PD (2) 1 Ford’s Desalazara Fernando, a delightful start to the day & if I had seen nothing else I would have happily have signed a certificate for him despite being just 11 months. Lovely type all through with quality but masculine head, lovely eye & expression, correct proportions throughout with correct neck, straight front, well timbered & so well conditioned, light steady mover. All he needs is to mature on. Easily BP & later PG3 under Barrie Croft; 2 Wilcock’s Penellcy Guard of Honour, 11 months & he too set up to create an impressive profile with excellent angles & proportions. Not quite the expression of 1 or as clean up & down when moving.
(2) 1 D Fernando; 2 P Guard of Honour.
(3) 1 Keith’s Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn, has a look of real class, pure white beautifully presented, typically elegant & smooth contoured head, excellent expression & a totally impressive outline, uses his tail well on the go around. Lacking in body weight & forechest & tends to be rather loose in front action. If he bodies up & tightens in front he should be capable of doing some useful winning; 2 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, another class act but he persisted in pacing when he first came in. Quality head, balanced outline. Didn’t use his tail as well as 1 but eventually broke the habit & moved steadily if a little slack in pastern; 3 Holmes’ Lisjovia Shakey Byrne.
(6) 1 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Mauvezin, the star of the entry & as soon as he came in he impressed for his overall correctness & sheer nobility, beautiful head with that calm knowing Pyrenean expression, smoothly contoured with clean lips, well filled forechest, nicely ribbed, perfectly boned & straight forelegs, well coupled & so correctly angulated front & back, in beautiful condition, created a spectacular outline with the correct length of neck, firm backline & everything just flowing, movement was spot on, ideal tail carriage. All he needs to do now is get the extra body & finish that full maturity will bring, then we will be seeing plenty more of him in the groups I suspect. Easy CC & BOB, his second apparently, & I am sure his crown is just around the corner; 2 Baverstock’s Echo de Chien A Touch of Magic at Kalkasi, another quality male of similar proportions but not the exquisite expression of 1 & he has a little more angulation behind than in front; 3 Savage’s Viskaly’s Harry Honda at Kington.
(5) 1 Traynor’s Ch Viskaly’s Xbalanque Qui Mu at Calsassa, handsome & upstanding male of top quality, very satisfying head & expression, well boned & bodied, impeccably presented, sound steady mover who used his tail well. A very worthy champion just beaten by the sheer excitement of the LD but richly deserved the RCC; 2 Baverstock’s Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, overall he makes a very pleasing picture & was presented in top form. Didn’t quite have the elegance in head of 1, but he put up a very strong challenge & moved steadily; 3 Bowker, Boyd & Gibson’s Am Ch River Groves Gianni Versace.

PB (1) Ford’s Desalazara Dancing Queen, litter sister to the wonderful male puppy but nothing like as forward. Feminine head, enough bone, balanced outline. Still needs to drop into her rear with maturity. Promising mover.
(1) 1 D Dancing Queen.
(3) 1 Edwards’ Gillandant Dancing Queen via Shanlimore, immaculately presented bitch of real quality, substantially framed & yet elegant, delightful head & expression, smooth & well proportioned, her copybook construction is reflected in her accurate movement. Can still body up with maturity & more use of her tail would complete the picture, but she was well worthy of her first CC which she won here & I am sure she will win more; 2 Ireland’s Gillandant Samirah, well bodied & sensibly put together but not quite the outline of 1 or her elegance in head. Moved perfectly respectably; 3 Ford’s Kalkasi Stormdance for Montimur.
(7) 1 Traynor’s Viskaly’s Mona Monark at Calsassa, although she won rather by default & is not the biggest she scored with her beautiful head, was in pristine condition & when she settled she co-ordinated well; 2 Marston’s Charibere Symphony’s Legacy, absolutely my frustration of the whole show as when this bitch set up I immediately felt she could be my CC winner as I loved everything about her, notably her bearing, proportions, gleaming condition & charming head. On the initial go around she did nothing to disappoint so you can imagine my disappointment when she flatly refused to let me go over her & attempted to collapse into a heap. I have no idea if something had spooked her, but she wasn’t having any of it. Having pleased me on the move when she was back in the line-up I made another attempt as I was determined to place her as highly as possible. She was a little more tolerant, but still was not rock steady & so that relegated her to this placing. I hope her moodiness is temporary as she should coast through to her title; 3 Baverstock’s Kalkasi High Expectations.
(3) 1 Baverstock’s Kalkasi Danz In The Moonlite, not the tallest of bitches but she is essentially well made & of excellent overall type, very solidly built with a very pleasing head & expression. Moved steadily in profile, but lost out marginally to the PGB in front. Nonetheless well deserved the RCC. Very nicely presented; 2 Edwards’ Ch Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore, standing she looked the winner as I loved her overall quality & beautiful head, but she was very sluggish on the move & tended to lose her topline; 3 Cochrane’s Pyroni Tommy Girl of Myatoksci.