PD (3)
1 Kenyon & Wardís Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, tall puppy, good head, dark well shaped eyes, no haw showing, good neck & shoulders, good tail length, in good coat;
2 Greenfieldís Gillandant Shakeelah, younger puppy & not so ready but has good overall type, good head & expression, well bodied, good topline & tail;
3 Holmesí Lisjovia Shakey Byrne.
1 Bowker & Gibsonís Febus Mauvezin, very tall, good topline & length of tail, good eyes & pigmentation, good rear, moved well once he settled;
2 Keithís Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn, good eyes & expression, dense pigment, low set ears. Not in coat. Needs to settle in movement.
1 Traynorís Viískalyís Xbalanque Qui-mu at Calsassa, very tall, good bone, legs & feet, good moderate rear angulation, masculine head, good expression, slight stop, well fitting lips, moved well. RCC;
2 Fordís Kalkasi Dances With Wolves for Montimur, typy overall, just a tad fuller in eyes. Well made overall, good coat length & length of tail, moved out well;
3 Tomkinsí Shanlimore Tarvos of Glenpyr.
1 V Xbalanque Qui-mu at C;
2 Corish & Coadís Shanlimore Blue Moon at Pamplona, very typy, well made overall, promising youngster who only needs to mature now. Very good skull, slight stop, excellent eyes, low set ears, moved well on good legs & feet;
3 Meakinís Jazanah Josephinite
1 Baverstockís Ch Kalkasi In High Spirits, tall, well boned & bodied, good topline & tail carriage on the move, good head & expression, good eyes, slight stop, low set ears, excellent mover. CC, BOB & G4;
2 Pollardís Gillandant Rockafella, good bone, legs & feet, in between coats. Good head & expression, moved well;
3 Baylissí Ch Shiresoak Wizards Legend.
1 Pledgeís Pyrhaven Tudwick Dream Boy, masculine head, good expression, good dentition, good pigment, well made & has good type.

PB (5)
1 Edwardsí Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore, very typy & feminine puppy, good head, eyes & low set ears, close fitting lips, dense pigment, well made overall, good coat length & texture, moved freely. BP;
2 Pollardís GIllandant Sizzling Spice, close up & of similar type. Not so ready & topline just a tad unsettled;
3 Marstonís Charibere Symphonyís Legacy.
1 Traynorís Viískalyís Mona Monark at Calsassa, good head & expression, close fitting lips, good pigment, good neck & topline, tail well carried, good moderate rear angulation, moved out well;
2 Murdenís Desalazara Vanilla Orchid, good overall shape but needs time now to mature in body. Head developing well, good mover holding her outline;
3 Tomkinsí Shanlimore Chantilly Lace of Glenpyr.
1 Baverstockís Kalkasi High Expectations, good feminine head & expression, good eyes, low set ears, good pigment, good topline, tail & rear. In good coat & undercoat, very good mover;
3 Murdenís Lakamoni Aurora for Montimur.
1 Downesí Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish, good head & expression, well made overall, strong topline, good tail carriage, very good mover on well boned legs & feet. RCC;
2 Baverstockís Kalkasi Danz In The Moonlite, close up & of good overall type, good feminine head & expression, good  pigmentation. Not in full coat. Moved out well;
3 D Vanilla Orchid.
1 Pollardís Gillandant Sugar And Spice, very good head & expression, slight stop, well fitting lips, good eyes well set, good neck, topline & tail, coat in good order, good mover. CC;
2 Edwardsí Ch Zalute Zeona via Shanlimore, well made overall & of good type, good bone, good moderate rear angulation, feminine head, coat in good order, moved well;
3 Sangís Ch Kalkasi Destinyís Spirit at Mizeka.