Windsor Championship Show 2015

Judge  Terry Munro

PD (2)
1 Tadd's Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige Avec Kricarno (Imp). The most together of the two today, this white male offers a good profile and strength of head for an 8 mth, dark eyes good pigment, well bodied, really enjoying himself, moving well when settled. BP. PG2. 2 Wells' Sketrick Odin. 6 mths, also with a good profile, balance and strength to head, quarters are developing well providing a good profile gait. 
JD (4, 1)
1 Holmes' Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle JW. Good strength to muzzle and head, using his ears to create an alert expression, loved his eyes, level topline good body, bone and thighs, best mover, displaying drive. 2 Kearey & Henn's Belshanmish Brown Sugar. Lighter build, balanced head, moderate angulation but needs a little more coordination, well carried tail. 3 Burwell's Bursville Summer Knight. 
PGD (4)
1 Murphy's Amandjena Conway Orlando. Good profile combined with breadth, balanced head good eye shape and colour, bone matching substance, well held topline, good drive. 2 Salter's Kricarno Kookie. Strong head with good infill and pigment, dark eyes balanced body, low set hocks providing easy movement with drive from rear. 3 Burwell's Pyrbern Blond Defender At Bursville. 
LD (5) 1 Ford's DesalazaraFernando JW. A balanced dog of substance with head and muzzle strength, dark almond shaped eyes, good shoulders with moderate angulation, firm back with driving movement. 2 Downes & Downes' Pyrpressure's My American Dream At Belshanmish (Imp). Well presented, elegant with excellent coat and condition, good in head but not the strength of muzzle or depth of chest of first. He does move well holding his topline. 3 Meakin's Amandjena Carson Nevada. 
OD (3, 1) Two excellent examples.
1 Kenyon & Ward's Ch Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna JW. Slightly taller, powerful, coming up to his prime, good strong head shape good pigment, well bodied and boned, firm topline, an easy powerful mover with strong thighs propelling him around the ring. DCC. BOB. G3. 2 Pollard's Ch Gillandant Rockafella JW. Sire of the BOB, a strong balanced male with skull in proportion to body which has the required depth and breadth, strong quarters allowing good forereach and balanced movement RCC. 
GCD (2)
1 Amendjena Conway Orlando. 2 Meakin's Jazanah Josephinite. At 7 yrs he looks good standing, of fair strength good stifles and good fore movement. 
PB (2, 1)
1 Randall's Vi'skaly's Takes You For A Ride (Imp Swe). 8 mths, developing well with good teeth and pigment, growing in a proportionate way and has a free flowing movement. 
JB (3)
1 Dunk's Bursville Summer Zizanna With Zalute. Lovely dark eyes good pigment she has a well built body with deep broad chest, holds her topline, good quarters and covers the ground well. 2 Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay. Lighter build with good head and muzzle shape, strong neck, good thighs but the topline dips, fair movement. 3 Meakin's Belshanmish Lady In Red. 
PGB (4)
1 Downes & Downes' Lisjovia Spirit Of The Wind At Belhanmish. Alert with good breadth all through, there is strength of muzzle, strong body and bone, sound mover. 2 Bursville's Summer Zizanna with Zalute. 3 Murphy's Desalazara Valencia. 
LB (3)
1 Tadd's Kricarno Krystal Konchita. I liked her standing and she moved freely at a steady pace. A good head shape, strong neck and forequarters, well bodied with firm loin, strong hindquarters, a steady mover on tight feet. 2 Burwell's Shanlimore Phoebe At Bursville. Lovely eyes and pigment, good head strength, nice in body with driving movement. 3 Lazarides' Alchazandis Queen Lizzie. 
OB (4, 1)
1 Pollard's Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice JW. 7 yr old sister to RDCC from an earlier litter, a joy to handle as she is so firm and well muscled. Elegant, well proportioned, strong expressive head with good breadth of muzzle, a straight firm back, good shoulders and thighs, a balanced mover. RBCC. 2 Duffell's Kalkasi Misty Star Of Ricaduffal. Slightly smaller but firm, liked her head profile with good infill, straight front with good depth and breadth of body, a sound mover. 3 McDowell & Asher's Sketrick Maggie May At Granchester.