I should like to thank the committee & especially madam secretary, for asking me to judge their prestigious National Show, & the two stewards who looked after me & made sure that everything ran smoothly. Having owned PMDs for some 55 years Wendy & I now spend our life touring Europe, & it is not often that we are to meet up with other lifetime fanciers. Since the show I have learnt that my BOB has a third International Championship to add to his collection, a great rarity in this breed, a first CC for my bitch winner, & that my BP went as far PG3! What a day for the whole breed. Thank you for your support.

MPD (0). PD (2) 1 Thomesí Shiresoak Snow Patrol, attractive head with gentle stop, & nicely shaped eye. Tight lips, & excellent pigment all round. Alert tail carriage whilst moving; 2 Smithís Granchester Vindicator, good dentition, & pigmentation, but slightly loose lips. Tight eye with good expression. Movement both fore & aft needs to settle down, this may well improve with age. JD (3,1a) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Berminghamís Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, very substantial dog in magnificent coat, moved well. The head was perhaps a little mature for a comparatively young dog; 2 S Snow Patrol. PGD (5,1) 1 Spierís Belshanmish Yellow River, clear winner of this class, professionally presented no doubt, set off by really good movement. Excellent hocks & rear angulation with the right width of chest. Very well muscled neck, level back on the move, good tail length, & well attached dew claws. Would have preferred smaller ears; 2 Carterís Jumicar Snow Blizzard, correct movement, tail well carried, good strong dew claws which were firmly attached, well handled, I would have been happier with a longer muzzle in proportion to the remainder of the head. LD (5,1) 1 McDowell & Asherís Granchester Imoulou, this boy has a great ring presence & shows as though he really enjoys it, moves with pride. Good solid pigment, correct angulation both front & rear, strongly attached dew claws; 2 Holmesí Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, steady unhurried movement, kept a good level topline on the move no rolling of the coat. I would have liked to have seen more length to the muzzle. Gentle stop, excellent pigment, tight lips correct dentition, the ears are a bit on the large side. OD (4) 1 Savageís Fr/Sw Ch Viískalyís Harry Honda at Kington, the strongest class of the day by some margin. Having placed this dog in fourth place when I previously judged him I was very surprised on how much he had matured in every way. This dog is now a force to be reckoned with. Iím sure this boy would run all day. Whilst moving the topline is completely flat, no sign rolling in the coat, the feet are all very tight, the dew claws well attached. For perfection I should like to have had slightly more tail lift whilst gaiting. Head wise very difficult to fault, everything is in proportion, including that very special expression that makes this Pyrenean breed so unique. CC, BOB; 2 Kenyon & Wardís Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, all white dog, in full coat, superbly prepared & ready to win. Marginally I just preferred the head & expression of my winner, & he moved very well, but not with the elegance of my class selection. RCC. VD (0).

MPB (0). PB (1) 1 Baylissí Shiresoak Sheís The One, very attractive youngster. Correct head, gentle stop, wonderful expression, tight lips, & unblemished pigmentation, well placed ears. Good mover with level topline. Would have preferred slightly more angulated hocks. Both these things should be corrected with maturity. BP, very pleased to see her progress to PG3. JB (4,1) 1 S Sheís The One; 2 Savageís Viískalyís Lilla My at Kington, less mature than my winner, very responsive to handler, excellent dentition, head shape & pigmentation. Although she moved very well I should like to see & feel a little less weight & some more height, Iím sure that time will tell. PGB (5,2) 1 Fordís Montimur Iris Of The Storm, very attractive head well shaped dark amber eyes, ears triangular & not large. Jet black pigment, gentle stop, tight lips & perfect bite. Good width of chest, tight feet well attached dew claws, moved with drive showing tail carriage. CC; 2 Fordís Montimur Use Your Illusion, sister to winner I find. Many of the same points apply but I found too much breadth of chest loosing elegance on the move. LB (4) 1 Baylissí Gillandant Anastasia at Shiresoak, correctly shaped head with gentle stop good dentition black tight lips, good depth of chest, substantial hindquarters, good angulation & strong hocks, steady movement & good tail lift; 2 Dunkís Bursville Summer Zizana with Zalute, well pigmented pretty head, very dark eye, small triangular ears. Tight lips, & good dentition. Steady controlled movement with correct tail lift & level topline. Well angulated hocks, good tail length. Lacked height of my winner. Clearly a good temperament & great affinity with handler. OB (3) 1 Pollardís Gillandant Ginger Spice, correctly coloured redhead, powerful mature bitch. Attractive head well pigmented & tight lips, good dentition, well angled hocks, steady mover, would have preferred tighter feet. RCC; 2 McDowell & Asherís Granchester Sparkling Gem, imposing bitch. Classic head especially in profile. Well muscled neck sloping down to a level back. Strong driving movement, & good tail lift. Would benefit from better front angulation. VB (0).