Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Dog Show

Monday 13th August   Judge; Sandie Tadd


Thank you to Bournemouth C.A. for inviting me to Judge my breed with tickets for the first time. Also to my stewards who after my Judging stayed to do the next breed in which the weather turned very wet and windy and they got soaked!

I was a little disappointed to see dirty teeth with a high percentage of inflamed gums and build up of tartar, pincer bites that we do tolerate but do not really want, and lack of muscle. All temperaments were excellent, and all dew claws present.


VD No Entries.

PD  No Entries

JD,  3 (0)

1st/ Waters  Sketrick Next Addition 16 month, tall lad with a super head made up of correct eye shape with good colour, ears a little large but head is nowhere finished yet and the ear size will be correct when head is there, wonderful expression which is made up of good flowing lines of the head where every thing follows into the other, no lumps or bumps,  just a gentle curve into the skull which is without any coarseness, flowing on to a good length of neck on to a very good lay of shoulders nice length of leg which were well muscled, little narrow through to the ribs but that’s his age and will surely sort it’s self out as he gets older and more mature. Good length of body to height ratio, very well muscled in the hindquarters and a good width of rump, tail set good with the required length tail with the hook which was missing in a lot of the dogs today. Moved with power.

2nd/ Burwell’s Pyrbern Blond Defender at Bursville, 15 month old boy only a month between him and 1st but much the baby of the two, good strong bone, excellent pigment, eye set, and ears, nice tight flews, level topline and kept on  movement which was good straight and strong, good angulations, a youngster that is going to take time in maturing, but when he does, I sure he’ll be amongst the top draw, in good clean coat,  he just needs to mature up.

3rd/ Munson’s Pyrbern Blond Lynx

NDog. No Entries.

PGD 4 (1)

1st/Waters Marbore de Alba de Danzantes at Sketrick ( Imp) Not the tallest of boys but at just a little over two years old he’s got plenty time, wonderful head, ‘with the far away expression’ look that is not always there in our breed, super pigment, good fill in under a lovely shaped eye, nit picking would like the eye’s  slightly darker, but does not distract. Good angulation, strong bone, nice lay of shoulder with good length to upper arm giving a good extension to front movement, still a little lose but hopefully will strengthen with age, good length to neck, strong top line held well on the move, strong well muscled back end which powered him around the ring. Presented in pristine condition. RDCC

2nd/ Absolom’s Fonenay Newton Wonder, Another tall lad of 2 ½ years with good head proportions well shaped eye, correct placement of small and tight to the head ears, nice length to neck going into well laid shoulders, and strong bone, topline a little soft, good angulations at rear, but lacking muscle, good tail set and hook present, movement not so good as 1st. Needs more road work to bring his pasterns up and strengthen his muscles. 

3rd Low’s Pyrtastic Nightshine

LD. 3 (0)

1st Meakins Jazanah Josephinite A 4 year old boy, head not as clean as I would of liked but had a good eye shape strong muzzle, good scissor bite, would have like cleaner teeth, but lovely black mouth, good length of neck into strong shoulders and strong bone, good topline held on the move very powerful strong back end one of the best here for well muscled second thigh, tail a little short, strong dew claws, did not want to move at the speed the handler wanted which changed his outline on the move.

2nd/ Wells Sketrick Lupo Tall 3 ½ year old lad that has a nice head well shaped eye and nice tight ears, good fill under eye, had the better head of the class but would like a little more width between the ears, even at his age he is still maturing so that could change, strong bone and good tuck up, good angulations, well muscled, but today not moving as well as I seen him do in the past.

3rd Low’s Pyrtastic Nightshine.

OD 2 (0)

1st Wells Sketrick Illustrious, This 5 year old lad is much the finished lad, a head to die for with the best shaped eyes giving the gentlest look of dreamiest expressions  I have yet to see in our breed, I make no secrete that I have liked and have placed him well before, and providing he moved as I have seen him done in the past then nothing out there would touch him for, strength of bone, gentleness of heads and sheer outstanding elegance, but he has let himself down before when being a true Pyrenean and not wanting to bother and his movement has been sloppy but to day he pulled out all the stops, and moved well, striding out with strong powerful strides, good top line and the out line of a ‘ powerful and imposing dog with a certain elegance’ proud to award him the DCC & BOB.

Pity they could not stay for the Group

2nd/ Meakins Jazanah Jaunty, What a shame this 4 year old lad was up against the 1st he has a very good head but not quite so gentle in eye, and more stop, but that does take away the fact that he’s got a very good bone and straight front good lay of shoulder, nice tight flews, good black mouth, shorter coupled than 1st but a very powerful backend due to being very well muscled,  Not moving with the flow I have seen before .

VB No Entries

PB No Entries.


JB 4 (1)

1st/ Waters Sketrick Nom de Plume, Another beautiful head from this kennel in this 15 month old lass, very tall and elegant, with a super eye shape and colour, nice small, tight to the head ears correctly placed, exceptional pigment, still very immature but well muscled, good angulation, good length to tail with hook, strong powerful movement on strong bone straight coming and going, good topline which was held on the move. Pleased to award her RBCC.

2nd/ Vogler’s Merzurlaska Zianon Lace head a little over done for me on this 15 month old bitch, but good pigment and eye colour, ears could be smaller but placed correctly, good front and topline would have liked stronger hocks and more angulation on the rear, did not seem to affect movement too much, presented in lovely clean coat.

3rd Munson’s Pybern Blonde Apache.

NB 1 (0)

1st Fenton’s Alchazandis White Velvet a 19month old all white bitch, correct ear placement and good eye colour at the moment narrow all the way through the head but this could change as she matures, good clean teeth, would like better pigment, a small but very neat little girl, good movement due to the fact that she has good angulations and a nice straight front, she is one that will take time to mature.

PGB 2 (0)

1st/ Vogler’s Prydanti Solitaire of Merzurlaska, having judged this 4 year old bitch before and given her a top spot, in fact I thought she was going to be one of my picks today, I was please to see she has matured on well lovely head of correct proportions , good eye set and colour lovely pigment, good clean teeth, ears set on well, good skull width and length of neck on to well placed shoulders and strong bone, good length of body to height ratio giving a good length of rib. Good strong dew claws on firm  fixed pads in fact one of the best to day. Very well presented.  Such a shame she went unsound in the Challenge.

2nd/ Fenton’s  Alchazandis White Velvet.

LB  2 (0)

1st/ Downes Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish A 2 ½ year old bitch of good type, very gentle head with lovely pigment and good colour of eye, correct ear placement good fill in and scissor bite, a little wide in front on the move but straight and strong, and good angles at the back, hocks a little lose, good topline held on the move, lovely outline on standing, well muscled throughout, in very good coat groomed to perfection. Handled well. The only real problem I had was there was not enough of her. BCC .

2nd Burwell’s Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville, Litter sister to the 1st a bigger and more rangier girl but the same applies in head and outline she has got better hocks and is not so wide in front, but she looks as if she’s going through a growing stage and is bum high and is out of coat at the moment so did not have the finish of the 1st but again a lovely type.