South Eastern

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Open Show

5 May 2014

Thank you for inviting me to judge and the entry that I received.

Minor Puppy. Dog /Bitch  1 entry

1st  Murphy,Desalazara Valencia, Lovely 7 month old bitch well grown for age, good shape head ,dark almond eyes, correct bite, nice neck and shoulders going in to a good top line, moved well.,

Puppy Dog. 0Entries

Junior Dog 0 Entries.

Yearling Dog 2 Entries.1 A  1st   Murphy, Amandjena Conway Orlando ,Nice head with good dark brown eyes,  pigment good on both eyes and mouth., Nice top line  needs to settle on the move. Well off for coat.

Novice Dog 2 Entries 1A,  1st Amandjena Conway Orlando,

Under graduate Dog 2 Entries.  1st Burwell  Pyrbern Blond Defender at Bursville.  Big upstanding dog, nice head, eyes and mouth, good neck and shoulder going into a correct top line and turn of stifle, moved well, nice coat.  

2nd Murphy. Amandjena Conway Orlando.

Post Graduate Dog.3 Entries. 1st .   Janes  Kricarno Karrazzmatic. 2 years old very mature for age beautiful head with a lovely expression good dentition. Powerful shoulders, showing a good ribcage going into a strong rear end, with sound movement.

2nd         Shepherd & Cordon, Gillandant  The Illusionist At Avantguard.   A lovely old fashioned type, with a head of good strength and correct pigment. Overall nice shape and sound movement.

3rd       Salter, Kricarno Kookie.   A nice dog but unfortunately his handler was baiting him which affected his overall appearance and movement, good head neck shoulders and top line.

Limit Dog 3 Entries.  1A

 1s t    Wells. Sketrick Lupo  Big upstanding dog, with a strong head, correct bite , nice eye shape and correct pigment on both, neat ears, good neck shoulders  going into a sound rear with good movement.

2nd         Absolom,  Fontenay  Newton Wonder. Anther nice dog with a good head, neck, shoulders moved well, good coat.

Open Dog 2 Entries.

1st            Waters,  Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes At Sketrick(ESP.IMP)  This young man was full of ring presents, This class was won on movement, lovely head with dark almond eye ,small neat ears, strong powerful shoulders, with a broad chest, well off for bone correct top line going into sound rear with  a nice turn of stifle  hocks of good angulation with correct double due claws.  Coat of correct colour and markings . Best Dog   Res BIS BOS

2nd      Tadd Kricarno Khoirboy JW SHCM This gentleman I have judged before and he has so many good points but today he did not move as well as 1. Good strong head with a sweet expression.  Broad chest, good spring of ribcage, good top line sound rear with a nice turn of stifle neat hocks and correct double due claws, coat of good condition and colour , Res Best Dog.

Veteran Dog or Bitch 8 Entries

What a lovely class   I would liked to have given you all a 1ST.

1st        Waters  Sketrick Genevieve 10 Years old . What a lovely lady.  In outstanding  condition for her age.  Moved so well could be mistaken for a younger dog,  a truly deserved the  win.

2nd       Thorne Alchazandis Rupert Bear at Pyrajay. A 8 year old gentleman in superb condition, moved and showed well.

Best Dog Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes At Sketrick(ESP.IMP)

 Res Best Dog  Kricarno Khoirboy JW SHCM

Puppy Bitch 2 Entries

 1st      Tadd   Kricarno Krystal Konchita .  11 months well grown for age, lovely head with a sweet expression correct eyes and dentition, with good pigment, all going into a good neck, shoulders and top line. Moved well.  Nice coat.

2nd Desalazara Valencia.

Junior Bitch 1 Entry

1st Desalazara Valencia.

Yearling Bitch 1 Entries

1st    Shepherd Amandjena Crystal Sapphire.   Good head with dark eyes, bite , pigment sweet expression, strong neck, and nice shoulder placement , top line  moved well nice coat.

Novice Bitch 3 Entries.

1st Amandjena Crystal Sapphire

2nd         Absolom,  Fontenay Nicotiana.  4 years nice head, eyes and mouth , good shoulders  top line, and rear angulation   nice coat.

3rd Desalazara Valencia

Undergraduate Bitch 2 Entries

1st Amandjena Crystal Sapphire

2nd Fontenay Nicotiana

Post Graduate Bitch 3 Entries.2A

1st   Vogler,Merzurlaska  Zianon Lace.   3 year old with a nice head neck and shoulder placement, and depth of chest   going into a good top line with a sound rear end moved well nice coat.

Limit Bitch 3 Entries 1 W

1st       Burwell Shanlimore Pheobe at Bursville. A very lovely bitch with a strong head in relevant size to body dark almond eyes correct bite ,small rounded ears , good chest and neck powerful shoulders, nice top line , broad loins with a strong rear nice tail length moved very well lovely coat.

2nd     Tadd  Kricarno Kornish Krystal. Unlucky to meet winner, this young lady will come to her own with maturity. A good head, neck, shoulders, top line and rear angulation good length of tail moved well.

Open Bitch 4 Entries 1A

1st     Edwards Ch Zalute Zeona Via Shanlimore JW SHCM   A lady that stole my heart, A Pyrenean that in my opinion meets the breed standard in every way and leaves very little more for me to say  in a report, Moved  with drive  and showed her socks off.  Presented to perfection. BIS

2nd Ch  Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore  Another beautiful bitch not as mature as 1.But has a lovely head, eyes, dentition, strong neck , broad chest, top line and  muscular loins turn of stifle strong hocks and double  dew claws.  Moved with drive . 

3rd   Duffell Kalkasi Misty Star of Ricaduffal. Nice head neck, shoulders, good body moved and showed well.

Brace 1st Absolom

2nd Burwell

3rd Duffell

Best Bitch Ch Zalute Zeona Via Shanlimore JW SHCM

Res Best Bitch Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville

BIS . Ch Zalute Zeona Via Shanlimore JW SHCM

Res BIS Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes At Sketrick(ESP.IMP)

Best  Puppy  Kricarno Krystal Konchita

Best  Veteran  Sketrick Genevieve  

Sally Duffin-Penney, Judge