Thank you to Richmond committee for giving me the opportunity of judging at their show & to my two excellent stewards who kept things running smoothly.

Temperaments of all exhibits were exemplary; most were very well presented & handled. Overall front movement has improved from my last appointment. It is good to see more height coming into the breed but we must not lose bone & body in doing so.

VD (3) 1 Pollard’s Gillandant Midnight Legacy, what an impression this boy made on me when he entered the ring. He is of good size with substance, forming a balanced outline. He stands on well angulated quarters & carrying a good coat. He has a masculine head with a gentle slope to his stop, good width of skull, correct eye & ear placement complemented by good pigment. At 9 years old he certainly showed some of the youngsters how to move around the ring with drive from his well muscled hindquarters. Pleased to award him CC, BV & BOB; 2 Waters’ Sketrick Justification, at 7 years old lighter framed dog with a pleasing head, excellent pigment, correct eye, super tight lips.  Presented with a thick harsh coat & moved steadily around the ring; 3 Thorne’s Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay. PD (4,1) 1 Tadd’s Jacko du Haras de Chante Neige avec Kricarno, at 11 months hopefully reached his adult height & now needs to fill out his well constructed frame. He has excellent pigment, correct eye shape & placement with a good bite. He stands on nice shaped feet, is balanced in angulation & when settled moves freely around the ring. BP; 2 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, just 6 months, good eye shape & colour, standing on nice straight, well boned legs with good angulation. Moved out when settled; 3 Duffell’s Kalkasi A Star Is Born of Ricaduffal. JD (2) 1 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush, good size for 15 months with a pleasing head & expression, nice dark eye with good pigment throughout. Well presented coat of good texture, medium angulation allowed him to move freely. Hopefully will body up in the coming year; 2 Burwell’s Bursville Summer Knight, another 15 month old with an attractive masculine head, super pigment & eye colour. Good body shape, well off for bone. Presenting a good coat but not showing at his best today, being very unsettled on the move with his ears very alert which spoils his expression. PGD (4) 1 Murphy’s Amandjena Conway Orlando, nice balanced outline, shown in good coat. Super head with excellent pigment. Correct body shape, standing on well angulated quarters which allowed him to cover the ground with ease; 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, large framed male shown in good coat. Excellent pigment throughout with a dark eye & masculine head. Well angulated & muscled with a nice deep, broad chest. Moved with drive; 3 Meakin’s Amandjena Cleveland Ohio. LD (6) 1 Ford’s Desalazara Fernando, super head with excellent pigment completing a lovely expression. Good sized frame with adequate bone. Good angulation standing on tight, well shaped feet. Just needs his coat to complete the picture; 2 McDowell & Asher’s Granchester Imoulou, attractive marking to ears & good pigment which complements his pleasing expression. Good front construction, level topline, correct rear angulation allowing him to move steadily around the ring; 3 Shepherd & Cordon’s Gillandant The Illusionist at Avantgarde. OD (4,2) 1 Bowker & Gibson’s Ch Febus Mauvezin, lovely badger markings complement good pigment throughout on a nice balanced headpiece with correct earset. Moved with ease on well muscled hindquarters & a straight well angulated front. Nicely presented coat of good texture. RCC; 2 Savage’s Fr/Sw Ch Vi’skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington, good size & substance to body standing on nice tight feet. Super pigmentation with tight lips covering a good bite. Moving soundly on well muscled legs.

VB (0). PB (2) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna, just 6 months, a lovely cobby puppy carrying a lovely head with a pleasant expression. Super pigment. Well off for bone with well angulated quarters, super handling allowing her to move with enthusiasm & drive; 2 Savage’s Vi’skaly’s Lilla My at Kington, at 8 months a finer type throughout with excellent pigment & nice dark eye. In good coat, well muscled, holding her topline when moving although a little unsettled today. JB (2) 1 Edwards’ Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, cracking head with a super expression complemented by good pigment, eye shape & earset. Balanced in angulation, well off for bone. Presented in super condition, moved freely with drive; 2 Meakin’s Belshanmish Lady In Red, lighter in build than 1st. Pretty head with excellent pigmentation, correct bite. Standing on well muscled legs, moved steadily around the ring. PGB (1) 1 Murphy’s Desalazara Valencia, nice blaireau markings, with good pigment. One of the best fronts of the day, straight & strong with correct amount of angulation, well muscled hindquarters allowing her to move with drive. Super presentation & handling. LB (6) 1 McDowell & Asher’s Granchester Saphire, good size with adequate bone, nice front construction, good pigment, correct bite & earset. Balanced angulation & moving freely with drive; 2 Sang’s Mizeka A Hint Of Gold, pleasing badger markings, stronger head than 1st with correct stop. Super pigment, eye shape & colour. Well off for bone. Presented with a good coat & moved steadily around the ring; 3 Baverstock’s Mizeka A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi. OB (6,1) 1 Edwards’ Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, 1 & 2 regularly change places, two top quality bitches. 1 in full bloom with a super head & expression complemented by good pigment, correct eye & ear placement, correct skull proportions. Good angulation fore & aft.  Standing on tight feet with well muscled legs allowing her to move with drive. CC; 2 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice, slightly lighter in build than 1st but much of the same qualities apply. Shown in a well presented coat. RCC.