The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club of Scotland held an open show where BIS was Kalkasi Storm Dance for Montimur; RBIS, Lisjovia Ride It Like Rossi; & BP, Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna.

V (3) 1 Bower & Boyd’s Ch/Am Ch Rivergroves Murphy-Good, dog, fabulous head, correct set ears, dark almond shaped eyes, good black pigmentation, good size with level topline, moved out well, have awarded him top honours in the past, just starting to show his age a little now. BV; 2 Blair’s Zalute Ztaitusquoallrhino, nice male of good size, correct ear placement, good eye shape & colour, black pigment. Did not move quite as well as 1; 3 Roberts’ Ch/Ir Ch Monkgrange Musica. BVB.
(5) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, well balanced, good size male, in super coat & condition, strongly boned forequarters, level topline leading to correctly sloping rump, correct eye shape & colour, well placed ears, black pigment, moved out well, enjoying his day. BP; 2 Greenfeild’s Gillandant Shakeelah, 9 months of good size, in good coat, well boned, correct eye shape & colour, good scissor bite, level topline kept on the move; 3 Roberts’ Flickorna Remember Me.
(4) 1 C Simply Special at C; 2 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Mauvezin, what a happy young man, very much a junior, in good coat, level topline, nice head, good bite, well set ears, dark almond eyes, moved out very well, wheeling his tail as he went; 3 F Remember Me.
(3) 1 G Shakeelah; 2 F Remember Me, good size with masculine head, well set ears, almond shaped eye, with black pigmentation, correct scissor bite, moved out well.
(4) 1 Holmes’ Lisjovia Ride It Like Rossi, good size with plenty of bone, well bodied, strong head with broad muzzle, correct scissor bite, dark almond shape eye, lovely black pigment, in beautiful coat & condition, moved out very well. RBIS; 2 C Simply Special at C; 3 G Shakeelah.
(4) 1 Kenyon & Ward’s Lisjovia See The Stars at Chezanna, very nice masculine head, strong muzzle, dark almond shaped eyes, black pigment, correct scissor bite, well placed ears, good front with plenty of bone, well bodied, level topline kept on the move, moved out with his tail on high. RBD; 2 Ford’s Kalkasi Dances With Wolves for Montimur, very nice to go over, good body straight front, level topline, correct eye shape & colour, well set ears, moved out well; 3 Bowker & Gibson’s Febus Mauvezin.
1 L See The Stars at C; 2 Nelson’s Gillandant Sensationalist, large masculine head with kind expression, dog of good size, in good coat & condition, level topline kept on the move.
(2) 1 L Rides It Like Rossi; 2 Z Ztaitusquoallrhino.

PB (4) 1 Moffat & Holmes’ Lisjovia Simoncelli via Kyleca, very nice puppy of good size, lovely head, kind expression, dark eye, correct earset, nice front, level topline, nice outline on standing, moved out well. RBP; 2 Bowker & Gibson’s Viskay’s Berry Berry Xtraordinary, slighter build than 1, still very much a puppy, in good coat & condition, very pretty, good eye & black pigment, good ear placement, moved well; 3 Blair’s Flickorna Coco Magnifique.
(3) 1 L Simoncelli via K; 2 Tomkins’ Shlimore Tarvos of Glenpyr, feminine head, almond shaped eye,  well placed ears, in good coat. Little giddy on the move, needs to settle.
(1) 1 F Coco Magnifique, feminine with kind expression, in good coat, dark eye, well set ears. Carrying a little weight which affected her movement.
(2) 1 L Simoncelli via K.
(2) 1 Ford’s Kalkasi Storm Dance for Montimur, picture of elegance, so feminine, kind gentle expression, not the largest of bitches but well balance throughout, level topline, in beautiful coat & condition, correct earset, dark almond shaped eye, black pigment, good angulation, so elegant on the move. BIS; 2 Holmes’ Lisjovia Whistle In The Wind, nice bitch, pretty head, with good pigment, correct eye shape & colour, level topline, moved out well.
(4) 1 Shaw’s Lakamoni Argent, very feminine head, kind expression, well off for bone without being too heavy, good substance, in beautiful coat & condition, almond shaped eye, black pigment, correct earset, level topline kept on the move. RBB; 2 L Whistle In The Wind; 3 Ford’s Lakamomi Aurora for Montimur.
(3) 1 L Whistle In The Wind; 2 Greenfeild’s Crystal Fantasy, very nice lady, lovely head, good coat & condition, good eye colour & shape, black pigmentation, moved out well.
(3) 1 G Shakeelah & G Crystal Fantasy; 2 S Tarvos of G & Shanlimore Chantilly Lace of Glenpyr; 3 Z Ztaitusquoallrhino & F Coco Magnifique.