Would prefer tighter flews, & slightly longer muzzle. Good front & rear angulation, good depth of chest, strong bone, wonderfully sound. Moves effortlessly, with drive & front extension. BV.

MPB (1) 1 Pollard’s Gillandant Xmas Spice, charming baby with lots of future promise. Correct head, developing nicely. Good muzzle shape, dentition & pigmentation. Dark correctly shaped eye well placed, top skull is developing well. Good neck, front & feet. Good angulation & width to hocks. Typical growing puppy topline. Moved soundly. BP. PB (1) 1 G Xmas Spice.
(5,1) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna, very sound youngster with good angulation, strong bone & correct feet. Correct colour to eye & good dentition & pigmentation. Would prefer a slightly smaller ear; 2 Meakin’s Léstelle Du Val de Pyrene, attractive youngster with a bright future. Good overall outline with correct height to length ratio. Correct head shape with fill. Good eye & ear placement with correct lip line & dentition, strong bone & good length of leg, moved soundly; 3 Carter’s Casabear Moon Beam.
(3) 1 Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, developing bitch, with good dentition, pigmentation & lip line. Good length of leg & correct catlike feet. Moved well, would prefer more angulation to front & rear; 2 Meakin’s Belshanmish Lady In Red, litter mate to 1, medium angulation, good depth of chest, good pigmentation, eye shape & colour. Standing tall at rear & I would prefer a tighter lip line; 3 Lazarides’ Macthree Odelyn.
(3,2) 1 Edwards’ Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, pleasing girl with correct balanced outline, well angulated with good shoulders & stifles. Good pigmentation, correct eye & ear placement, moved very soundly with good steady drive, holding level topline.
(2) 1 Pollard’s Gillandant Ginger Spice, elegant young bitch with excellent ratios to skull & muzzle, correct fill under eyes & gentle sloping stop with solid black pigmentation & good bite. Dark amber eyes with almond shape with correct ears. Strong neck. Good ratio to length of back & height, & long legs & hocks. Well angulated to front & rear, good chest & front. Moved steadily & soundly. Would prefer a slightly shorter foot. CC & BOB; 2 Edwards’ Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, half sister to 1 & many of the same qualities. Good ratios to head & skull, good bite, pigmentation & lip line, would prefer a little less stop. Correct eye colour & placement. Immaculately prepared. Strong bone, moved soundly with drive on small cat shaped feet, holding her topline. RCC.