Judge :  Albert Wight

PD (3) 1 & BP Giermer & Owens Desalazara Funky Feet - what an exciting start to the day with this 11 months old utterly charming youngster.I loved him and am sure he is a future star. Tall & elegant yet powerful in body, bags of bone and substance and he is so free striding with a light action. His head is a delight, oozing charm in expression from really good eyes, very good neck and head carriage, well ribbed, good width behind the withers and ribs to the elbow. His croup is so well moulded, he was in excellent coat and moved out so positively. I'm positive he is a titleholder in the waiting. 2 Thompson's Aurealis Merlinite & 3rd Atherton's Aurealis Tektonite, litter brothers of just the 6 months and so mere babes in arms compared to the winner. They are very similar, both at that awkward, gangly stage where they seem all legs and wings and prove a handful on the move. Pleasing in head, eyes and expression, heads still needs to develop, they are similar in wither height and length/height proportions, coats a bit curly for my taste but this may settle down. Both have wheel tails on the move, but Merlinite was second as he was the steadier on the move as Tektonite thought it was playtime.

(2,1) 1 D. Funky Feet.

(4) 1 Keith's Shanlimore Let It Be For Beverlenn, there is so much to like about this very handsome dog. His head handles so well, loved his eyes, so soft and kind in expression. His outline draws the eye on the stack as he has a good neck, level backline, the croup is so beautifully moulded leading the hindquarters which have adequate angulation and strong hocks. His coat presentation was masterful and he was well handled. He acquits himself well in action as he circles the ring, but he is loose in pastern when fore viewed which told against him in the challenge. But a dog of charm. 2 Holmes' Lisjovia Shakey Byrne another whose coat and presentation were of great credit. He is tall, impressive as he enters the ring as he covers the ground so well. For me he has too much neck length which detracted from the appeal of his outline. Head well balanced, eyes could be a shade tighter, good pigmentation, level backed and ample width in second thigh. Still a yearling, he needs time to develop in forechest as he stands a moves a bit narrow. Nonetheless he does have an appeal and I'm sure will have lots of good wins. 3 Tomkins' Shanlimore Tarvos of Glenpyr.

(3) 1st CC, BOB & G3 Bowker & Gibson's Febus Mauvezin - I understand his name is taken from a castle in the Pyrenees. This is a classic type of Pyrenean - totally un-exaggerated, moderate in neck which is powerful, beautiful headpiece with the most benign, gentle eyes and expression, super ribcage with ample width behind the withers, lovely forechest, well timbered legs which stand as straight as a dye in front, his length / height balance is spot on, the coat clean as a whistle and his action is so correct for the breed. Unhurried but effective, head held high, true both ways and then he stacks so beautifully. I believe his first CC and he is only just 2 years old. Should easily gain his crown. 2 Kenyon & Ward's Charibiere Simply Special at Chezanna JW another top quality male, Loved his head shape, pigmentation, beautiful eyes and good ears. Tall, well off for rib development and substance, shown in extremely good coat and bloom and his profile action shows a powerful stride. Not quite the level backline of Mauvezin on the stack and he could be that tad tighter in pastern. But a dog of undoubted charm and appeal. 3 Baverstock's Echo De'Chien A Touch of Magic at Kalasaki (Imp Est)

(2,1) 1st & res CC Traynor's Ch Vi'skalys Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calsassa (Swed Imp) what a strikingly handsome chap this is. Exudes an air of confidence which suggests he is damn good and he knows it! I loved his head and expression, he shows power throughout yet retains that air of quality which will always draw the eye. Good wither height, ample neck, level backed above an excellent ribcage, croup moulding absolutely spot on and it completes an outline which can't fail to draw the eye. Like the BOB his jacket was immaculate, he was handled to get the last ounce out of him and he was a real pleasure to judge. In the challenge he just flagged a little bit in profile action and gave me a look which suggested that surely I'd seen enough! A most deserved Champion.

(5,3) 1 Wright's Desalazara Mamma Mia I see she is litter sister to the outstanding BP. Lovely size, nicely headed, ample weight in foreface for her sex, such good eyes and pigmentation, enough neck, firm in backline and a smooth, well rounded rump. Shown in splendid coat she moved out with an even stride and seemed to be enjoying her time inn the ring. 2 Thompson's Aurealis Amethyst litter sister to the two Minor Puppy dogs and like them needs lots of time as she is so babyish as yet. I would like a stronger headpiece especially in skull width, well shaped eyes, ample neck, backline soft on the stack and her coat is at that in between stage.

(3,1) 1st D. Mamma Mia.

(2) 1 Carlin's Rosemere Xanthia not in her best bib and tucker but no denying the quality of her headpiece, so feminine, not overdone in stop and with really good eyes. I feel she needs to carry more body, otherwise her shape is so good with clean, flowing lines. He smooth, unhurried but powerful action earned her the red card. 2 Tommins' Shanlimore Chantilly Lace at Glenpyr another not in full coat, pleasing head, especially good eyes for size, shape and colour. Well placed ears, nice depth of rib and firm backed. Side on she held her shape but she needs to firm up in front action which told against her. 

LB (7) 1st & CC Marston's Charibere Symphony's Legacy, scores for sheer type being so well put together in construction, nothing overdone just smooth, clean lines harmoniously coming together to give an outline which delights the eye. She is essentially feminine yet has substance, is so well bodied, was spotless in jacket and moved out with a deceptively easy yet effective stride. Her head is such a good shape, ample width in skull, sufficient stop, beautiful foreface and so clean & smooth in cheek. I believe I awarded her Ch. grandmother her first CC so was delighted to learn she has bred on so well. 2 Moffat & Holmes' Lisjovia Simoncelli via Kyleka JW ShCM a heartbreaker as she has so much to like. Has style in spades, was in excellent coat, is so shapely, good in profile action and looks a potential winner. Not at all happy in her surroundings although I was able to handle her, but she was just not so typically laid back and placid as I expect to see from this charming breed. Once she gets her act together, she can go all the way. 3 Traynor's Vi'skaly's Mona Monark at Calsassa (Swed Imp).

(2,1) 1st & Res CC Baverstock's Kalkasi Danz in the Moonlite very shapely, so well bodied and ribbed, sufficient neck, lovely backline and smoothly rounded rump leading to moderately angled hindquarters and strong, well boned hocks. Pretty headpiece, such dark, almond shaped eyes enhance her appeal and she has well weighted bone. At the lower end of the height scale but she is still impressive like a pocket battle ship. Smooth, balanced profile action but she just lost out in the challenge to the better front action of the Limit bitch. I believe is just awaiting that vital 3rd CC and I am sure in this form it will not be too long in coming.