South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club

Limited Show 6th October 2013




What a lovely entry for the club! It was an honour to be invited to judge your show and I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over and critique their dogs. All dogs were presented well groomed and clean.

I extend my gratitude to the committee who looked after me so well, making it such a lovely day.

I was delighted with my Best in Show Winner: Waters’ Sketrick Next Addition. He is a good representation of the breed, great head, correct in build and true to type. Best opposite Sex was Tadds’ Kricarno Kornish Krystal. An elegant young girl who moved so steady and true because she can, as she is well-made. Her sire is my Reserve Best in Show: Waters’ Sketrick Justification who whilst medium in size has all he needs to match up to the standard having a beautiful head and elegance in build. My Reserve Best bitch and Best veteran was Waters’ Sketrick Genevieve a 9 year old who was one of the best movers of the day. Such a lovely shape and so correct. Best Puppy in Show was Meakins’ Amandjena Carson Nevada, a promising youngster of good size and correct proportions.

I am delighted to see the breed developing in statue as the mountain dog should be elegant and still have bone however I was disappointed with construction and therefore in many exhibits movement was poor or incorrect. We need length in the upper arm to allow our dogs to “reach” when moving out. Good bend of stifle and strong hocks at the rear will mean your dog can power through. Movement should not be a short, light footed gait. The mountain Dog has a job to do!

The head of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a moulded one piece. It should be well filled under a small almond shaped eye, with smallish, thick low set ears. Slab sided deep muzzles and round eyes are not attractive, it is not our breed!

I was pleased to note all dogs had double dewclaws, with bone and attached in most exhibits. All but three dogs had the required shepherd’s crook in good length tails. Whilst pigmentation appeared to be good, lips and the roof of some mouths were lacking.  All had super characters, so important for our breed.


PD: 2 Entries (0 abs)

1. Meakins’ Amandjena Carson Nevada, an 11 month old blaireau puppy with good leg length to body depth proportions. Moved well showing good rear angulation, strong hocks on small compact feet. Skull a little strong, eye shape good however a little light in colour. Pigment OK, nice small thick ears, correct dentition and bite. Good coat texture. BPD & BPIS

2. Murphys’ Amandjena Conway Orlando, litter brother to 1. A little raw and movement quite erratic, not quite as well schooled as his brother although he has a nice overall shape, slightly better leg length and therefore has elegance. A pleasing head with good eye shape and colour, ears small & thick. Well pigmented nose but mouth is lacking colour. Coat correct texture and well groomed.


JD: 2 Entries (0 abs)

1. Meakins’ Amandjena Cleveland Ohio, this good size 11 month old completes the trio of male puppies from the same litter. Leg to body proportions are correct and he has a nice overall shape. Not as good on the move as BP. Head a little heavy in type but eye shape and colour good. Ears small and thick. Bite correct however pigmentation on mouth could be better. RBPD & RBPIS

2. Murphy’s Amandjena Conway Orlando.


SYD: 2 Entries (0 abs)

How refreshing to see two good size young males, 24 month old litter brothers with the beautiful overall body shape that we should be looking to achieve. Weight – spot on! Great length of back, well extended rib cage, correct rear angulation on strong hocks and good feet. Would like a better upper arm length. Coat texture correct. Bodies of both are encouraging.

1.Salters’ Kricarno Kookie, Very nice male, head piece a little strong, good eye colour and excellent pigmentation. Ear placement good. Correct Bite. Has a great stride out but carried his rear right leg which spoilt what should have been good movement.

2. Janes’ Kricarno Karrizzmatick, So similar in type as one would expect and lots to like. Lovely body outlines and started to move really well. Unfortunately there was a need to change handlers and he was reluctant to move. He is a little strong in the head and his mouth is a bit loose, but eyes and ears are both correct as is his pigment.


ND: 0 Entries


GD: 2 Entries (0 abs)

1. Salters’ Kricarno Kookie

2. Thorn’s Alchazandis Rupert Bear is a 7 year old castrated white male and can he move! Although compact in his build, what super construction. Moved better than the younger exhibits. Very steady and all feet firmly planted. Sadly his head is heavy and not to type. His muzzle is deep, his eyes light and he lacks pigment. Nice small thick ears. Good coat texture and nicely presented.


PGD: 5 Entries (1 abs)

1. Waters’ Sketrick Next Addition. Oh I like this boy! He is a very balanced, well put together 2 year old in good condition. His head is a moulded, one piece structure with a super eye shape, tight mouth, good pigment and dentition – spot on! Lovely small thick ears well placed on a head of correct proportions. His eye colour is a little light. Put you hands on this dog to find out what good construction is – Good angles front and rear, great turn of stifle, strong hocks, and powers through for a sound and steady movement.

An easy Best Dog & BIS for me.

2. Janes’ Kricarno Karrizzmatick.

3. Downes’ Pyrpressure’s my American dream of Belshanmish (Imp USA). A 19 month old import from the U.S and typically compact in his statue. He was beautifully groomed and handled, and has good muscle tone - a credit to his owner. His head shape was disappointing as he lacks fill under the eye. Eye colour is light and whilst his nose pigmentation is good, the lips were not. He floated around the ring and was very sound but lacked drive.

