The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Scotland held an open show where BIS was Nelson’s Gillandant Sensationalist; & RBIS, Moffat & Holmes’ Lisjovia Simoncelli via Kyleca.

A wonderful afternoon with this beautiful breed. Thank you for the invitation & thank you to the sporting exhibitors who gave me the honour of judging their dogs. Such a welcoming, friendly show, well organised with amazing rosettes. Special thanks to Peter Grant who worked vigilantly as my steward.

V 1 Greenfield’s Ch Gillandant Crystal Fantasy, very pretty 7 year old bitch. Well balanced, trim & still ‘strutting her stuff’ like the youngsters, moving really nicely. A good, domed head, tight lips & excellent pigment; 2 Blair’s Zalute Ztaitusquoallrhino, a close 2nd, a lovely 8 year old boy. Didn’t quite have the movement of 1. Strong, balanced with a good masculine head. Tight lips. Excellent thick tail, with desirable crook. PD & JD (0). GD 1 Wright’s Kalkasi Proud And Free, 6 year old male with a good harsh outer coat, excellent temperament, & well turned out. Fit for purpose. PGD 1 Nelson’s Gillandant Sensationalist, gorgeous 4 year old white male with blaireau ears. Strong, imposing & pleasing to the eye. Super front & rear angulations. Good length of back. Deep chest & adequate width. Strong feet carrying a well boned frame. Excellent pigment, appealing eyes with gentle expression. Sound movement, illustrating power & reach. Kept his topline standing & on the move. A complete package. BIS; 2 Greenfield’s Gillandant Shekeelah, such an attractive well proportioned head with stunning eyes. A little smaller than 1 but so well balanced. Moved with ease, although would like to have seen a little more power in the rear. Chest needs to deepen a little more, but still a young boy. A close call to 1. LD 1 G Shekeelah; 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Shakey Byrne, really liked this dog! Masculine throughout. Has everything but in the end I preferred the head of 1. Good deep chest, broad loins, well muscled thighs with moderate angulation in the stifle, all contributing to his unflagging movement, which beamed power & confidence all the way around the ring. Quite a heavy head, but not too coarse. Unfortunately, disappointed with his eyes & expression. Still has a lot to offer. OD 1 G Shekeelah; 2 L Shakey Byrne.

PB What a pair of beauties! 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Kiyonari, a very attractive white bitch with unusual, but striking blaireau markings. Let’s start with this wonderful coat! Thick, abundant & extremely well presented. A fantastically covered thick, long tail with a magnificent crook to finish. Very well proportioned structure, good lay of shoulder, strong powerful backend for such a young bitch. Pleasing length of back. Pretty little face, good pigment, good dentition. RBB; 2 Holmes’ Abstrax Blaze Of Glory for Lisjovia, a difficult choice. Younger than 1, but a lot smaller; a chunkier type of Pyrenean. Good bone, nicely angulated. I think this bitch will be strong & is already exhibiting graceful movement with the promise of substantial drive. Preferred her eye shape to 1, but both adorable pups. JB 1 L Kiyonari; 2 A Blaze Of Glory for L. GB 1 L Kiyonari. PGB 1 Blair’s Flickorna Coco Magnifique, 2 year old white bitch with blaireau markings. Heavier type. Her head a little too coarse for me, however her pretty eyes with their gentle expression softened the look. Good dentition, dew claws present & correct, firm, tight feet. Rather reluctant to move along the mats which didn’t give her the opportunity to show her true movement. Perhaps one who prefers the outdoor rings. LB 1 F Coco Magnifique. OB 1 Moffat & Holmes’ Lisjovia Simoncelli via Kyleca, a beautiful feminine bitch, not fine but definitely a lady. Nicely proportioned with good depth of chest, a pleasing front which is apparent on the move. Super topline, sloping correctly into rump. Good bone & adequately muscled, exuding strength & presence. A pretty head, gradual slope from strong muzzle to skull. I wouldn’t want this head to be any heavier. Excellent pigment. Despite her slightly worried expression on the move, she ran around the ring effortlessly, if this slight flaw could be eradicated, she’d be up there with the best. BB; 2 Ch G Crystal Fantasy Brace 1 Holmes’ L Shakey Byrne & L Kiyonari, wow! What a pair of movers! In unison & as if smiling, totally enjoying the occasion. A pleasure to watch moving around the ring; 2 Blair’s Zalute Ztaitusquoallrhino & F Coco Magnifique.