I was very pleased with my BCC & BOB Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice. I cannot remember when I was last able to award such a good example of the breed, this dog stood out because of her closeness of my interpretation of the Standard, importantly with no exaggerations in any department. She performed well in the group competition after a tiring day. I was attracted to the head & expression especially, while the movement was smooth & unhurried.

DCC, Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend, correctly coloured redhead definitely the best mover of the male dogs, eye colour & expression just right, ears were of correct size & shape, unlike some of the other examples on show. Correct angulation producing an easy but powerful stride, good to see the alert tail. A great working relationship between dog & owner. Same sire as BOB.

RDCC, Ch Gillandant Rockafella, another nicely marked redhead very powerful & impressive male, well muscled & plenty of chest breadth, something lacking among many of the exhibits here. Pleasant head with correct gentle stop, good pigmentation both eye rims & lips. I would have preferred a tighter flew for perfection. A full brother, I notice, to my BOB.

RBCC, Viskalyís Berry Berry Xtraordinary, lightly marked youngster, what she lacked in maturity was compensated for by her confidence & style. Correct head & expression, gentle stop & well shaped ears. Great pigmentation & correct dentition.

In general the bitches moved much more correctly than the males & this one was no exception.

VD (3) 1 Duffell & Egletonís Ricaduffal Shooting Star, a clear winner in this class. Moved freely without encouragement some minor faults about the head, very well presented & managed. Nicely pigmented in spite of his age; 2 Simpsonís Ch Pyroni Valentino of Baldhoon, well prepared all white boy slowing up a little, beginning to loose some pigmentation now, & the flews spoilt his looks, nevertheless obviously a classy well matured friend; 3 Stratton-Baldwinís Kricarno Kommendation, another obviously cherished oldie, correct shape & eye colour, dark pigmentation just some flew slackness, beginning to dip in the back just a little. PD (2) 1 Downesí Pyrpressureís My American Dream at Belshanmish, classy, just a bit on the light side at present. I liked the general construction & angulation, good tight feet, strong hocks & well attached dewclaws. I would like to see more substance & breadth of chest but these will come with maturity; 2 Robertsí Flickorna Remember Me, finer in bone than 1, very well presented coat, good length of tail strong dew claws. I would have preferred a more balanced movement. JD (5) 1 Holmesí Lisjovia Shakey Byrne, classy youngster, well balanced moved well after settling, medium boned needs to gradually increase weight over the next few months while keeping up the exercise. Well proportioned & correct angulation, looked especially good from the side; 2 Greenfieldís Gillandant Shakeelah, would have preferred a little more height. Moved well & kept a level topline, responded well to handler, although the head was correct it was spoilt by loose flews; 3 Janesí Kricarno Karrizzmatick, attractive & well groomed, head spoilt by loose flews, movement might be improved by schooling. PGD (12) 1 Watersí Sketrick Next Connexion, liked the eye shape & colour, gentle stop, ears not too large, unlike some examined here. Good all round example with correct angulation, a good example of understanding between dog & handler. Well deserved first in this strong class; 2 L Shakey Byrne; 3 Keithís Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn, moved & handled well, would have liked more breadth of chest. Correct angulation both front & rear. Good dentition, but I would have preferred a little stronger pigmentation. LD (12) 1 Bowker & Gibsonís Febus Mauvezin, agreeably proportioned dog with excellent pigment, correctly shaped dark eye, flews tight & black, deserved to win this class on movement & tail carriage alone; 2 Meakinís Jazanah Josephinite, once again good movement & tail carriage contributed much to this dog, good breadth of chest & excellent front angulation, well muscled neck with level topline while gaiting; 3 Watersí Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes at Sketrick, lighter in bone than I would have liked, some more furnishings might have improved his position, smooth & easy moving was an asset, as was well formed head & powerful neck. Tight feet & well angulated hocks. OD (11) 1 Baylissí Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend. CC; 2 Pollardís Ch Gillandant Rockafella. RCC; 3 Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstromís Ch Viískalyís Stage Diver, from the strongest class of the day I was pleased to find this very flash & well presented visitor up in place three. Immaculate in presentation & handling but lack of coat & loose flews spoilt the overall view. Good dentition nicely shaped eye & a gentle stop. Exemplary tail carriage & topline while moving. GCD (3) 1 J Josephinite; 2 Lowís Pyrtastic Nightshine, well presented & shown, correct dentition, very good pigment. Would have preferred a better shaped eye & more balanced movement; 3 Munsonís Pyrbern Blond Lynx, plenty of class with this dog, very calm temperament, correct tail carriage, good relationship with handler, well prepared.

