MPD (2,1a) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply Magic at Chezanna, 7 months & well grown with appropriate substance, proportioned head with just slight slope between skull & clean muzzle, tidy front assembly, gentle spring to ribcage with some length, definition to hindquarters, moves out soundly with purpose. BP. PD (3) 1 C Simply Magic at C; 2 Tadd’s Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige avec Kricano, also well grown & of good breed type, scored with his super eyes which are dark & of good shape giving desired expression, decent neck & carriage, depth to chest gently sprung, just enough turn to stifle, needs to settle a bit more on the move; 3 Duffell’s Kalkasi A Star Is Born of Ricaduffal. JD (2,1) 1 Ford’s Montimur No More Mr Nice Guy, 14 months & pleases for type, he carries an attractive head which is clean & well laid out, super dark eye, very good for pigmentation, decent neck & front assembly, just the right amount of fill to ribs, gentle tuck up, croup slopes gently to allow excellent tail carriage which he also used, hindquarters neatly modelled providing purposeful movement, stood alone here but was pleased to be able to award him, the RCC. PGD (2) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Slick As A Whistle, well grown with some coloured patches around head, he is masculine but not overdone & has good depth to head, strong pigmentation around dark eyes, decent front with appropriate substance down to arched feet, liked his head & neck carriage, firm topline & tailset, true free mover; 2 Meakin’s Amandjena Cleveland Ohio, well balanced with well laid out wedgy head, dark eye quite well placed, might benefit from a touch more substance, just enough definition to hindquarters, steady mover. LD (6,3) 1 McDowell & Asher’s Grantchester Imoulou, fairly large lad & a real handful for his owner, head is quite well balanced & clean through cheeks, well placed typical dark eyes of good shape, head has depth & good all-round pigmentation, would prefer a little more width in front, strong neck, depth to chest, level topline, definition to hindquarters, moves out briskly using his tail well; 2 Salmon’s Herve Du Pyrdanti, looked a little on the small side next to 1 but I liked his head with well placed dark eyes, clean through, decent front assembly, arched neck, good for croup but would like to see a little more animation in the tail department & action; 3 Downes’ Belshanmish Orange Crush. OD (6,1) Interesting class. 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, was pleased to meet this fellow for the third time & reconfirm my faith in him, all male without a hint of exaggeration, balanced construction is confirmed in action & it is a pleasure to see the ease with which he can move out when required, further superlatives unnecessary here. CC & BOB & I understand group shortlist; 2 Bayliss’ Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend, liked this dog for type with his many attributes well distributed, clean dark eyes, powerful neck down to straight front & some width to chest, suitably ribbed & firm in topline, excellent second thigh, could be a little more animated in action; 3 Meakin’s Bel/Lux/Int Ch Jazanah Jaunty.

MPB (4,1) 1 Kenyon, Ward & Bermingham’s Charibere Simply A Dream at Chezanna, well grown & more advanced in her development today, head is feminine & clean through, good dark almond shaped eyes, strong pigmentation, best of fronts down to decent feet, about right for neck, tail well set & reasonable definition to hindquarters, good showgirl presented in quality coat; 2 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Moonlite Shadow, 6 months & understandably quite raw as yet, head is feminine & clean through with dark eyes well placed, straight front with some width to chest, ribs developing, firm in topline, good tailset & carriage, tidy mover; 3 Carlin’s Rosemere Yasmina. PB (2) 1 C Simply A Dream at C; 2 R Yasmina, white with tan markings, feminine & cleanly built with substance, obliquely placed dark eye, flat cheeks, strong neck & reasonable front, ribs deep & well developed for age, level topline & high tail carriage, definition to second thigh, steady mover. JB (6,2) 1 Ford’s Montimur Use Your Illusion,  this well grown feminine lady moved out to best advantage, head is proportioned & clean all through, eyes dark & well placed but a tad bold, good for front & chest, tidy tail carriage, quality coat texture; 2 Edwards’ Bursville Summer Fleur via Shanlimore, very mature & looking a touch heavy through which also reflected in her slightly lethargic movement but still very sound, attractive headpiece & expression, strong neck & reasonable front, ribs well sprung, firm topline & turn to stifle; 3 Wilcock’s Montimur Sweet Child Of Mine at Penellcy. PGB (2,1) 1 Ford’s Lisjovia Whistling Dixie for Montimur, stood alone but a worthy winner, feminine with substance, nothing overstated, eyes dark but tad bold, decent front assembly, good for ribbing, topline & tail carriage, excellent second thigh, easy mover with good reach & powerful drive. LB (7,2) 1 Baverstock’s Mizeka A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi, not the largest but very well put together in a feminine frame, dark eye well placed of good shape, clean in skull & cheeks, decent straight front down to good feet, liked her neck & carriage, firm topline, turn to stifle & best mover in this class; 2 Sang’s Mizeka A Hint Of Gold, larger girl & also very well put together, head has strength with almond shaped dark eye, straight front, deep well sprung ribcage with some length, excellent definition to hindquarters, moves to advantage; 3 McDowell & Asher’s Grantchester Sapphire. OB (8,4) 1 Edwards’ Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shanhlimore, presents an impressive outline with clean headpiece carried on powerful neck, dark eyes giving very typical expression, straight front with some width, deep well sprung ribcage carried back, gently sloping croup giving good tailset & carriage, gently turned stifles, free accurate mover. CC; 2 Downes’ Shanlimore Delta Lady at Belshanmish, I was quite taken with this well grown lady but despite her handlers best efforts she opted not to co-operate & show off her action to best advantage, lots to like & lovely to go over, sound as they come & could have pushed 1 much harder here. RCC; 3 McDowell & Asher’s Sketrick Maggie May at Grantchester.