South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Show





I was honoured to be asked to judge the SEPMDC's Open show, especially as I was a founder junior member, so have a special connection with the Club. I would like to thank the committee, exhibitors & my stewards for such a well-run show. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Overall, I was pleased with the entry. There were more exhibits with typical Pyrenean expression, and pigment was very good. However, I was shocked to find a high percentage of dogs with poor dental health. There were young dogs with tartar build up & inflamed gums. Please pay attention to your dog’s teeth & diet.


Class 1. Minor Puppy Dog or Bitch.

1st. Tadd's Kricarno Kornish Krystal. 6 months old feminine bitch. Excellent eye shape & colour. Medium bone. Good angulation front & rear. Still a little "bum high," but quite acceptable at this age. Moved freely.

2nd. Salter's Kricarno Kookie. 6 months old male. Litter brother to 1st. Attractive puppy with full coat. Good head shape. Would prefer a slightly tighter eye. Excellent profile with good angulation front & rear. Rather unsettled & paced when moving.


Class 2. Puppy Dog.

1st. Burwell's Pyrbern Blond Defender at Bursville. 11mths. Tall medium boned dog. Dark eyes excellent pigment. Well placed ears, tight mouth. Level topline with medium angulation. Moved reluctantly, but when persuaded to do so, moved soundly.

2nd. Salter's Kricarno Kookie.

3rd. Munson's Pyrbern Blond Lynx. 11 months. Litter brother to 1st, similar type to brother. Would prefer more width to skull. Good eye shape, but spoiled by staining. Moved well.


Class 3. Junior Dog.

1st. Waters' Sketrick Next Addition. 12 months old, tall, attractive blaireau male. Correct head with good eye shape, but would like a slightly darker eye. Correct side profile. Front is a little loose, but hopefully will improve with maturity. Good front & rear angulation. Moved with drive.

2nd. McDowell's Sketrick Nice & Easy at Granchester. 12 months. Litter brother to 1st & very similar in size & type. Nice topline, good bone. Movement not as together as his brother.

3rd. Munson's Pyrbern Blond Lynx.


Class 4. Yearling Dog.

1st. Waters' Sketrick Next Addition.


Class 5. Novice Dog

1st. Waters' Sketrick Next Addition


Class 6. Undergraduate Dog

1st. McDowell's Sketrick Nice & Easy at Granchester


Class 7. Post Graduate Dog

1st. Waters' Marbore de Alba de Los Danzantes at Sketrick (Esp. Imp). Medium sized male with attractive blaireau head with the correct fill under eyes. Excellent pigment. Lovely typical profile. Excellent movement. Best Dog. Res Best In Show

2nd. Absolom's Fontenay Newton Wonder. Nice big dog with correct head. Correct eyes & ear set. Would like a better bite. Moved well.

3rd. Wells' Sketrick Lupo. Another big dog. Good pigment. Eyes a bit round. Good fill under eyes. Moved ok.


Class 8. Limit Dog

1st. Meakin's Jazanah Josephinite. Medium sized dog with good bone & conformation. Good eyes & ears. Excellent topline with correct rear angulation. Moved with drive, although a little loose in front.

2nd. Absolom's Fontenay Newton Wonder.

3rd. Stannard's Briannor Absolutely Fab With Ordessa. Tall 7 year old male. Attractive blaireau markings. Lethargic on the move.


Class 9. Open Dog

1st. Meakin's Jazanah Jaunty. Handsome medium sized dog. Good head with excellent eyes & pigmentation. Small well placed ears. Good topline, coat & angulation. Sound movement. Reserve Best Dog.

2nd. Tadd's Kricarno Khoirboy JW SHCM. Tall, well-proportioned dog. Exc. pigment & good eyes, but lacked fill under eyes. Moved well.

3rd. Wells' Sketrick Illustrious. Nice dog with good type. A little too wide in chest, & down on pasterns.