VB (5) 1 Cochraneís Pyroni Tommy Girl of Myatoksci, very feminine bitch, moved very smoothly, level topline, no lack of pigmentation despite her age. Plenty of depth & breadth across the chest, well angulated front, good strong hocks & full length of tail, presentation was a credit; 2 Dunkís Ch Zalute Zuperzofistication, excellent quality in all departments, I preferred the movement of 1; 3 Robertsí Ir Ch/Cib Monksgrange Musica, dipping in the back spoilt the topline, I would have preferred less pendulous ears, otherwise a good all-round example, very good pigmentation & presentation. PB (2) 1 Bowker & Gibsonís Viskalyís Berry Berry Xtraordinary. RCC. JB (6) 1 Edwardsí Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, bright white bitch beautifully manicured in every respect. Good dentition, dark pigment, tight flews, very mature in all respects for a youngster; 2 Scholtenís Kassarah Romee La Joie Blanche, taller & finer than 1, narrower in head, good pigment, needs to tighten up the movement. Extremely elegant in overall stance & presentation; 3 Irelandís Gillandant Samirah, slightly smaller & compact, some damaged pigment. Front movement hampered by lack of chest breadth, out of coat, sister to 1. PGB (14) 1 Murdenís Desalazara Vanilla Orchid, one of the strongest classes of the day. Very good type, well shaped dark eye, dark pigment, moved with drive & confidence, correct tail carriage & tight feet; 2 Robinsonís Alchazandis Captivation, nicely balanced bitch, good dark eye, excellent breadth of chest, another stylish mover, attractive outline, adequate bone & tight feet; 3 Voglerís Merzurlaska Zianon Lace, very good quality bitch, very unlucky to come up against such in form completion. Very feminine head, excellent pigmentation, small neat ears, kept level topline on the move. LB (10) 1 D Vanilla Orchid; 2 Dunkís Zalute Ztatusquokismequik, not quite so tall as 1, but very smooth on the move with level topline, correct ear set, attractive eyes with wonderful expression, very neat feet; 3 Baverstockís Kalkasi High Expectations, standing taller than 1 & 2. I should have like to have seen tighter flew, moved well & held the tail just right, good dentition. Would have liked to have seen a little more curvature of the skull for perfection. OB (9) 1 Pollardís Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice. CC & BOB; 2 Mattisson-Sandstrom & Sandstromís Viískalyís Ka Ata Killa Qui-Mu, very much of the same type of wonderful breeding as is always produced by this kennel. Correct angulation front & rear, level topline on the move, proper alert tail carriage, good understanding between dog & handler, well presented. I preferred the overall substance of 1; 3 Sangís Ch Kalkasi Destinyís Spirit at Mizeka, attractive third place in this very strong class, in full coat & really trying hard for a place. All the angles are right, very difficult to fault. I preferred the head & expression & overall outline of my first two places, but this was no disgrace in at this level of competition. GCB (4) 1 Robinsonís Alchazandis Captivation, quality head with dark eyes & pigment. Thick & clean coat, excellent bone & neat feet, good angles, moved soundly when settled, needs firmer handling; 2 Munsonís Pyrbern Blonde Apache, attractively marked bitch, well pigmented & tight flews. Would have preferred less pendulous ears & better rear angulation; 3 Vealís Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims, good head shape, lovely pigment & dark eyes. Well sprung ribs, would have preferred more substance.