Judge  Sue Mutton

Thank you to my stewards for their help on the day and to exhibitors for the small but quality entry. Quite a few different types here on the day, bitches still have the edge over the dogs in my opinion.
LD. (3). 1. Cochranes', New Brunswick Boy for Myataksci (Imp). Not the biggest but excellent conformation. Pleasing head, bear like American type with good pigment. Nice eye, neat ears and tight flews. In good coat and very sound on the move. 2. Kenyon and Wards', Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna JW. Good size and substance on this young coloured dog. Not as mature and not the head of winner. His loose flews made his head look a little on the heavy side. Not helped by being out of coat and his front movement is a tad loose at the moment. Having said that he has much to commend him. 3. Shepherd and Cordon's, Gillandant the Illusionist at Avantegarde.
OD. (5). 1. Pollard's, Ch. Gillandant Rockafella JW. Quality male, masculine head of correct type with solid black pigment. Nice dark almond eye. Good size and bone. Well balanced. Lovely coat and sound on the move. Very pleased to award him the CC. 2. Haresign's, Briannor Ainthalfhot at Caselbarn. Good honest dog of good old school type. Pleasing head with gentle expression, good dark eye and pigment. Well balanced all round with sound movement. Shown in good coat. RCC. 3. McDowell and Asher's, Granchester Sparkling Gem. 11 months old tall and fine. Very French in type. Feminine head with lovely black pigment. Dark eye of correct shape, super tight flews. Good overall balance meant that she moved soundly and effortlessly. One to watch as she matures. Well deserved BP.
JB. (1). 1. Granchester Sparkling Gem.
PG. (1). 1. Edward's, Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW. Stood alone but outshone the rest of the entry to win the CC and BOB. I understand this makes her up and is no surprise to me as she simply oozes quality. I later found out that she is the daughter of Sugar and Spice to whom I gave BOB the last time that I judged. She is obviously passing on her outstanding qualities. Very feminine head not overdone in any way. Super pigment, lovely dark almond eye, tight mouth and blackest of pigment. Although out of coat, her well balanced outline and substance meant that she had what it takes to carry off top honours on the day. Moved effortlessly.
LB. (4). 1. Veales', Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims. Honest bitch with a good outline and solid frame. She has correct head and good pigment, was shown in good coat and condition and moved soundly. Sowmwhat lacked lustre and didn't make the most of herself. A lot would have preferred to be outside and I think she was probably one of them. 2. Pollard's, Gillandant Sizzling Spice. Litter sister to CC winner and many of the same qualities apply. I feel she is not as mature as her sister and may take longer to get there. Also she was completely bereft of coat. Very feminine, lovely head propoerties and moved well around the ring. 3. Ford's, Kalkasi Stormdance for Montimur.
OB. (2). 1. Edwards', Ch. Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore JW Sh CM. Beautifully presented as always from this kennel. Pleasing feminine head and expression. Well off for bone and substsnce. Lovely outline and in suprt coat and condition. Moved sound and true. Just preferred the head of CC winner and she didn't quite have her presence and joie de vivre in the challenge. RCC. 2. McDowell and Asher's, Sketrick Maggie May at Granchester. Coloured bitch also of good size and substance. Nice overall shape. Good pigment and eye. Moved a little loose in front. Just preferred the head of winner.