I found the overall standard was quite high. Our recent spell of hot weather has clearly caused some to loose coat, but I did not take much notice of the amount of coat, just texture. A few were rather thin under the coat, maybe off their food with the weather? Some clearly felt the heat on the move.

A few lacked pigment. Fronts remain something of a problem, length & angle of the upper arm not right in many.

I thought the bitch line-up was very even.

PD (4) 1 Meakin’s Amandjena Carson Nevada, very good type with correct outline & proportions, masculine head which although immature shows correct shape & slight stop. Well set eyes with correct expression. Fairly short neck, well laid shoulder, pasterns too upright. Ribs go well back, moderate hind angulation. Best mover in class; 2 Thompson’s Aurealis Merlinite, another raw dog of nice type. Liked his head, correct width of skull, slight stop, well set eyes & ears, fair front, nice feet, well ribbed back. Pleasing rear, particularly good tail, moved fairly well; 3 Atherton’s Aurealis Tektonite. JD (3) Very good class. 1 Downes’ Pyrpressure’s My American Dream at Belshanmish, 15 months & obviously immature in body yet, as to be expected & desired. Super head, dark amber eyes, slight stop. Would like a better pigment to mouth. Correct neck, best front in class. Elbows could be set slightly closer to his body. Well ribbed back with a short loin, but still correct proportions with longer body than height. Firm topline, correct turn of stifle & hock, although hock could be a fraction higher. Good tail. Moves with long easy stride. Elegant dog who should do very well when mature; 2 Wilcock’s Penellcy Guard Of Honour, another top class dog who should do lots of winning. At first glance looks a bit heavy in head, but it is mainly hair, his head is well shaped with slightly better pigment than 1. Correct neck, well laid shoulder. Short in upper arm & a tad narrow in front as yet. Well sprung ribs going well back, strong rear. Not quite the movement of 1 but close up. PGD (5) 1 P Guard Of Honour; 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, very well presented dog, super head, masculine of correct width, well placed eyes & really typical expression. Maybe a fraction too much neck. Has a fairly good front with tight feet. Can just firm up in topline. Well bent stifle & correct hocks, uses his rear so well on move; 3 Holmes’ Lisjovia Shakey Byrne. LD (5) 1 Smith & Flounders’ Brulola Spirit In The Sky for Lakamoni, in very full coat which makes him look a bit heavy at first glance. He is a very well made & typy dog, well balanced head, maybe a fraction too much stop. Super pigment, correct fairly short neck, well laid shoulder, tight feet, well bodied as befits his age, strong loin, firm topline. Correct, fairly moderate hind angulation, very typical on move. RCC; 2 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Mauvezin, well handled dog who presents a pleasing outline, elegant looking masculine dog, like his head, correct eye & expression with a slight stop, correct short neck. Not quite the shoulder of 1. Well ribbed back. Strong rear which he uses well on move; 3 Savage’s Vi’skaly’s Harry Honda at Kington. OD (7) Thought this a strong class. 1 Baverstock’s Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, really good moving dog, elegant but masculine & strong. Skull & muzzle in good balance, just a bit rounded at the sides of his skull. Correct neck, well laid shoulders with a lengthy upper arm & well filled chest, super body, strong loin with a firm topline. Correct fairly moderate hind angulation. Super tail. CC; 2 Traynor’s Ch Vi’skaly’s Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calsassa, elegant young dog of correct proportions. Could be a little tidier in front coming towards. Good head with slight stop, well placed eyes & super expression, correct neck. Slightly better should than 3. Well ribbed back, enough turn of stifle & hock, good tail. Holds his outline well on move; 3 Pollard’s Ch Gillandant Rockafella. VD (0).

PB (2) Both very promising raw pups. 1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Cool Running, elegant feminine bitch, correct head proportions, well set eyes of correct colour giving a lovely expression. Correct neck, well made in front with rigs to elbow. Needs to spring in her ribs yet. Moderate hind angulation. Can tighten up & back but long & easy stride in profile. BP; 2 McDowell & Asher’s Granchester Sparkling Gem, superb head but eyes just a little too light & a rather worried expression, but this can change. Correct neck, well laid shoulder. A little upright in pastern. Ribs go well back & correct depth body for age, holds a very good topline, fair rear. As with 1 a bit floppy on move as yet, but easy profile stride. JB (3) 1 Downes’ Shanlimore Delta Lady at Belshanmish, very bouncy young bitch who is a good mover when puts her mind to it! Feminine head of correct balance with well set, expressive eyes. Slight stop, nicely pigmented, correct length of neck, well laid shoulders, best in pastern of these three. Still needs to deepen in chest. Ribs go well back. Enough turn of stifle & hock. Close call between her & the equally raw limit winner, which she won to take RCC; 2 G Sparkling Gem; 3 Wright’s Desalazara Mamma Mia. PGB (4) 1 Edwards’ Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, elegant bitch, could have just a fraction more length of body. Very good head, muzzle shorter than skull, well set eyes & ears. Wouldn’t want any more neck. Well laid shoulder. Chest of correct depth & ribs are well sprung, moved well. Should do very well; 2 Ford’s Kalkasi Stormdance for Montimur, was feeling the heat somewhat, but a fairly sound bitch, liked her head very much, feminine, slight stop & typical expression, correct length neck, fair front. Liked her length body but is a bit square over croup & short in tail. Lovely deep, tight feet. LB (7) 1 Pollard’s Gillandant Sizzling Spice, just out of junior & looks her age, best mover in class out & back & goes with an easy stride. Feminine head of correct proportions, lovely pigment, eye & expression. Wouldn’t want any more neck. Fair front, good depth of chest & ribs go well back, firm topline, especially good rear; 2 Veale’s Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims, lovely type of bitch with mature body, well sprung ribs, liked her feminine head very much. Correct balance of muzzle to skull, super eye & expression, liked her length of neck, firm topline. Not quite the rear of 1 & a bit careless with her front. Very elegant type bitch; 3 Moffat & Holmes’ Lisjovia Simoncelli via Kyleca. OB (3) 1 Edwards’ Ch Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore, really lovely bitch, super outline, just slightly longer than tall. Feminine head, excellent pigment, correct neck, well laid shoulder & fairly good upper arm. Chest just below elbow, well sprung ribs that go well back, well bent stifle with correct turn of hock, long tail. Such a good mover with typical side gait. CC & BOB; 2 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Danz In The Moonlite, mature lady with a super body, feminine head, which, maybe could be slightly flatter at sides. Super eye & typical expression, correct neck, fairly well made front but rather picks her feet up too high on move. Moderate rear with very good hind action. Could maybe be a fraction longer in body, but is a very good bitch; 3 Flounders’ Sketrick Izzianette at Lakamoni. VB (0).