The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain held an open club Show where BIS was Ch Febus Mauvezin; RBIS, Ch Gillandant Sizziling Spice; & BP, Belshanmish Orange Crush.

This was a lovely event set in very nice part of the country side the exhibitors & committee made us very welcome a nice lunch lovely PMDs to judge nice weather we say thank you for this great experience.

V (3) 1 BV, Pollard's Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice, a great start to my day this bitch is fantastic, a great well balanced skull with muzzle in correct ratio, eyes are perfect, correct shape, lovely colour, strong mouth & bite, full dentition, roof of mouth & lips, fully pigmentation, great expression, her body shape is sound, great front & rear, straight legs, well boned, rearquarters are perfectly sound, she has the required double dew claws, as all on show did today she was in tip top condition moved well & wheeled her tail, I note from the catalogue that she is the dam of the BB well done; 2 Thorne's Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajaj, a very pleasing sound male moving well head is to a good breed type standard his condition & temperament excellent; 3 Munsson's Alchazandis Foxminty Bear at Pyrbern, a bitch who moved & handled well, in nice condition, well boned, strong front legs, all about the 2nd & 3rd in this class were very close to each other, two very good breed veterans.
MP (1) A.
PD (1) 1 BP, Downes' Belshanmish Orange Crush, a 10 month old puppy male, very sound & upstanding, he has a good head & skull without coarseness in relation to his size, a strong muzzle of medium length, great eyes & expression, he has a very good mouth, all dentition correct, forequarters are good, legs straight & strongly boned, a good body shape, good length of back broad & muscular, broad hindquarters, feet are correct, tail set & carried in a wheel when on the move, pleased his coat was in very good condition, he has a very pleasing temperament, a puppy with a lot to like.
JD (1) 1 McDowell & Asher's Granchester Imoulou, I really liked this young male, he has a very sound well constructed body shape, a good topline, loin & croup are good, very good forequarters with straight legs, well boned, hindquarters are sound, he has the required double dew claws, head & expression are correct coming from good well placed & correct shape & colour, eyes good, ears set correctly, mouth correct, good bite, all correct pigmentation on roof of mouth & lips, he was in excellent condition, movement was good, he wheeled his tail presenting a nice picture, thank you for bringing him.
YD (2) 1 G Imoulou; 2 Draper's Desalazara Jerez, a good male with all the correct breed attributes, I liked him a lot, he has a very pleasing outline, nice breed type head, however he was a little to excitable today, temperament was OK but could not handle him as I would have liked, I would like to judge him again I thought he was lovely.
ND & UGD (0).
PGD (2) 1 G Imoulou; 2 Murphy's Amandjena Conway Orlando, a 2 year old with a good sound outline of body shape, he has a very good well balanced head with a strong, correct shape skull, muzzle strong, a good bite, full dentition, pigmentation on roof of mouth & lips are good, lovely eyes & expression this one has, he moved well, was in very good gleaming white coat, temperament was first class.
LD (3,2a) 1 Janes' Kicarno Karrizzmatick, I really liked this upstanding male, he was in tip top condition coat & presentation, quite lovely, he moved with a good style covering the ring well with the required tail carriage, his head is very good, skull & muzzle well proportioned, no coarseness anywhere, his eyes & rims are correct, good ears combining to give a true expression, body is very sound, topline, loin & croup are good, front quarters are perfect, strong well boned legs, flexible pasterns, rearquarters strong, well proportioned, he has the required double dew claws, I liked this male a lot, I am sure he is destined for top honours, thank you for bringing him.
OD (5,1) A wonderful class of 4 breed champions, thank you. 1 BD, BIS, Bowker & Gibson's Ch Febus Mauvezin, head & skull strong with no coarseness, correct size in relation to size of dog, a strong muzzle of medium length, lovely almond shape eyes, dark amber brown, close fitting eye lids, he has a great intelligent & contemplative expression, fairly small ears set correctly, mouth is perfect, good strong dentition, pigmentation on roof of mouth & lips correct, neck strong, fairly short forequarters are powerful, shoulders lying close to body, with medium angulations, forelegs straight, strongly boned & well muscled, flexible pasterns, body has a broad chest a good length of back, broad & muscular, hindquarters have broad muscular loins, strong muscled thighs, double dewclaws, good strong feet, tail was lovely set & carried well both standing & on the move, movement was free with a good powerful drive, his coat & condition were excellent, presentation & handling pleased, a great dog, I loved him thank you; 2 RBD, Haresign's Ch Briannor Ainthalfhot at Casetbarn, again a great breed champion, wonderful in outline of body shape, lovely to handle & judge, he has a great breed type head with the correct skull & muzzle, eyes are good, expression & temperament quite outstanding, lovely dentition, body shape is powerful with no coarseness, a good sound front, lovely straight, strong legs, rearquarters quite perfect with the double dewclaws, his condition was wonderful, white coat gleaming in the sun shine, again a dog I thought of outstanding breed quality; 3 Baverstock's Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, yet again a great PMD with all the correct breed attributes, perfect coat & condition, great head with the correct eyes & ears, body shape sound & powerful movement, was perfect, I considered it an honour to judge these three breed champions at this very nice event, thank you.

