Thank you for an enjoyable morning in a lovely breed & although not a numerically large entry there was plenty of quality, especially OD where any of the exhibits would have been a worthy ticket winner.

Many thanks to my stewards John McNulty & Jan Moir.

PD 1 M’Rudy Du Grand Tendre at Granchester, 11 months, of good size & good type, correct rectangular shape & good leg length. Quality head, good pigmentation. Correct tail. Can fill out in front & firm up in front action. Needs more confidence in being handled but this grew as the day progressed. BP; 2 Galliagh Tourmalet, 6 months, raw puppy, enjoying his first outing. At a difficult growth stage which shows in his topline. Promising head. Good eye shape & colour. Sound. JD 1 M Du Grand Tendre at G; 2 G Tourmalet. PGD 1 Penellcy Guard Of Honour, 22 months, well made dog who I would prefer with just a little more leg but he has very good head, eye & pigment & correct ribcage. Scores in hindquarters & head to win this. Excellent presentation; 2 Gillandant Sensationalist, 4 years, I liked his leg length & proportions & he is light on his feet on the move. Needs a touch more body on him. Needs more definition of rear angulation. LD 1 Flickorna Remember Me, 2˝ years old, correct shape & good quarters. Has a little too much stop & eyes a little round. Good bone, feet & good rear action. Carries himself well. OD Excellent class for depth of quality. 1 Ch Gillandant Rockafella, 4 years, full of type. I would like a touch more leg on him but otherwise much to like & excellent head & eyes, smooth contours, sound & in good form. CC & BOB; 2 Febus Mauvezin, 2 years, lovely proportions & light movement. I slightly preferred the head of 1. Beautiful eyes. Full of quality. Not yet fully mature in body but should have a great future. RCC; 2 Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna.

PB 1 Abstrax Blaze Of Glory for Lisjovia, 10 months, a little short on the leg & can firm up in topline but has lovely movement & a very good head & eyes. Had a big pull in maturity & coordination which put her in this position; 2 Kalkasi Magic Touch, 7 months, raw but has excellent leg length & good proportions. Obviously loose & angular on the move but has a lot of promise for the future & should finish well. JB 1 Lisjovia Kiyonari, 13 months, not in her best coat but I liked her for proportions, movement & head. Good tail. Needs more body but I liked her quality & type very much; 2 Mizska A Hint Of Gold, 13 moths, heavier stamp of bitch, very sound on the move. I would just prefer her a little more feminine in head. Well built & very sound; 3 Miseka A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi. PGB 1 Desalazgira Mamma Mia, 22 months, very good leg length & proportions & a beautiful head & eye. Sound moving. Not in her best coat but has quality & type; 2 Flickorna Coco Magnifique, 2 years, carrying far too much weight which ruins her balance. However she is sound moving & has quality in the head & will look much better for firmer condition. LB 1 Gillandant Sizzling Spice, 2 years, lovely breed type & excellent movement. Has a beautiful head & eye. Well constructed throughout. I would just prefer a touch more leg for balance but great quality. RCC; 2 Shanlimore Lady Jayne, 6 years, slightly heavier bitch of good proportions. Not the movement or pigmentation of 1. OB 1 Rosemere Xanthia, 3 years, beautiful breed type with lovely head & eye, excellent flowing outline, light on her feet & sound. Excellent construction. I liked her enormously. Just flagged a little in the challenge for BOB. CC; 2 Ch Kalkasi Destiny’s Spirit at Mizeka, 5 years, slightly heavier type but very sound. Good proportions. Just preferred head of 1.