Bath Championship Show 2015

Judge  Terrie Cousins-Brown

My thanks to the committee of this excellent show for the opportunity to award CCs today and to the exhibitors for a strong entry of quality dogs. There are some lovely youngsters which bodes well for the future and the majority of dogs were well presented with good dentition and pigment, and all had superb temperaments. I was looking for a well sized, strong and graceful dog with a confident air, well proportioned in head and body, soundly moving, shapely and with a well fitting coat. There were quite a few loose eyes and untidy feet but overall type, conformation and movement were good in all my winners. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment. 
MPD (2) Two very promising boys.
1 Jacko Du Haras De Chante Neige avec Kricarno (imp) -  masculine dog, growing well and with excellent bone. Head in proportion with full pigmentation and typical expression.  Well proportioned body although standing a little 'bum high' at present, moved sound and true, should have a bright future. 2 Magg's Vi'skaly's In the Fast Lane of Dewyche (imp) giving away a bit in age and he has some growing to do, lovely head coming, nice dark pigment and good eye, balanced overall construction and angulation, very confident and sound on the move, another who should do well. 
PD (2)
1 Magg's Vi'skaly's In the Fast Lane of Dewyche (imp) 2 Spier's Belshamish Yellow River, rather heavily built dog, well grown and in good coat but couldn't match 1 for overall balance and movement. 
JD (1)
1 Downe's Belshanmish Orange Crush, super puppy, well grown and balanced throughout with lovely type, good pigment and expression, correct neck, well boned with good body developing and medium angulation, sound and steady on the move, wheeled tail, and powered ahead of the lovely BPB to gain BP. Gave a good account of himself in PG where he was shortlisted, another who should go far. 
PG (5)
1 Mcdowell & Asher's Granchester Imoulou. Well grown, masculine dog, head in relation to his size and good fill under the eyes, good body proportions and nice breed type, brisket still to drop some and completely out of coat today, good angles and strong pasterns, moved steadily and with purpose. 1. Randall's Desalazara Monza, also nice for type, lovely head with typical expression, good size and proportions, standing on good feet, liked his outline and type, strong hindquarters and moved well, rather underweight at present, well fitting coat. 2. Barnes Shanlimore Lucky Spirit. 
LD (6,1)
1. Ford's Desalazara Fernando JW - the last time I judged this dog I gave him BP & RBD, I was delighted to see him today and to see that he has really fulfilled his potential, masculine with super bone, moulded head with dark pigment, full dentition and that dignified expression, he is strong, masculine and elegant, so shapely, everything flows from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. He powered around the ring so smoothly, so totally balanced and in a well fitting, weather proof coat which enhanced his perfect proportions, delighted to award him the CC & BOB, he won many new admirers in the Group, I'm sure the 3rd isn't far off.  2. Downe's Pyrpressure's My American Dream at Belshanmish (imp) rather more glamorous dog and another who was very sound and easy on the move, different type to 1 but with many excellent qualities, full pigmentation, well proportioned throughout, nice size, good topline well angulated with well carried tail, needs a lot more time to mature, coat rather soft. 3. Janes's Kricarno Karrizzmatick. 
OD (4) Quality class.  
1. Pollard's Ch Gillandant Rockafella JW ShCM, top quality masculine dog of excellent type, head in proportion to size with good fill and pigmentation, correct expression, strong neck, good front and broad chest, nicely boned, firm back and nice quarters, strong pasterns, typical movement, easy and with a good stride, not quite the bloom of the CC winner today but a very handsome Champion, RCC. 2. Savage's Vi'skaly's Harry Honda at Kington (imp) another very nice, typical male with a beautifully balanced, typey head and super expression, just a little narrower through the front than 1, still with a little more maturity to come in brisket, super topline, correctly angulated in front and well angulated behind, strong pasterns and good feet,  lovely free and sound mover with tail well carried, excellent coat. 3. Baverstock's Ch Ir CH Kalkasi in High Spirits JW ShCM. 
MPB (4,1)
1. Wilcock's Montimur Sweet Child of Mine at Penellcy - growing well and everything right for her age, sparkling all white, nice head and eye with good black pigment, super character, in lovely condition, good bone and feet, medium angulation, sound and unhurried on the move. 2. Savage's Vi'skaly's Lilla My at Kington (imp) - just 6 mths and at her first show, what a poppet! Showing nice type and so very sound and collected for her age, feminine girl, good expression, super pigment, really well balanced, growing nicely, good proportions, a promising prospect. 1. Randall's Vi'skaly's Takes you for a Ride (imp) 
PB (6,1)
1. Dunk's Bursville Summer Zizana with Zalute. I never thought I would give a RCC to a puppy in this breed but here she was! Lovely quality blaireau bitch with so much to like, head of good proportions with good pigment and true expression, flowing outline, good bone, lovely type and balance, correct angulations, excellent body for her age, well carried tail, good coat condition, lovely strong rear, sound and free movement, true fore and aft, delighted to hear she finished her JW today too, one for the future, RCC. 1. Thorne's Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay, another very nice, feminine girl of good breed type. Head in proportion to her size, lovely pigmentation, good eye and expression, medium angulation, strong pasterns and tidy feet, gave sound typical movement with wheeled tail. 1. Downe's Pyrpressure's My American Charm at Belshanmish (imp) 
JB (2,1)
1. Dunk's Bursville Summer Zizana with Zalute. NB (3,1) 1. Wilcock's Montimur Sweet Child of Mine at Penellcy 2. Savage's Vi'skaly's Lilla My at Kington (imp) - just 6 mths and at her first. 
PGB (2)  
1. Tadd's Kricano Krystal Konchita, nice size and make, good bone, well balanced all through, head in proportion to size and good pigment, medium angulation and good feet, nice  easy stride, tail well carried, in nice coat. 2. Munson's Pyrbern Blonde Apache, heavier type all through with a stronger head and deeper stop than I would prefer, good bone and size, correct neck, moved soundly in all directions. 
LB (3,1)
1. Baverstock's Mizeka A Touch of Class with Kalkasi JW - another I have liked before and still do, lovely proportions and outline, balanced head and muzzle, good expression, good front angulation and nice chest, strong back and well off for bone, well fitting coat and moved typically.  1. McDowell & Asher's Granchester Sapphire, good for breed type with nice expression, correct body proportions with good height, well boned and moved well, just preferred overall shapeliness of 1, very profuse coat. 
OB (5)
1. Edward's Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shandlimore JW, gave her RBB as a junior and pleased to see how she has bloomed. In sparkling condition, all white of lovely type. Lovely balanced head with super eye and dark pigment giving a good expression, right amount of neck, good bone and leg length, well developed chest and firm topline, correct angulation with strong pasterns, moved steadily with a good stride, in lovely coat and body condition CC. 2 McDowell & Asher's Granchester Sparkling Gem, not seen her before, liked her for size and type, full pigmentation and nice head and skull ratios, good body proportions and correct angulation, could drop a little more in brisket but she has time, wheeled her tail and covered the ground very well which gave her this place over a favourite of mine who didn't have her usual sparkle today. 3. Pollard's Ch. Gillandant Sugar and Spice JW.