Judge  Angela Smith

Championship show:It was an honour to judge the Club's premier show. Many thanks to Tony, Jane and Rebecca, my efficient and cheerful stewards, your help was much appreciated. Temperaments were superb, which we expect from out lovely breed. There are some lovely youngsters, which bodes well for the future. Dentition was correct throughout and nearly all dogs had good pigmentation. As usual, there was the problems of weak pasterns and untidy feet. I overheard someone commenting that certain exhibits were not carrying their tails high enough when moving. Perhaps these people should read the breed standard, not all dogs feel sufficiently alert in the ring to carry their tails over their backs, and therefore carry it in repose. Type, conformation and movement was good in all my exhibits, and presentation was excellent. I make no apology for ending up with a family affair.

Vet D
(1) 1 Bowker and Boyd's Ch Am Ch Rivergroves Murphy-Goode. Sh CM (Imp). Fit as a fiddle for his 8 and a half years and in lovely condition. Very balanced throughout and lovely, expressive dark eyes and deepest pigmentation. Great bone and tight feet, firm topline and body. Good angulation fore and aft, positive mover in both directions.
(3,1) 1 Bowker and Gibson' Febus Mauvezin. At 8 months thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. Good size and proportions for his age, attractive head with lovely blaireau markings and gentle expression, set off with dark pigment. Dark expressives eyes. Well boned legs and feet. Correct angles front and rear, topline firming up well. Moved well once settled but giving his handler a hard time! Lovely thick coat and beautifully presented. Best Puppy. 2 Keith's Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn. Another appealing baby with good overall balance and very much to type. Has most of the attributes of the winner, although let down on the day by weak pasterns and untidy feet, but these can be improved as he gets older. Should have a bright future.
(8,1) 1 Rudge's Rosemere Zanthus. Very attractive headpiece with dark eyes and super pigmentation, tight lips and good dentition. Lovely bone and feet, well angled shoulders leading into a firm body and topline. Enough rear angulation. A lovely puppy andf very well presented. 2 Hillier's Pybern Blond Ranger. Growing on well for his 9 months. Attractive head and good pigmentation. Almond eyes and neat lips. Well laid shoulders and a level topline, excellent bone and feet. Good rear angulation, both puppies moved well once they got into their stride. 3 Keith's Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn.
(6,1) 1 Rudge's Rosemere Zanthus. 2 Holmes' Lisjovaia Rides It Like Rossi. A well grown youngster. Strong and masculine head with a dark eye and pigment, kind expression. Plenty of bone with round feet and well developed body. Well angulated fore and aft, just not moving as well as the winner. 3 Hillier's Pybern Blond Ranger.
(1) 1 Bowker and Gibson' Febus Mauvezin.
(2) 1 Bowker and Gibson' Febus Mauvezin. 2 McDowell and Asher's Sketrick Nice and Easy at Grandchester. 4th in Puppy. Tall dog, pleasant head with good pigmentation and tight lips. A little light in eye. Needs to develop but has time.
(3) 1 Bowker and Gibson' Febus Mauvezin. 2 Holmes' Lisjovaia Rides It Like Rossi. 3 McDowell and Asher's Sketrick Nice and Easy at Grandchester.
(4) 1 Ford's Kalkasi Dances with Wolves at Montimur. Substantial and a good height. Well constructed overall with a pleasant head and expression with good pigmentation and tight lips. Well boned with neat, strong feet, well angulated fore and aft. Level topline which he kept on the move, and he did that soundly. 2 Cochrane's Pyroni New Brunswick Boy for Myatoksci (Imp Can). A smaller type in splendid condition. Attractive head, almond eyes and dark pigment, tight lips. Well balanced throughout with a firm topline. Moved soundly on strong legs and good feet. 3 Nelson's Gillandant Sensationalist.
LD (7,2) 1 Coad's Shanlimore Blue Moon at Pamplona. Res CC. Surely a star in ascendance. Looked a picture in his beautifully groomed jacket. Lovely head and a melting expression, set off with the deepest pigment, almond eyes and tight lips finishing the headpiece. Super bone and the neatest of feet. Strong neck going into well laid shoulders. Firm topline and a good strong rear. Body developing well and collected on the move. It was such a close decision for the CC. 2 Down's Shanlimore Lord James at Belshanmish. Another super dog. Lovely gentle expression, attractive head set off by good pigment and dark, expressive eyes and neat lips. Well constructed body, good ribs and a firm topline. Well laid shoulders and firm, muscled quarters. Moved soundly. 3 Pollard's Gillandant Rockafella.
