North of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Open Show 2014


The North of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club held an open show where BIS was Ch Cheribere Secret Of Ours at Chezanna; RBIS, Ch Gillandant Rockafella; & BP, Abstrax Blaze Of Gloiry for Lisjovia.

My thanks to the committee for the honour of judging such a happy, friendly show & to the exhibitors for their sportsmanship. All dogs had visible rear dew claws, good pigment & dentition & without exception all were in excellent condition & temperaments were exemplary. One or two were slightly affected by the heat of the day.

VD (1) 1 C Secret Of Ours at C, beautiful head of correct proportions with a dark almond eye & strong muzzle. Of great size & good breed type with a balanced body shape of good construction. Has a long, deep, rounded ribcage, well boned legs with compact feet. Moved freely & at almost 8 years old was sound as a bell from all angles holding his backline on the move. In excellent condition, a credit to his owner. BD & BIS. PD, JD, ND & MD (0). PGD (3,2a) 1 Gillandant Shakeelah, just over 2 years old, maturing nicely & needing time. Lovely head, dark eye moderate reach of neck, good body shape good rear angles. Sound coming & going. LD (1) 1 G Shakeelah. OD (4,1) 1 Ch Gillandant Rockafella, another excellent balanced male of good breed type. Beautiful head in proportion to his body. Again, well constructed with strong bone & compact feet. Long, deep ribcage & good angles front & rear & moved soundly holding his backline on the move. RBD & RBIS; 2 Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend, another of good breed type & difficult decision with one. Well constructed with good head, bone, tight feet, balanced body shape & moving soundly; 3 Cheribere Simply Special at Chezanna.

VB (1) 1 Ch Gillandant Crystal Fantasy, 7 year old feminine girl in excellent condition with a good head, dark eye & pigment. Well constructed & moving soundly with her tail making the wheel. A credit to her owner. PB (2,1) 1 A Blaze Of Glory for L, 9 month feminine girl with an excellent head & dark eye, balanced length of neck, long deep rounded ribcage , good bone & compact feet. Moving soundly & positively for one so young. RBB & BP. JB (4,1) 1 Lisjovia Kiyonari, 12 month girl with a feminine head, well boned straight front legs, deep, long ribcage with good angles front & rear. Moving soundly from all angles with her tail making the wheel; 2 Mizeka A Hint Of Gold, another good female, just preferring the curved skull & rear movement of one; 3 Mizeka Sheer Elegance. NB (1) 1 Mizeka Sheer Elegance, just fractionally narrow all through & somewhat cow hocked behind. MB (2) 1 M Sheer Elegance. PGB (3) 1 Rosemere Xana, 2 year old with a feminine head & dark eye. Good overall body shape, ribcage & bone. Would have liked a little more return of upper arm. Sound coming & going; 2 Mizeka A Hint Of Gold; 3 Desalazara Mamma Mia. LB (3,1) 1 Rosemere Xana; 2 Shanlimore Lady Jane, 5 year old female with a good head, balanced length of neck, long, deep ribcage just toeing out fractionally in front & somewhat cow hocked behind. OB (5,2) Quality class of three very good females – a difficult choice. 1 Ch Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore, 2 year old balanced feminine girl with a lovely head & dark eye. Good body shape & angles fore & rear. Well boned straight front legs with strong pasterns & a deep, long ribcage. Moved soundly from all angles just flagging a little in the challenge. BB & BOS; 2 Ch Kalkasidestiny’s Spirit at Mizeka, another female of very good make & shape just preferred the head of one; 3 Ch Zalute Zeonia via Shanlimore.