4. Burwells’ Blond Defender at Bursville.  


LD: 2 Entries (1 abs)

1. Absoloms’ Fontenay Newton Wonder. A well proportioned 4 year old that has a good width of chest and looks good in profile. He needs to be a little more angulated front and rear and this showed in his lack of drive. Head in profile is very pleasing but would like a more developed cranium for his age. He still has time to mature. Nice eye shape and colour, pigmentation is good. Coat correct.  


OD: 3 Entries (0 abs)

1. Waters’ Sketrick Justification. A medium sized male, good overall shape with adequate bone and well put together. Leg length to body depth ratio is correct. He has good angles front and rear, good turn of stifle and strong hocks hence moved sound and steady. He has a beautifully formed head with a super eye shape although colour is a little light. Good pigmentation, a tight mouth, correct bite and dentition. Small well placed ears and correct coat texture completes the picture.  RBD & RBIS

2. Wells’ Sketrick Lupo. A tall dog correctly proportioned with adequate bone. Almost 5 years old and I hope he continues to develop as I like what I see. He can stride out and has good reach. He almost doesn’t know what to do with his front legs as he elbows out slightly. Part & parcel of having the required front construction? This dog is well muscled, he clearly likes his exercise – so important! His head is a little stronger than I would like on a dog with his frame work but none the less, quite pleasing with good pigmentation, nice eye shape. Showing a bit of lip as muzzle is a little deep. Good coat texture.

3. Tadds’ Kricarno Khoirboy JW SHCM. Different in type to 1st & 2nd. Larger in statue and cobby in his build. He has good angles and strong hocks so his movement was steady around the ring although I felt a bit too much weight on him? His head is rather heavy but he has great pigmentation and correct eye colour. Ear placement good and correct coat.  Three very nice dogs.


VD/B: 6 Entries (3 abs)

1. Waters’ Sketrick Genevieve. At this point in the competition, my best mover!

This 9 year old lady is just so lovely and has such a pretty well filled one piece head with a beautiful eye shape and colour, tight mouth with correct dentition. Her construction with regard to her angles front and rear, turn of stifle, strong hocks are text book so when moving she powers through with a sound and steady gait. Her rear feet are not as tight as one would like. She was just piped at the post by a 2 year old for Best Bitch.

2. Thorn’s Alchazandis Rupert Bear

3. Stratton-Baldwins’ Kricarno Kyanite Kaous. A good size 9 year old female, just not at her best today. Her head is rather heavy and her eyes a little round and light. She lacks angulation front and rear and this sadly showed in her movement.


PB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Shepherds’ Amandjena Crystal Sapphire, an 11 month old sister to the male puppies. She has good leg length to body depth proportions but needs to tighten up on the front as she elbows out. Her movement is poor but I feel ring craft could greatly improve this. Her head is feminine; she has a nice eye shape and colour. Her pigment is OK, and dentition is correct however I would like a tighter mouth. BPB


JB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Downes’ Shanlimore Delta Lady at Belshanmish. I like the size of this 15 month young girl. She has a super top line which she held on the move, making a wheel with her tail, although her movement was not typical. She seems very together on the move but when free stood it shows her lack of angulation at the front. She needs to have better angles front and rear to allow her to drive through when moving.  Nice tight feet. Head a little heavy and would like a better fill under the eye which was rather light, good pigmentation and ears.


SYB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Tadds’ Kricarno Kornish Krystal. Encouraging to note that this pretty young lady is litter sister to the two SYD’s. She has that same beautiful overall body shape. Good length of back, leg length to body depth ratio is correct. Well extended rib cage, correct rear angulation on strong hocks and good feet. Her weight is perfect giving her the required elegance. She has a nice head formation although her eye shape is a little open and the colour a little light. Good pigmentation, a tight mouth, correct bite and dentition. Well placed ears and correct coat texture. Effortless on the move to take BB & BOS


NB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Abbotts’ Laudley Premier D’Blizzard.  Heavier type 4 year old with great colour and super jet black pigment. Nicely made, good bone with good leg/body proportions. Would prefer slightly better angulations front and rear. Strong in head, eyes a little open although good colour. Good coat texture. 

GB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Fentons’ Alchazandis White Velvet.  Heavier in type but quite a nice overall shape. This 2½ year old white girl is a little straight front and rear which I felt affected her movement. Pigment OK on her nose but lacking on the lips which were also a bit loose. Ears on the large side.


PGB: 5 Entries (3 abs)

1. Voglers’ Merzurlaska Zianon Lace. This 2 year old female is compact in statue having good width front and rear. Nicely proportioned with good rear angulation however a little straight in the front. Pretty head shape although I would prefer a better fill under the eye which was a little open but of good colour. Good small thick ears that were well placed. Good bite and dentition, great pigmentation. Well presented even though she was reluctant to move!

2. Fentons’ Alchazandis White Velvet.


LB: 1 Entry (0 abs)

1. Burwells’ Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville.  A 3½ year old female, heavier in type who looked very sound and steady on the move however front angulation was a little straight which showed when free standing. Pigmentation good, nice eye shape and colour. Dentition correct. Good coat texture.


OB: No Entries.


Peggy Houston Memorial stakes

1. Burwells’ Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville.

2. Salters’ Kricarno Kookie.

3. Janes’ Kricarno Karrizzmatick.