PB (4,1) 1 BPB, Dunk's Bursville Summer Zizana at Zalute, this puppy appealed as soon as she entered the ring, she has a glorious head & expression enhanced by lovely correct colour markings, eye shape & colour correct, she has a correct balanced head, good bite, all pigmentation on roof of mouth & lips good, nice body shape, straight legs & well boned, she has a glorious temperament, moved well with a good tailset & carriage, pushed hard for BP; 2 Edwards' Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, again a very good sound puppy bitch with a first class temperament, I liked her body make & shape, her head is good, nice expression coming from correctly placed eyes, ears & head properties close up to the winner; 3 Meakin's Beishanmish Lady In Red.
JB (3,1) 1 B Summer Zizana at Z; 2 B Summer Fleur via S.
YB (4,1) 1 Murphy's Desalazara Valencia, I really liked this young bitch, her head is quite lovely, all breed requirements are there together with a most glorious colouring of pale orange that enhances her lovely expression, eyes are correct shape & colour, mouth & bite are correct, she has a lovely balanced body shape, one of the best toplines today, movement was free & unflagging, lovely tailset carries well, she has the required double dewclaws, coat gleaming white & just developing a lovely example this one; 2 BPB, Dunk's Bursville Summer Zizana at Zalute; 3 Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay.
NB (2,1) 1 B Summer Fleur via S, a good winner here.
UGB (2,1) 1 Thororne's Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at P, a bitch with a lot to like, a good winner here.
PGB (2) 1 D Valencia; 2 Weir's Capymount Mississippi, a very pleasing 2 year old who moved well carrying tail in a good fashion, again a bitch with a good head, head & skull well balanced, eyes in particular very nice, body shape was good, straight front legs well boned, good coat in tip top condition, she has a very nice temperament.
LB (5,1) As one would expect this was a strong class full of great PMD bitches all could change place on another occasion. 1 Sang's Mizeka A Hint Of Gold, a great bitch from any angle, body profile & all breed requirements more than pleased, her head is lovely, correct balanced skull & muzzle, lovely eyes & correct eye brows, mouth bite & all pigmentation are first class, she has a great forequarters with straight, strong boned legs, hindquarters are strong & with the required double dew claws, coat & condition in sparkling form, movement was sound & true, carrying her tail in the required fashion, I liked this one a lot thank you; 2 Tadd's Kricarno Krystal Konchita, another very good example, a bitch with a first class body shape, good topline, loin & croup, lovely tailset carried well, head is correct, liked this one's expression, she is very sound on the move, has a lovely temperament, again a great PMD bitch; 3 McDowell & Asher's Granchester Sapphire, a good sound bitch, she handled & moved well, all about her breed type, head pleased, great body make & shape, condition was quite perfect, this class was very strong, again thank you.
OB (6,1) This class was quite fantastic, again full of lovely breed champions, all full of great breed type femininity, I note the 1st & 2nd are litter sisters, some very clever breeding here, the dam of the winning bitch being the BV, well done. 1 BB, RBIS, Pollard's Ch Gillandant Sizziling Spice, this bitch has the most glorious expression coming from the correct balance of eyes, ears, skull & muzzle, slight stop that the standard requires, mouth & bite plus all pigmentation is perfect, her body outline is sound & strong & muscular, she has a wonderful front with the correct shoulder placement, strong straight legs, flexible pasterns, her rearquarters are sound with a good loin, tailset that is carried well on the move, her movement is faultless, coat & condition presentation was lovely both to handle & judge, this bitch together with her litter sister are perhaps two of the best bitches in the breed I have ever judge, thank you for the opportunity; 2 RBB, was the litter sister to the winner, Edwards' Ch Gillandant Leyia via Shanlimore, again a fantastic PMD bitch, has all the same quality as her litter sister, best of heads & expression, eyes in particular are lovely, set correctly, great body shape with topline, loin & croup, all very sound, perfect on the move, only my decision today separated these two fine examples, I consider it a privilege to have judged & handled them, thank you; 3 Veale's Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims Class.