SEPMDC Limited Show October 2014

Thank-you for inviting me to Judge. I hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Just some general comments. In places, the handling wasn’t helping with the movement in 2 ways a) with having the dogs pulling diagonally on leads and b) lack of straight lines on the triangles. I did find the variety in the heads a little concerning, especially with some of the more atypical extremes. Type is important as well as the working aspects of construction and movement in our Breed as it what keeps the different large white livestock guardian breeds distinct. Also another distinguishing point that needs attention between PMD’s and Maremma is the tail carriage. This should be either carried on the move in an arrondara or carried low. It is the tail carriage of the maremma to carry the tail level to the back on the move. The dogs on the whole had better top lines than the bitches. In some classes the handlers standing and movement of the dogs could have made the judges job a little easier.

Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch – No Entries

Puppy Dog:

1st Gillandant Polar Express – Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy

10 month puppy. Good angulation on the front. Front movement a little loose, which hopefully will improve with maturity. Ok head. Small eyes, with good pigment & expression. Blarieu markings Good bone.

Junior Dog:

1st Desalazara Monza

2 year old with truer movement on the front but the rear was crabbing. A nice head spoiled by the nose being too long for the skull. Head needs to broaden with maturity. Would like to see tighter flews. Place 1st as moved better than 2nd.

2nd Gillandant Polar Express

Preferred the head to 1st but still young with a narrow chest yet to fill out. Although cute with the puppy ear fluff. 1st moved better than 2nd.

Special Yearling Dog

1st Desalazara Monza

2nd Gillandant Polar Express

Novice Dog

1st Shanlimore Lucky Spirit

Has a good triangle to the head, would like to see a little more curvature in the skull and a darker eye.  Flews could be a little tighter and the ears a little smaller. Good front shoulders with good height. Needs to carry more weight in order to fill out the body more. Would like to see more angulation at the stifle and the hock.

2nd Gillandant Polar Express

Preferred the head but didn’t have the movement of 1st. Is still a little short in the leg compared to the chest but there is still time to for this youngster to grow.

Graduate Dog

1st Shanlimore Lucky Spirit

2nd Gillandant Polar Express

Post Graduate Dog

1st Sketrick Next Addition -  Best Dog, Best in Show

Excellent head in profile, skull needs to fill out a little and would like to see a slightly darker eye. Best movement of the day, in good coat. Best dog as elegant and best expression. Even bite. Best in Show as the most complete package on the day.

2nd Gillandant Polar Express

Moved again at a different pace and moved much better for this class there by gaining the 2nd place.

3rd Kricarno Kookie

Good proportions and with good length to height. Skull is very semi spherical. Tending to turn feet out on stand and didn’t move well on the front today.

Limit Dog

1st Kricarno Karrizzmatick

More complete package to the rest of the class. Eyes a little round when relaxed and would like tighter flews. Good in the front with good topline.

2nd Kricarno Kookie

Has better construction than 3rd place. Good shepherds crook on the tail.

3rd Pyrbern Blond Defender at Bursville

Nice expression but would like to seem more of a flow through the head. Good pigmentation. Has a 3rd little dew claw on rear. Has good height. Could use more angulation on the rear but moves freely.

Open Dog

1st Marbore de Alba de los Danzantes at Sketrick (Esp. Imp) – Reserve Best Dog, Reserve Best in Show

More complete overall to the others in this class. Good conformation and movement. A little short in the pelvis (hip point to seat point). Would like to see more bone. Very elegant dog. Muzzle a little broad for skull. Good ear position and eye shape. Reserve Best dog a light compared to Best dog and preferred the Best Dog’s confirmation. Reserve Best in Show as better overall packages and better overall head shape to Best Opposite Sex.

2nd Sketrick Lupo

Lovely small ears, good bone and confirmation, just lacking in type with the head. Preferred the confirmation to 3rd, although the front shoulder angle is too open but it is nice to see the correct upper arm to should blade length proportions.

3rd Kricarno Karrizzmatick

Straight on the rear and nose was a little long for skull.

Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay – Best Veteran Dog, Best Veteran

In good coat and was prepared to move. Skull has become sunken with age. Eye brow ridges too prominent which is an old problem with the breed not seen as much today, would like to see darker pigmentation in the flews. Good bone with a lovely sliver sheen to the coat. Well prepared.

2nd Kricarno Kyanite Kaous – Best Veteran Bitch

Deep in body with good tight flews. Good pigmentation. 2nd as didn’t not want to move today although preferred the head to 1st. Game old bird.

Puppy Bitch – No entries

Junior Bitch

1st Kricarno Krystal Konchita – Reserve Best Bitch

Narrow, but is likely to fill out with time and short in upper arm so moved with elbows out. Tall leading to a lack of angulations, at the gangly stage of growth. Front and rear angulation balanced and had good profile movement. Lovely tight mouth. A little round in the skull but very feminine. Good through the stage of being a little bum high. Good tight feet. Reserve Best Bitch slightly better type than the 2nd in Open and slightly better rear confirmation.

Special Yearling Bitch – No entries

Novice Bitch – No entries

Graduate Bitch

1st Laudley Premier D’Blizzard

Very broad, deep chested bitch. Had angulation but is short in leg compared to the body. Dropped front teeth. In heavy coat, causing the top line to look deceptive.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Alchazandis White Velvet

Pigmentation a little on the liverish side, which does happen sometimes in older all white bitches. Lovely eyes, correctly small in size. Straight on the rear. Placed over 2nd on movement and elegance.

2nd Laudley Premier D’Blizzard

Could do with losing a little weight which would help in the movement and elegance departments. Preferred the confirmation to 1st but little too heavy in bone and eyes a little large.

Limit Bitch

1st Alchazandis White Velvet

Open Bitch

1st Kricarno Kornish Krystal – Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex

Took Best Bitch over the Junior Bitch as head more mature i.e. better fill. A little domed on the skull, but not as extreme as some examples today. Elegant, with balanced front shoulder but could be a little better laid back, as a nit-pick point. Good condition, could do with a little more coat on the day. Had better leg to body proportions than 2nd.

2nd Alchazandis White Velvet

Peggy Houston Memorial Stakes

1st Kricarno Karrizzmatick

Most complete package in the class. Round eyed. Moved well although a little straight in angulation. Good coat.

2nd Kricarno Kookie

Front movement not at tight as 1st. More elegant and collected than 3rd. Good coat. Nice small ear.

3rd Alchazandis White Velvet

Little short legged to body not as complete as 1st & 2nd.  Straight in the rear and not holding the top line as well as 1st & 2nd.

4th Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay

Looser flew, moved well for age. With sunken skull and not holding the top line all of which is forgivable when the age is taken into consideration but just meant didn’t hold up to the competition on the day in this class.

Patricia Fieldhouse