This breed has improved so much since I last judged them a few years ago particularly in movement. I found no problems with hocks, hindquarters or weight. All had correct dew claws & many had the desired tail curl. There were quite a number lacking the gentle slope in the head, having a more defined stop than that described in the Standard & which gives a rather alien expression & unfortunately dentition in some left a lot to be desired. All coats were presented to perfection, so clean & sparkling & I thank the exhibitors for this attention to presentation.

VD (3) 1 Simpson's Ch Pyroni Valentino of Baldhoon, an upstanding dog of excellent breed type, now 11 years old & carrying his years well. Good head of correct proportions with pleasing expression. Plenty of substance & strode out around the ring very soundly; 2 Tadd's Kricarno Kalculation, another well made dog now 9 years old with excellent bone & substance. Well made all through but rather heavier over the skull than first. Moved out very steadily & positively; 3 Wells' Sketrick Illustrious. PD (3) 1 McDowell & Asher's Granchester Imoulou, a very lively 9 months old of excellent breed type. Good well proportioned head with plenty of room for development & excellent dentition. Good bone & substance & moved out with very free, lively movement. BP; 2 Coles' Gillandant Polar Express, at 9 months old is quite a handful but is most promising just needing practice. Good substance & strong bone. Could tighten up in hindquarters but he is still young. Preferred his head to the third, but not moving out quite as positively as first; 3 O'Rourke's Desalazara Monza. JD (2) 1 G Polar Express; 2 D Monza, an upstanding dog of good size with a very balanced outline. He has a well proportioned head with good dentition but I preferred the expression of the first. Showed that he could move out well & then played up. PGD (3,1) Litter brothers almost three years old. 1 Janes' Kricarno Karrizzmatick, of excellent breed type with plenty of substance he presents an overall balanced outline both standing & moving. Beautiful head, well proportioned, with room still to develop on. Correct tail & dew claws. Good bone with strength in hindquarters & moved out soundly; 2 Salter's Kricarno Kookie, close up to first with similar qualities. Rather more developed over the skull with more stop. I preferred the expression of his brother. Moved out soundly with a good profile, but hindquarters not quite as strong as first. LD (5,2) 1 Wells' Sketrick Lupo, a well made dog, 5 years old, of excellent breed type, outline & profile, he has the loveliest head, eye & correct expression. Plenty of substance, good spring of rib & depth to body with strong hindquarters & good sound movement; 2 Meakin's Amandjena Carson Nevada, a yearling dog of excellent breed type presenting a pleasing outline. His head is of good proportions with a good expression. He still has a long way to go for maturity but is most promising & moved out very well; 3 Meakin's Jazanah Josephinite. OD (5,1) 1 Kenyon & Ward's Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, an outstanding young dog of excellent breed type, he presents a most pleasing outline both standing & moving. He has an excellent head of good proportions with pleasing dentition & that lovely far away expression. With good bone & substance & neat feet he is well developed over the loin with very strong hindquarters. At almost 3 years old he is still a young boy & will develop on further but he is built right to give very free positive movement. He moved out so freely with a super profile & good tail carriage. I was pleased to award him BD & CC; 2 Savage's Vi'skaly's Harry Honda at Kington, a slightly older dog of pleasing breed type. Good head with room to develop, & good expression. Well balanced angulation front & rear, good depth to body. Not quite so strong in hindquarters as first but moved out soundly with a very good profile. RBD & RCC; 3 Baverstock's Ch/Ir Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits.

VB (1) 1 Waters' Sketrick Genevieve, 10 years young & shown in excellent coat & condition. She has the loveliest head, well shaped & in proportion with a good eye & expression.  Pleasing bone & substance, strong loin & hindquarters. Moved out very well, looking half her age & showing off her lovely outline to gain RBB, RCC & BV. PB (3) A. JB (3,2) 1 Baverstock's Mizeka A Touch Of Class with Kalkasi, a young bitch just 16 months old at an ‘in-between’ stage & needing to develop on to give her the substance required. She is very feminine in head with room to develop on, has a pleasing shape & outline, good hindquarters & sound free movement. PGB (3,1) 1 Shepherd's Amandjena Crystal Sapphire, almost 2 years old of excellent breed type, with super head, correct expression & good dentition. Good bone & substance, strong through the loin & hindquarters & well muscled. She just needs encouragement to move out with more verve to complete the picture; 2 M A Touch Of Class with K. LB (3,1) 1 Shepherd's Amandjena Crystal Sapphire, with that much-needed encouragement she was a different bitch in this class, so much happier & moved out with a good stride giving an excellent profile to show off her many attributes; 2 McDowell & Asher's Granchester Sparkling Gem, 2 years old on the day of good breed type but still needing lots of time for maturity. Good head with room for development. Very feminine & moved out with a good, strong stride. OB (8,2) 1 Edwards' Ch Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, what a lovely girl! She is a super bitch of correct breed type, so feminine but with good substance & weight, shown in full coat & sparkling condition & so full of quality. She has the most beautiful, eyecatching head & that lovely far away expression. With good bone & feet she is deep through the body, strong & muscular in loin & hindquarters with a correct tail carriage & sound movement, presenting a most pleasing profile both standing & moving. I was pleased to award her BB, CC & BOB; 2 Edwards' Ch Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore, very similar to the first & note that she has the same sire. Of excellent breed type with plenty of bone & substance.  Rather bigger made & presented well. Pleasing head, eye & expression, well balanced in outline, carrying just enough weight for her size. Excellent well muscled hindquarters giving positive movement; 3 Baverstock's Ir Ch Kalkasi High Expectations.