Class 10. Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st. Savage's Ch & Int. & Nordic Ch Vis'Kaly's Amazing Alfa at Kington. 8.5 yrs. Beautiful typical bitch with lovely head & expression. Correct proportions with excellent topline & angulation. Movement was unhurried, effortless, & typically "Pyrenean". Love her.   Best Bitch & Best in Show.

2nd. Stratton-Baldwin's Kricarno Kommendation. Almost 8 yrs. Tall dog with a typical head. Excellent eyes & pigment. Good topline with correct angulations. Correct coat. Moved steadily.

3rd. Burwell's Bursville Georgies Girl. 9.5 yrs. Lovely to see Arrouye colour markings. Good bone, exc. topline & angulation. Moved slowly but soundly.


Class 11. Puppy Bitch

1st. Vogler's Merzurlaska Zianon Lace. 11 month old bitch. Excellent pigment & eyes. Small well placed ears. Good topline with correct angulation. Lovely neat feet. Moved very soundly. Best Puppy

2nd. Tadd's Kricarno Kornish Krystal.

3rd. Munson's Pyrbern Blond Apache. 11 months. Attractive blaireau markings. Head needs to mature, as it is a little too narrow at the moment.


Class 12. Junior Bitch.

1st. Waters' Sketrick Nom de Plume. Tall, very elegant, feminine bitch with excellent type. Good pigment, eye shape & ears. Still immature. Good typical movement.

2nd. Vogler's Merzurlaska Zianon Lace.

3rd. Munson's Pyrbern Blond Apache.


Class 13. Yearling Bitch.

1st. Waters' Sketrick Nom de Plume.

2nd. Dowdell's Ordessa Moonlit Dreams.  Feminine bitch with nice expression. Skull a little flat on top. Excellent front & rear angulation. In full coat. Moved well.


Class 14. Novice Bitch.

1st. Waters' Sketrick Nom de Plume

2nd. Dowdell's Ordessa Moonlit Dreams

3rd. Vogler's Merzurlaska Zianon Lace


Class 15. Undergraduate Bitch

1st. Dowdell's Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star.  Medium sized bitch. Lovely expression, with excellent eyes, eye shape & ear placement. Good pigment. Correct fill under eyes. Well angulated shoulders. Neat feet. Level topline with sloping rump. Moved well.


Class 16. Post Graduate Bitch

1st. Fieldhouse's Sketrick Just Delightful with Pyrenvale. Tall elegant bitch with typical Pyrenean expression. Perfect eye placement, shape & colour. Excellent fill under eyes. Broad skull with correct ear placement. Good shoulders & length of leg, with correct front & rear angulation. Moved effortlessly. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd. Dowdell's Ordessa Moonlit Silver Star.

3rd. Munson's Alchazandis Foxminty Bear At Pyrbern.  All white bitch. Lacks pigmentation. Good eye shape & colour. Moved well.


Class 17. Limit Bitch

1st. Burwell's Shanlimore Phoebe at Bursville. Attractive, well-proportioned bitch. Good skull with correct eyes. Good shoulders & exc. topline & rear angulation. Moved well.

2nd. McDowell's Sketrick Maggie May at Granchester. Strongly built bitch with attractive markings. Big coat. A little too wide in the front on the move, but good strong hindquarters.

3rd. Munson's Alchazandis Foxminty Bear At Pyrbern.


Class 18. Open Bitch

1st. Dowdell's Ordessa Silver Lace Moon. Medium sized bitch. Feminine head with good fill, excellent pigment, tight lips. Balanced overall. Neat feet. Moved well.

2nd. Tadd & Norster's Kricarno Krystal Karousel with Venland. Elegant bitch with pleasing head & expression. Nice small well placed ears. Would prefer better pigment on nose. Topline could be better.

3rd. Kricarno Kyanite Kaous. Tall, strongly built bitch. Good bone. Was lethargic when moving.


Class 19. Brace

1st Meakin.

2nd Dowdell

3rd Munson


All of this class were very well matched, both in movement, type & build, but my first & second placing’s were so well matched in type, build & movement. They were like "peas from a pod".


Jenny Haslett