Thank you to the Border Union committee for my appointment we had a very pleasant time, & to the ring steward who did a very good job. It was a fair day – weather wise & improved as the day progressed. The previous day had been a very wet one so the ground round the show ground was a bit sodden but the rings were fine, the entry was disappointing just 16 dogs of which 4 were absent making 23 entries, but I was very pleased with my CC winners, sadly I had to withhold the RBCC as my finalists other than my CC winner on the day were in my opinion not of sufficient maturity or condition to merit it. Temperaments were excellent & no problems with dentition

PD (2) 1 McDowdell & Ashers’ Granchester Imoulou, blaireau marked male just 6 months old, but well grown with good straight topline & good angulation front & rear, head developing nicely, although he is a little deep in lip, correct almond shaped eye’s, good black pigmentation, moved soundly & is well balanced for his age; 2 Roberts & Pheonix’s Galliagh Tourmalet, another nice puppy just 7 months old with pale blaireau markings, close up to 1, good angulation nice eye & pigmentation, nicely constructed & moving out soundly needs to develop in skull, but that will come with time, just lost out to 1 on maturity. JD (1) 1 G Tourmalet. ND (1) 1 G Imoulou; PDG (3,1a) 1 Nelson’s Gillandant The Sensationalist, litter brother to my CC winner with very similar attributes, tall blaireau boy with lovely shaped head & eye, making a gorgeous expression with good pigmentation, in full coat, nicely constructed front assembly good strong bone, could do with a bit more angulation at the rear but moved out soundly & with good drive. Was pleased to award him RCC; 2 Agar’s Pyrbern Blond Kiowa, pale blaireau male, nicely constructed front & rear, & moved out soundly. His head has too much stop & pronounced eyebrows spoil the overall balance of the head, good eye shape, & pigmentation was good. LD (3) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Shakey Byrne, blaireau markings on head, of good size & bone, strong topline, good construction, moved out soundly on nice tight feet slightly rounded in eye which spoils the expression somewhat; 2 Keith’s Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn, nicely presented & in good coat, he has a lovely shaped head & eye & I preferred his head shape to 1, but he’s front construction lets him down & effects his front movement, in good coat but needs more body; 3 P Blond Kiowa. OD (3,1) 1 CC & BOS, Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Rockafella, pale blaireau marked with nice flow through the head, making correct wedge shape, correct almond shaped eyes which gives him that lovely Pyrenean expression, dark pigmentation, excels in outline & shape with good bone & cat feet which allows him to move out strongly & soundly was please to award him the CC & BOS. Unfortunately he seemed to lose a bit of interest in the challenge for BOB; 2 P Blond Kiowa. VD (0).

PB (2) 1 McDowdell & Ashers’ Granchester Chanson D’Amour, 6 months light blaireau markings on ears, pretty head, developing well, lovely shaped eyes, nice tight lips with good pigmentation, which complete the picture, good topline still very babyish as she should be for her age, correct amount of bone & angulation, moved soundly away & back just needs to settle on side gate. BP; 2 Holmes’ Abstrax Blaze Of Glory for Lisjovia, completely different type to 1. 10 months old, pretty expression though I would have preferred a slightly longer muzzle, well balanced in body which showed in her movement as she moved out soundly, just preferred the head shape of 1 & would like a little more length of leg. JB (2,1) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Kiyonari, 14 months old light blaireau, feminine expression with nicely shaped head, little round in eye but with good pigmentation, good topline but could do with a little more angulation in shoulders but that will probably improve as she matures, front action erratic in the challenge. NB (1) 1 G Chanson D’Amour. PGB (1) 1 Wright’s Desalazara Mamma Mia, of good size & shape, feminine head, with sweet expression, blaireau markings on ears, nicely made, good angulation with black pigmentation, moved well, sadly completely out of coat & in her underwear she looked immature, otherwise she would have been my RCC winner. LB (2,1) 1 CC & BOB, Pollard’s Gillandant Sizzling Spice, stood alone in this class, although not the biggest there’s no doubting her quality, she has the best of body shape, classic head & eye shape, good tight mouth with black pigmentation, good shoulder angulation & medium angles at rear, moved out soundly, standing in full coat keen & alert she looked a picture I was pleased to award her 2nd CC & BOB. OB & VB (0).