As a substitute judge I expected a few absentees, there were none & I thank you for your support. 

VD (0). MPD (1) 1 McDowell & Asher’s Granchester Imoulou, 9 months, has the height, good bone, neat feet, head & expression good, movement a little erratic as yet, promising. PD (1) 1 G Imoulou. JD (0). PGD (2) 1 Shephard & Cordon’s Gillandant The Illusionist at Avantgarde, 5 years, has a good frame, needs encouragement to make more of his attributes & put more effort into his movement, his temperament is good & obviously enjoyed me going over him; 2 Meakin’s Amandjena Cleveland Ohio, 2 years, good height & stands proudly on strong legs, at present his head/face are darkly marked that will fade & he will keep his jet black pigment even down to his black toenails & pads, even temperament but anxious to get back to the rest of his family. LD (3) 1 Ford’s Desalazara Fernando, first class 2 years old, came into the ring as if he owned it, agile mover who managed the undulating ring better than most, I look forward as he matures. With a little more body & furnishings he will trouble the best; 2 Meakin’s Jazanah Josephinite, 6 years & could not match the younger dog in movement, however he is a good size with strong bone & pleasant disposition; 3 Cochrane’s New Brunswick Boy for Myatoksci. OD (7) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna, very impressive in presence & demeanour & he oozes quality, his manner is very gentle, rich dark amber eyes & outstanding jet black pigment gives an appealing expression. His handler is sympathetic & takes him at a smart but steady pace which seems to suit him, at 2˝ years he is yet to reach his best. He in my opinion merited the CC & later BOB; 2 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Mauvezin, 4 years, has been slow in maturing, has the necessary height, good bone, neat feet, excellent teeth & bite, gentle expression, moved well but needed help to show the typical wheel. RCC; 3 Bavistock’s Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits.

VB (0). MPB (2) 1 Ford’s Lisjovia Whistling Dixie for Montyimur, 7 months, most promising, excellent outline, needs to settle but with perseverance she has a good solid frame, just watch her weight. She showed well in the run-off to win BP; 2 McDowell & Asher’s Granchester Chancon D’Amour, 9 months, taller but not quite the bone of 1 but she is a slow maturing type & was a little unsure of what was expected of her. PB (1) 1 G Chancon d’Amour. JB (2) 1 Sang’s Mizeka A Hint Of Gold, good size, excellent bone, excellent head/expression, well presented & moved round the ring easily; 2 Bavistock’s Mizeka A Touch Of Class With Kalkasi, litter sister to above & close up but just lacks the extra pizzazz. PGB (3) 1 M A Hint Of Gold; 2 Shepherd’s Amandjena Crystal Sapphire, 2 years, good size, attractive head/expression, excellent pigment, moved well to take 2nd place; 3 M A Touch Of Class with K. LB (2) 1 Veale’s Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims, well presented 4˝ years old & a pleasure to go over, she is beautifully balanced, excellent mover, perfect shape to head, black pigment & appealing expression, if only there was more size. However she has the perfect Pyrenean temperament & outlook; 2 A Crystal Sapphire. OB (6) 1 McDowell & Asher’s Sketrick Maggie May at Granchester, this beautiful 4 years bitch has everything I was looking for, size, substance, excellent bone, neat feet, excellent head proportions, gentle expression, neat ears well carried, deep chest, correct coat, in full bloom & well carried tail, moved soundly & at a good steady pace. I had no hesitation awarding her the CC; 2 Edwards’ Ch Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore, 6 years, a different type to first & rather bored with the whole proceedings, however livened up on the move so I could appreciate her easy movement. RCC; 3 Edwards’ Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore.

I would like to thank the helpful stewards.