Birmingham National Dog Show, May 2012.

Judge Mrs Sue J Garner.

Puppy Dog. (3) 1 abs
1. Bowker & Gibson, Febus Mauvezin, Res Dog CC. This dog has a balanced outline and elegances that is missing in the breed today. Body deep ribs well back and a short loin and a good width of thigh giving him the length of body to allow the room for his rear legs to reach forward without touching the back of the front legs. Head has very good lines but has not reached full maturity yet. He moved out well in the class but played up in challenge.
2. Munson. Pyrbern Blond Lynx. Another slow maturing youngster, only a month between their ages and the difference in coat muscle tone and head, this dog is very much the baby.

Junior Dog. (6) 1 abs.
1. Febus Mauvezin.
2. Traynor, Viískalyís Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calsassa. Not the outline of first, tall dog, short coupled did not have the reach in front as first but moved well enough to take this place, well muscled up. I preferred the head of first.
3. Sang. Kalkasi High Flyer at Mizeka.

Post Grad Dog. (5)
1. Waters. Marbore De Alba De Los Danzantes at Sketrick (IMP Est). This dog was my ideal, stunning head, good body, well muscled, just could not get his act together on the move in the challenge.
2. Jones, Gillandant Silent Whisper, Head has very good lines. Not as good in front as first on the move.
3. Sketrick Lupo.

Limit Dog. (4)
1. Salmon, Pyrdanti Goldfinger. DCC & BOB, Strong head very good lines. Body well constructed, nice lines, good bone, well muscled, balanced out line, steady movement good reach and drive. I would have liked him a little taller, you cannot have every thing and he went well in the group.
2. Downes Shanlimore Lord James at Belshanmish ShCm. Head has similar lines as first, body not as balanced in outline and moved a little close at the rear.
3. Meakin, Jazanah Josephinite

Open Dog. (6) 1 abs.
1. Waters, Sketrick Just Like Shrek. Another dog from this kennel with a stunning head and expression to die for. Body construction good would have liked a little more length. Moved well to win this class.
2. Meakin, Jazanah Jaunty, Very much the same in body as first, good bone and move out well. Head has good lines and a nice expression.
3. Wells, Sketrick ILLustrious.

Puppy Bitch. (7) 3 abs.
1. Vogler. Merzurlaska Zianon Lace, Best Puppy, Very mature in body and head, moved out well, body could be a little longer to improve the reach and drive.
2.Traynor, Viískalyís Mona Monark at Calsassa. This bitch took a little while to get in to her stride. I liked her head, lips went well back, giving a good expression.
3. Tadd. Kricarno Kornish Krystal.

Junior Bitch. (6)
1. Sketrick Nom De Plume, My notes say both are very good in profile on the move and have very good heads (no wonder they are sisters) Bodies have good length that allowed them to moved out well.
2. Salmon, Sketrick Nom De Plume.
3. Traynor. ViíSkalyís Mona Monark at Calsassa.

Post Grad Bitch. (5)
1. Veale Shanlimore Pandora at Jojims. This bitch has a bit more maturing to do, head needs to fill out. Very good outline, sound moving, good feet.
2. Ford, Kalkasi Stormdance For Montimur. Very different in head to first not the same lines. Body not as strong top line could be better but moved ok.

Limit Bitch. (5)
1. Tadd & Norster. Kricarno Krystal Karousel with Venland. Res Bitch CC, Beautiful head very nice expression. Very well constructed, good outline kept it on the move and standing. Moved out well to win this class.
2. Greenfield, Gillandant Crystal Fantasy, I preferred the head of first. Otherwise very much the same.
3. Downes. Shanlimore Chaldene at Belshanmish.

Open Bitch. (2)
1. Savage. Ch/Int/Nordic Ch ViíSkalyís Amazing Alfa at Kington (Imp Swe) BCC. This veteran can still show the youngster how to move. Very good outline very good top line standing and on the move. Head has very good lines, showing her age a bit coat not as good.
2. Sang, Ch Kalkasi Destinyís Spirit at Mizeka ShCM. I preferred the head and movement of first.