An interesting entry. Type was mixed. Some very good heads. Front action, feet & pasterns were disappointing in some.

1 Kricaron Karrizzmatic, 11 months, lovely proportions & balance, powerful movement, correct bone & angulation, quality head, good eye shape. Needs to lose a little puppy fat. Good tail. BP;
2 Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, 10 months, heavier in bone & head but very sound movement. Good ribcage. Needs to firm up in topline;
3 Gillandant Shakeelah.
1 Febus Mauvezin, 14 months, not in his best coat & needing more body but has the correct shape & proportions, moved well. A little long in foreface & a touch overangulated behind. Will look much better with maturity of body. A raw but quality teenager;
2 Sketrick Next Edition, 16 months, looked my winner standing with excellent proportions & I preferred his head to 1 although I would like a softer expression. Movement at both ends was disappointing;
3 Shanlimore Let It Be for Beverlenn.
1 Viískalyís Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calsassa, well balanced & sound moving, quality head which could have just a little less lip. Good eyes. Tail could have a little more crook but he carries it well. In excellent firm condition, moved in an unhurried functional way;
2 F Mauvezin;
3 Kalkesi Dances With Wolves for Montimur.
1 Sketrick Lupo, an easy winner here for type & movement. Excellent head & eyes, very good pigment, correct bone. Pasterns could be firmer. Has quality & type;
2 GIllandant Silent Whisper, sound moving dog of good proportions, correct bone, good ribcage. A little flat in croup & not head of 1;
3 Echo De Chien A Touch Of Magic at Kalkesi.
1 Ch Kalkesi In High Spirits, quality dog, good proportions, correct ribcage. Just a touch narrow in front. Carries himself well & is sound both ways, correct bone, good feet. I would like a little less stop to his head but looked well. CC & BOB;
2 Ch Gillandant Rockafella, lovely body shape. I preferred his head to 1 as he has less stop but not as clean in front action. RCC;
3 Gillandant Kathys Clown of Dewyche.
Difficult class varying for 7-11 months at different stages.
1 Viskaly Berry Berry Xtraordinary, 7 months baby, lovely type & ultra sound, the best mover in the class. Everything right for her age & holds her style well;
2 Gillandant Sizzling Spice, 8 months, lovely quality, excellent head. A little bum high but appealed in type & movement;
3 Gillandant Leyla via Shanlimore.
1 Viskalys Mona Monark at Calsassa, 14 months, beautiful bitch, super movement, lovely type in head & eye, correct bone. I would like just a little more leg for perfect balance but scored in movement & expression to win this & later took the RCC. Should do well;
2 Sketrick Nom De Plume, 16 months, beautiful type, lovely leg length & proportions, has elegance. Good head, expression could be softer. Not as good in rear as 1.
1 Kalkesi High Expectations, good proportions & sound movement. Just a touch heavy in bone & head in a bitch but she has lovely eye & expression.
1 Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims, feminine quality bitch of good proportions, carries herself well, excellent type in head, good eye shape, very good rear. Front action could be a little cleaner but scored in topline & rear to win this;
2 Pyrdanti Solitaire of Merzurlaska, slightly heavier bitch in good coat. Has a lot of type, quality head. Not the topline or rear action of 1;
3 Kalkasi Misty Star of Ricaduffal.
1 Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice, lovely bitch, excellent proportions & good movement. Beautiful head & eyes, excellent profile action & a lot of strength in rear where she scored here. For BOB the dog was a little firmer on the move. CC;
2 Ch Gillandant Kiss And Tell at Desalazara, litter sister, full of quality. A little light in body & not quite as good in front action but I liked her a lot. Not really putting all in on the day;
3 Gillandant Crystal Fantasy.
1 G Crystal Fantasy, 5 years, lovely headed bitch, very sound moving. A little over barrelled in rib & too heavy in body.