PD(4) 1 Kenyon &Ward's Charibere Simply Special At Chezanna. Nice big male, good head, great size, good bone, moved steadily. 2 Holmes' Lisjovia Shakey Byrne. Another dog of great size and substance. These two could change places. First just a bit more settled. 3 Salter's Kricarno Kookie. Nice youngster, he has it all, just needs time to settle.

JD(5) 1 Traynor's Swed Vi'skaly's Xbalanque Qui-mu At Calsassa (Imp). Great example of the breed, tail elegant, lovely head, good eye and ear shape, great angles, has a bright future. Res DCC. 2 Munson's Pyrbern Blond Lynx. Head coming nicely, good size and substance, good angles front and rear, moved well. 3 McDowell &Asher's Sketrick Nice And Easy. Nice tail, good bone, correct head, had to nit-pick, so just lost out on his jacket.

PGD(7, 3) 1 Bowker &Gibson's Febus Mauvezin. I like this male, full of life and fun, good head, nice bone, good length of back, well sprung ribs, moved well, strong hocks, dew claws, tight feet. 2 Baverstock's Echo De'chien A Touch Of Magic At Kalkasi JW (Imp). Nice big dog, good head shape and size, well muscled, moved freely. 3 Jones' Gillandant Silent Whisper. Another good size dog, moved steadily.

LD(4) 1 Meakin's Jazanah Josephinite. Nice domed head, good eye shape and colour, great angles, good bone, just lost out on top honours due to finishing touches. 2 Weir's Shanlimore Lord George At Capyrmount. Great size and substance, good head coming along nicely, one to watch for in the future. 3 Tadd's Kricarno Khoirboy JW ShCM. Another big male. Much the same as first and second, just lost out on the move.

OD(5, 2) 1 Downes' Shanlimore Lord James At Belshanmish ShCM. Great size and substance, spring of rib, length of back, correct angles front and rear, good bone, head correct, eyes, ears, teeth and pigment great, finished off with super movement. DCC. 2 Pollard's Gillandant Rockafella. Loved him, the same as above, just preferred head of first. Nice coat, tight cat-like feet, moved well. 3 Edwards' Ch Shanlimore Jessie James JW ShCM.

PB(7, 3) 1 Pollard's Gillandant Sizzling Spice. Four super bitch puppies that could change places at any time. Bright future for them all. First is a loveable devil, full of spirit, very pretty head, correct shape, body developing nicely, great bone, moved well. RBCC. 2 Edwards' Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore. Another great puppy, nothing between these two, just loved the spirit of first. Good bone, size and substance. 3 Ireland's Gillandant Samirah. Litter sister to first and second and very much the same.

JB(7, 2) 1 Traynor's Swed Vi'skaly's Mona Monark At Calsassa (Imp). Super bitch from the minute she set foot in the ring she shone, great domed head, eyes and ear shape correct, black pigment, short neck, well angled and muscled shoulders, nice spring of rib, length of back good and level with gentle slope to well set tail of correct length, well muscled rear, super coat and finished off with lovely free, easy movement. BCC and BOB. Pleased to see her get G4. 2 Robinson's Alchzandis Captivation. Lovely bitch, good head, ear shape, tight lips, black pigment, good bone, she moves well, like to see her again in the future. 3 Ford's Desalazara Alpine Snowbell. Nothing between these three bitches. Great head, angles, moved well, just had to nit-pick so she just needs her jacket.

PGB(5, 2) 1 Baverstock's Kalkasi High Expectations. Good head, well muscled bitch, groomed to perfection, moved lovely. 2 Robinson's Alchazandis Captivation. 3 Murden's Desalazara Vanilla Orchid. Nice bitch, good body, just at the inbetween age, just needs time.

LB(7, 1) 1 Veale's Shanlimore Pandora At Jojims. Nice feminine bitch, good head pigment, bone, length of fall, moved well. 2 Downes' Shanlimore Chaldene At Belshanmish. Loved her head, good bone, size and substance. 3 McDowell &Asher's Sketrick Maggie May. Good head, tall bitch with a lot of colour that was nice to see, moved well.

OB(4, 2) 1 Pollard's Ch Gillandant Sugar And Spice JW. Tall bitch, head feminine, good bone, good angles front and rear, moved well. 2 Sang's Ch Kalkasi Destiny's Spirit At Mizeka ShCM. Nice bitch of good size and substance, moved well, good head.

Miss S. Reilly