PD 1 Taddís Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige avec Kricarno, typical head, developing well for age. Correct amount of bone & correct feet. Moved OK; 2 Duffellís Kalkasi A Star Is Born of Ricaduffal, just a baby but everything coming together well. Good body & topline for age; 3 Wellsí Sketrick Odin.
1 Spierís Belshanmish Yellow River, very pleasing head with good almond shaped eye. Correct amount of neck. Good shoulders & front. Sound on the move; 2 Carterís Jumicar Snow Blizzard, super head with correct eyes & ears. Good body & topline. Very good outline. Just needs to settle on the move; 3 Carterís Jumicar Ice warrior.
1 Holmesí Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, good balance of head, correct ears. Good neck, correct topline & loin. Good depth of chest; 2 Salterís Kricarno Kookie, good outline with correct topline & tail. Correct amount of bone. Moved OK when settled; 3 Meakinís Amandjena Cleveland Ohio.
1 RCC, Fordís Desalazara Fernando, very impressive dog all round with lovely head proportions, correct eyes, good ears. Correct neck, good shoulders & front. Good, level back, correct depth of rib. Strong hindquarters, correct amount of bone. Sound on the move. This lad should do well.
1 CC & BOB, Kenyon & Wardís Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, very impressive lad with great ring presence. Terrific outline, super front & rear construction. Correct amount of bone, good feet. Presented, moved & showed so very well; 2 Wilcockís Penelicy Guard Of Honour, another quality dog with good balance of head, correct neck & body. Good shoulders & topline. Moved well; 3 Savageís Fr/Sw Ch Viískalyís Harry Honda at Kington. V 1 Watersí Sketrick Justification, very good dog with good balance of head. Very good outline with correct depth of rib & topline. Moved well; 2 Pollardís Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice, lovely headed bitch with feminine expression. Well made with good front & rear angles. Just losing her topline slightly; 3 Thorneís Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay.

PB 1 BP, Savageís Viískalyís Lilla My at Kington, this youngster is really putting everything together so well. Lovely head & eye. Super body & outline. Correct coat for age. Showed & moved well; 2 Randallís Viískalyís Takes You For A Ride, leaner bitch all round. Pleasing head properties. Needs to settle on the move.
1 RCC, Dunkís Bursville Summer Zizanna with Zalute, loved everything about this young girl. Lovely feminine head with correct muzzle. Good almond eye & correct ears. Very good front & rear construction with correct amount of bone. Good depth & breadth of chest. Correct topline. Sound on the move. Must have a good future; 2 Meakinís Belshanmish Lady In Red, body & head developing well for age. Correct type of coat. Moved well; 3 Thorneís Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay.
1 Summer Zizanna with Z; 2 Salmonís Isla Du Pyrdanti, pleasing bitch but just needs more body & weight & more ring confidence.
1 Baverstockís Mizeke A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi, quality girl with lovely head & muzzle, well shaped eyes. Good front & rear construction all giving correct sound movement; 2 Fordís Desalazara Dancing Queen, another top quality girl with super outline & construction. Quality coat. Just preferred head & eye of first; 3 Sangís Mizeka A Hint Of Gold.
1 CC, Pollardís Ch Gillandant Sizzling Spice, loved everything about this girl. Top quality all round with excellent head & eye. Correct neck, super body & rib. Correct bone. So very sound on the move; 2 Baverstockís Ch Kalkasi High Expectations, another quality bitch with super body & topline. Good rib & loin, correct tail. Sound on the move; 3 Marstonís Charibere Symphonyís Legend.