My thanks to the committee of this well run show for the invitation & real hospitality on the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the warm friendly atmosphere & sportsmanship from all who attended. Admittedly not the largest of entries but quality was there so it made for a pleasant days judging. Some dogs would have benefitted for sure from being outside & more space but all were sound & made full use of the ring provided. My thanks to Peter for keeping things running smoothly allowing me to get on with the job in hand.

BIS was Holmes' Abstrax Blaze Of Glory for Lisjovia; & RBIS, Holmes' Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle.

JD 1 Holmes' Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, upstanding young dog rising 15 months & so full of potential & schooled in the art of making the most from the ring in his effortless movement & clean footfall. Strong in head with no sign of being heavy or overdone just balanced & clean cut all through. Dark expressive eyes set well. Clean dentition with correct scissor bite. Powerfully built in forehand with well placed shoulder & strong, straight well bone legs supported by compact feet. Enough in ribbing at this age although he would benefit with a bit more body covering overall which I am sure will come with time. Balanced in quarters to match his front assembly giving him the range to stride out at a steady & controlled pace. Would like to see him in a years' time in full bloom & body. BD, RBIS.
ND 1 Fergus' Newridgehall Border Lad, almost 4 years old & a lot to like about him under his taut body there is a well constructed dog of good proportions, he just needs to me nurtured in the ring & schooled to get anything he has to offer. Strong in head although for me he could be a bit broader in muzzle & skull. Appealing well set eyes & ears. Strong neck of good length into well laid front assembly. Deep in chest, ample ribbing & strength in back. Muscular quarters that should have given him better rear action than he displayed today. Work with him it will pay off.
GD 1 Doneghan's Flickorna Jupiter Rising, headed a mixed class by having the better front on the day with straight, well boned legs & compact feet. Good head to handle with width & balance all through. Muscular neck into moderate forehand that is matched well in his quarters to give him a balanced look standing & allowing him to cover the ground cleanly. Well let down in chest with good spring to ribs. Holds a level topline on the move. Shown in good jacket; 2 Holmes' Lisjovia Wet Yer Whistle, another well made young dog from this kennel who needs time mature on like his litter brother in Junior. Much the same remarks as him although for me he is not as strong in front yet & as such tends to stand a little close but again with time & maturity this should come together to his benefit. Super headpiece to go over with strength & power throughout. Good length of neck easing into well placed shoulders & firm forehand. Like his brother he needs a bit more body covering to be at his best & like him he has time on his side to achieve that. Clean & true on the move from any angle. In better in jacket than his brother today; 3 Fergus' Newridgehall Border Lad.
PGD 1 L Slick As A Whistle; 2 Agar's Pyrbern Blond Kiowa, rising 4 years old & one who would again benefit with more schooling & ring presence to get all from him. Scores in head with good width in skull & muzzle although I would like a tighter lip to be picky. Dark well set eyes & ears. Muscular front assembly with moderate shoulders & good bone. Holds a firm topline at all times standing or on the move. Presented in full jacket; 3 Nelson's Gillidant Sensationalist.
LD 1 Greenfield's Gillandant Shekeelah, well made 3 year old dog who looks the part standing with correct balance & proportions all through but today he was not on the ball when it came to moving around & is definitely one that would be better in a larger outdoor ring where he could show off his build to its full potential. Strong proportionate head with appealing dark eyes that are set well. Strong front, well boned legs & compact feet. Well covered body with good toning. Would love to see him in the open air where he could unleash his potential & stride out as his framework suggests he should do; 2 P Blond Kiowa; 3 G Sensationalist.
OD 1 Holmes' Lisjovia Shakey Byrne, judged this boy 2 years ago at Manchester & awarded him BD on the day & said then how well made he was under his toned body & today I am pleased to see he is maturing on well & has gained letters after his name so is living up to his potential. Excels in head with balance & strength all through. Powerful forehand with matching quarters that present a picture of a well balanced dog. Presented in full jacket but unfortunately lost out to his kennelmate in the challenge as he didn't have the same reach & drive as him. RBD

VB 1 Greenfield's  Ch Gillandant Crystal Fantasy, well proportioned young lady with excellent head ratios to match her body. Clean in forehand with correct shoulders & well boned legs supported by compact feet. Deep well filled chest, good shape & length of ribbing. Well defined in hindquarters allowing her a free movement that was evident at times but she was tiring the more she moved. Holds her shape at all times whether static or on the run. Presented in top condition throughout. A real credit to her owner & breeder. RBB, BV.
GB 1 Holmes' Abstrax Blaze Of Glory for Lisjovia, star of the day. This young 20 month old girl, while not the biggest is within the Standard & so well balanced all round. Super headpiece with strength yet in no way coarse or overdone & retaining her obvious femininity. Powerful neck of good length flowing cleanly into shoulders & forehand that are from the top drawer. Enough bone with the best of feet. Well ribbed in shape & length helping maintain her table top topline at all times. Hindquarters mirror her front to a "T" allowing her such freedom & fluency on the move. Put down to the minute in all departments & handled with consummate ease to take BB & later in the challenge BIS, well done. PGB 1 A Blaze Of Glory for L.
LB 1 A Blaze Of Glory for L; 2 Blair's Flickorna Coco Magnifique, 3 year old well made girl. Strong feminine head with dark well set eyes. Good shoulder placement with ample bone & tight feet. Good rib shape, flat topline & muscular quarters that holds it together well. For me she is carrying too much weight & as such her movement was somewhat hampered today. Presented in full, clean jacket.
OB 1 Ch G Crystal Fantasy. Brace 1 Holmes', well matched pair of good breed type with similar heads & body shapes albeit one has yet to develop & fill out in frame. Covered the ground in unison stride for stride & I'm sure they would have been able to carry on doing so for as long as asked of them.