Judge  Christine Kenyon (Chezanna)

I would like to thank the PMDC of GB committee for inviting me to  judge. This was a very friendly show with many quality dogs which I was  priviledged to to over. Many thanks to the exhibitors who showed their dogs  under me.
(2). 1. Dunk's, Ch. Zalute Zuperzofistication. Lovely head,  nice dark eyes giving a soft expresion. In full coat. Hard to think this bitch  was 11 and a half years old. Looked quite a picture as she moved so well around  the ring BV. 2. Hatcher's, Arandora Irving. Tall dog. Masculine head with dark  almond shaped eyes. Lovely coat in good condition. 8 and a half years old. Not  as good on the move as winner. MP (1). 1. Murphy's, Amandjena Conway  Orlando. Just 6 months old and very much a baby. Nice looking dog. Nice head  and eye. Needs to body up. This will come with age. A good size and moved well. PD. (4). 1. Ford's, Desalazra Fernando. Lots to like about this puppy.  Loved his head and dark eyes giving a soft expresion, tight lips. Excellent  pigment. Good bone and body. Excellent topline. Medium angulation. Nice coat,  well presented. Moved out well. BP. 2. Wilcock's, Penellcy Guard of Honour.  Another ovely puppy with a good masculine head, eyes dark and of correct shape,  nice tight mouth, good dentition. Lovely coat. Good bone, substance and tood  topline. Just carrying a little more weight than winner which showed on the  move. However, moved out well. Another nicely presented puppy. 3. Giermer and  Owen's, Desalazara Funky Feet. Stronger in head and muzzle than first and  second. Good bone but needs to body up. Super coat and in good condition.  Medium angulation. Good topline. Moved out well. 2. JD. (3). 1. Ford's,  Desalazara Fernando. 2. Greenfield's, Gillandant Shekeelah. A lovely head with  correct eye shape and ear placement. Good bone. Very much a Junior dog. Losing  his coat on the day and not looking his best. However nothing wrong with his  movement. He moved out with drive. Well handled. 3. Downes', Pyrpressure's My  American Dream at Belshanmish. A different type to first and second. Finer in  head. A tall handsome boy. Lovely kind eyes of correct shape. Good pigment.  Needs to body up which will come with age. Needs to tighten in his front  movement. Again this will come with age. YD. (1). 1. Savage's,  Vi'Dlaky's Harry Honda. A quality dog of good size. Good strong head without  coarseness. Strong pigment. Good dentition. Strong bone. I felt just needs more  body, but only a young dog. Medium angulation. Moved out well. Very well  presented and handled. ND. (3). 1. Ford's, Desalazara Fendando. 2.  Wilcock's, Penellcy Guard of Honour. 3. Giermer and Owen's, Desalazara Funky  Feet. UGD. (3). 1. Ford's, Desalazara Fendando. 2. Greenfield's,  Gillandant Shekeelah. 3. Wilcock's, Penellcy Guard of Honour. PGD. (1).  1. Hatcher's, Arandora Iriving. LD. (3,1). 1. Bowker and Gibson's, Febus  Mauvezin. I have admired this dog from being a puppy and he did not disappoint  on the day. Lovely head, eye of correct shape and placement. Good body of  substance. Medium angulation. Good tail set and carriage. Well balanced in good  well presented coat. RBD. 2. Hatcher's, Arandora Iriving. OD. (2). An  impressive class of two titled dogs. 1. Pollard's, Ch. Gillandant Rockafella.  This dog has many attributes. A very handsome dog. His masculine head without  any signs of courseness. Correct nice tight dark eyes giving a lovely soft  expresion. Good bone and body. Overall well balanced giving a very pleasing  profile both stood and on the move to which he floed round with such style. BD  and RBIS. 2. Traynor's, Ch. Vi'Skaly's Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calsassa. Another  dog I have admired frm the ringside and again didn;t disappoint. Impressive in  size and substance. Handsome dog with a broader head than winner, again without  coarseness, nice tight correct shaped eyes and ear set. Good bone not quite as  well bodied as winner but only a young dog with plenty of time on his hands.  Just love his big bushy tail. In lovely coat that was well presented as awlays.  Handled well. Only pipped at the post for RBD by the movement of the Limit dog. PB. (2). 1. Ford's, Desalazara Dancing Queen. Litter sister to BP.  Lovely feminine head, pretty bitch with nice deep pigment. Needs a little more  in body but this will come with age. Good bone and height. Just needs time to  settle more on the move and tighten. JB. (2). 1. Edwards', Gillandant  Leyla via Shanlimore. What is there not to like about this bitch? Lovely head,  dark eyes and lovely tight lips. The blackest of black pigment onto the whitest  of white coats. She looked every inch a stunner! Added to a level topline,  correct angulation, good bone and body her overall balance lead to a lovely  picture in profile both stood and on the move. Excellently and proudly  presented. Could not be denied BB and BIS. 2. Ford's, Desalazara Dancing Queen. YB. (2,1). 1. Edward's, Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore. NB. (2,1). 1. Ford's, Desalazara Dancing Queen. UGB (2). 1. Ford's,  Desalazara Dancing Queen. 2. Lord's, Laudley Prudence. Not a happy dog on the  day and did not want to co-operate with her handler. I could not go over her  properly but what I did see I liked. She is a coloured girl with a nice pretty  feminine head, her eyes of correct shape and lovely deep pigment. Strong bone  and body. Did not run for the handler well which was a pity. Nice bitch. PGB.  (1). 1. Lord's, Laudley Prudence. LB. (2). Two lovely bitches. 1.  Veale's, Shanlimore Pandora. I have judged this bitch before. She is a very  pretty feminine bitch. Always a pleasure to go over. She has a lovely outline.  Level topline. Good bone and body and in coat which is really well presented.  Moved out freely with lots of dribe and enthusiasm. 2. Traynor's, Vi'Skaly's  Mona Monarch at Calsassa. Finer head than winner and finer in body but lots to  like. Feminine bitch with nice tight eyes and mouth, good ear set, tail and  carriage. Well presented and in good coat. OB. (4,2). 1. Greenfield's,  Gillandant Crystal Fantasy. Loved this bitch. Very feminine, striking with her  lovely colouring and nice white coat, making a pretty picture both standing and  on the move. She is very soundly constructed. Good height and well balanced  level topline and handled ever so well. RBB. 2. Dunk's, Zalute  Ztausquokismequick. A nice size bitch. Also with all the attributes of winner.  Very pleasing head and eye. Pretty and in superb coat, presented well. Lost out  to winner on the move.