A very enjoyable morning at Blackpool championship show at their new venue Redwood Park.

My overview of the breed since I judged some 6 years ago is that the front & rear angulation of the dogs has improved immensely throughout the dogs & bitches. However, round eyes are creeping back & deep muzzles are evident in too many of the exhibits which means that the true Pyrenean expression is been compromised. All exhibits were presented with clean coats & well groomed. However the cleanliness of dentition was somewhat surprising. All were good natured albeit a couple who need to build a little more confidence to fully enjoy their day in the ring & enhance their class placings.

PD (1) 1 Ford’s Montimur No More Mr Nice Guy, stood alone in this class. Good size young gentleman. Skull shape good but would prefer less depth of muzzle. Good eye shape, colour & set obliquely, correct pigmentation. Shoulders placed close to body & forequarters straight with parallel straight front legs, maturity should develop strength in shoulders which will improve fore movement & develop stronger straighter topline. Handled & shown well.
(2,1a) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, a dog I liked very much, stood in profile it is easy to see how balanced he is & going over him confirmed my first impression. Strong forequarters leading to straight & parallel legs to correct feet. Straight topline going into hindquarters of medium angulation. Good skull shape, expression enhanced with good eye shape, colour & placement, excellent pigmentation throughout. Not sharing much coat with me today, moved soundly if not a little laboured on the up & down.
(4,1) 1 Draper’s Desalazara Jerez, young male of excellent size, his cheery disposition makes you smile! Shoulders lying close to body, medium angulated, forequarters straight, correctly placed shoulders ensured front movement free striding, good topline & correct hindquarters ensured rear movement strong & free flowing. Blaireau marked headpiece, nice eye of good colour set obliquely, good pigment throughout, to complete the expression would like a tighter lipline, presented & shown well; 2 Thompson’s Aurrealis Okenite, another boy of good size with a lot of the attributes of 1, I preferred the headpiece of 1 but preferred the lipline of this boy, another exhibit who was presented & shown well.
(4) 1 Downes’ Pyrpressure’s My American Dream at Belshanmish, the handling & presentation won the day for this boy. Attractive headpiece but would prefer slightly less curve to head so not quite as dome looking. Good eye, shape & colour, pigmentation correct. Balanced throughout with correct moderate fore & rear angulation. Close lying shoulders & strong shoulder placement ensured his fore movement was straight & correct & his rear movement showed drive. Lacking maturity of overall body construction at current time; 2 Shepherd & Cordon’s Gillandant The Illusionist at Avantgarde, another male I liked a lot & these two are likely to swap places in the future.  Correct skull shape, good expression, when settled his fore & rear movement is good, better body maturity to 1 but overall today 1 showed his socks off.
(6,1) What a lovely open class. Champion status from four of the exhibits holding either/& in one case there UK/Ir/Fr/Sw titles, a newly crowned ch BIS winner & a TV star who is a worthy representative of the breed who has recently come into open winning through his limit classes, I was spoilt. 1 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Rockafella, this dog had the ability to catch my attention as soon as he came in to the ring. Balanced throughout, showing medium angulation, strong shoulder placement, excellent forequarters giving the straightest parallel straight front legs, strong neck leading to a firm level topline, his movement was taken at a good pace so that I could see the soundness of the exhibit. This dog apart from been well constructed had excellent firm muscletone throughout, a credit to the hard work of the owner. His head has the correct curve of skull, ear placement, almond shape eyes of good colour & set obliquely, good pigmentation all in all he typifies the correct Pyrenean expression. CC; 2 Baverstock’s Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, another good example of the breed who had a lot to like, his expression is his forte. A beautiful headpiece that typifies that far away expression, preferred the rear movement of 1. RCC; 3 Savage’s Fr/Sw Ch Vi’skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington, another male portraying a good headpiece, perhaps for preference would prefer very slightly shorter width of skull but been picky, excellent eye of good colour & shape, correct pigmentation. Has excellent strong straight fore movement but I prefer the rear drive of 1 & 2.

PB (5) So nice to see a filled class of pretty youngsters. If obedience was part of my judgement of this class 1 & 2 would have failed miserably. 1 Downes’ Pyrpressure’s My American Charm at Belshanmish, a lot to like about this young lady, well constructed throughout, in profile totally balanced with good fore & rear angulation. Good skull shape which enhanced her feminine expression. Movement can only be described as erratic & was giving handler a hard time side-winding, during her settled moments moved with good fore & rear drive. BP; 2 Savage’s Vi’skaly’s Lilla My Kington, the prettiest of young ladies, very hard to compete in a class with bitches of more maturity, a minor class would have benefited her at this stage. For preference preferred skull shape of 1 as currently this youngster a little flat at curve of skull, however portrays the required blunt ‘V’ nice eye shape colour & placement, good pigmentation. Balanced throughout, age & practice will help her settle on the move as another puppy not quite at one with handler. Today overall maturity & coat texture of 1 took preference.
JB (2) 1 Downes’ Lisjovia Spirit Of The Wind, her expression is enhanced by the correct proportions of her skull shape. Good eye colour, almond shaped set obliquely, good pigmentation, liked her head very much. In profile balanced throughout, not quite at 1 with owner on the move, however sound when settled; 2 Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, a pretty young lady but a little deep in muzzle compared to 1. Good size & proportions, a little close in forequarters but correct rear angulation, level topline, moved well, as always from this kennel shown & handled to perfection, exhibits always a credit.
(4) 1 Murphy’s Desalazara Valencia, such a pretty feminine girl, liked her markings. Good size, strong forequarter, close lying shoulders giving correct straight front legs, level topline, good hindquarters, good head proportions but would prefer slightly less length in muzzle, excellent pigmentation, moved well in all directions with good tail carriage. Exhibited & handled in excellent order; 2 Thompson’s Aurealis Angel, a bitch of good size, good fore & rear medium angulations, level topline, especially liked her length of hocks. Good skull shape, correct eye shape & colour, correct lipline. 1 scored on pigmentation.
(5,2) 1 Baverstock’s Mizeka Touch Of Class with Kalkasi, what a beautiful girl, lovely to see the tightest of liplines, correct pigmentation, attractive eyes of correct colour shape & placement, good skull shape with no obvious stop, her markings further enhanced her femininity. Correct construction throughout, in profile totally balanced, moved correctly in all directions, delighted to award her the RCC; 2 Tadd’s Kricarno Krystal Konchita, a bitch of excellent size. Good forequarters, the straightest front parallel legs, a little straight in rear hindquarters, preferred overall head shape & eye of 1. Moved around the ring freely, well presented & handled.
(6,4) 1 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice, & for all things nice! This girl is everything I want & is beautiful in all aspects. At 7 years of age she is at full maturity & typifies what is required. The most feminine of heads, correct eye colour & shape set obliquely. Strong short neck leading to excellent close fitting shoulders with the straightest of fronts which enables her to have the straightest strong fore movement. Her topline is straight & strong & rear angulation medium throughout enables her to move with drive. Another dog from this kennel with the best muscletone throughout, a privilege to go over as an adult. Fighting for the top stop she wasn’t going to let her kennelmate out move her. CC, BOB & G3; 2 Baverstock’s Ir Ch Kalkasi High Expectations, another lady with a lot to like. Stronger head than 1 & stood in profile everything there, moved with purpose & drive, won the day as preferred the femininity of headpiece.