(7,1) 1 Edwards' Ch Shanlimore Jessejames. CC and BOB. A picture of a mature dog in sparkling condition. Everything is in correct proportion and balance, a masculine head but nothing exaggerated. Pigment is spot on, as is his dentition. Strong neck and well laid shoulders going into a firm body. Level topline and strong muscled quarters. Moved soundly on strong and well boned limbs. 2 Tonk's Ir Int Ch Shanlimore Maverick. Litter brother to the winner, of the same classy mould and one I have always admired. He is everything that a mature PMD should be. Lovely size and construction, on the day he just didn't match his brother's front action, but another day they could change position. 3 Bayliss' Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend. JW.
Vet B
(7,3) 1 Pollard's Ch Gillandant Annie Oakley. CC. Headed a lovely class of quality bitches. What a winner, at 9 years is in great condition and a credit to her owner. A beautiful, strong girl of great size and quality. Has lost nothing in her make and shape with the years. Lovely head, sparkling eyes set off with dark pigment and tight lips. Great bone, strong legs and neat feet. Lovely angles fore and aft, firm body and good rib. Still has a strong and level topline. Moved so freely and a joy to watch. 2 McDowell's Grandchester Monique. Another girl in lovely condition. Feminine head, has retained good pigment. Lovely bone, still has strong legs and feet and a firm body. Moved soundly. 3 Savage's Ch Int & N Ch Viscaly's Amazing Alfa at Kington.
(2) 1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 8 months, lovely breed type with a pretty head, correct eye and dark pigment. Thick bone and neat feet. Well angulated shoulders, body maturing nicely and topline held on very sound movement. 2 Murden's Desalazara Vanilla Orchid. Litter sister to the winner. Same lovely type, topline not so firm, but she has plenty of time.
(5) 1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 2 Vogler's Merzurlaska Zianon Lace. 9 months and a well grown puppy. Very well balanced. Attractive head set off with good pigment, lovely strong bone and body developing well. Moved soundly. 3 Carlin's Rosemere Xanthia.
(6) 1 Hill's Gillandant Akira at Cluny. Just out of puppy. Such a pretty girl of lovely breed type. Quality head with dark eyes and pigment. Thick and clean coat, excellent bone and neat feet. Good angles, body developing well. Moved soundly when settled, needs firmer handling! 2 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 3 Robinson's Alchazandis Captivation.
(4) 1 McDowell and Asher's Sketrick Maggie May at Grandchester. Attractive bitch, pretty blaireau markings. Well up to size, excellent bone. Pigment is good, eyes are dark. Lovely rib and deep chest. Well angulated shoulders and hindquarters. Moved freely. 2 Hill's Gillandant Akira at Cluny. 3 Robinson's Alchazandis Captivation.
(3) 1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 2 Robinson's Alchazandis Captivation. 3 Murden's Desalazara Vanilla Orchid.
(3) 1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 2 Carlin's Rosemere Xanthia. 3 Murden's Desalazara Vanilla Orchid.
(2) 1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. 2 Carlin's Rosemere Xanthia.
1 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell.
(8,1) 1 Hill's Gillandant Akira at Cluny. 2 Vogler's Pyrdanti Solitaire of Merzurlaska. Very feminine 4 year old. Pretty head, lovely dark pigment and tight lips. Good angles fore and aft, deep body and well sprung ribs. She moved freely. 3 Ford's Lakamoni Aurora for Montimur.
(9,3) 1 Down's Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish. Lovely breed type, beautiful outline and overall balance. Feminine head with dark eyes and pigment, plenty of bone. Well laid back shoulders, good rib and body. Strong quarters. Held her topline on the move, which was free and sound. 2 Bowker and Gibson's Febus Tarascon. Dam of the winning puppy, she really appeals in size and balance. Well off for bone and strength but nothing coarse about her. Good head shape, lovely pigment and dark eyes. Well sprung ribs, good angles fore andf aft, sound movement. 3 McDowell and Asher's Sketrick Maggie May at Grandchester.
(3) 1 Edward's Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore. Res CC. Sweet and feminine girl in sparkling condition. Beautiful balance with a dark eye and pigment, tight lips. Well proportioned body with everything in the right place. Right amount of bone, neat feet and she moved freely. 2 Ford's Ch Gillandant Kiss and Tell at Desalazara. 3 Ford's Ch Gillandant Cherie Amour at Desalazara. Both these girls are of very familar type. Lovely overall shape, well balanced and with plenty of substance. Good shoulders, deep chested and strong toplines. 2 moved better then 3.
1 Downs. 2 Meakins. 3 Ford.
(1) 1 Munson.
(1) 1 Munson.
Sp Joan Passini Birket Stakes
1 Bayliss' Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend.
 Sp Lorna Ireland Stakes 1 Downs' Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish.